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How to Beat the Red Flag Laws
by Paul Bonneau

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The ruling class has discovered a new toy for themselves, the so-called Red Flag laws, by which a person's firearms may be confiscated when some other person deems that a good idea. They are so thrilled with this new toy that the laws are quickly spreading from state to state, with apparently no legislator having any qualms about adverse reactions from the voters. No doubt, as with all new expansions of government power, the first incidences of use of this law really will be against nut cases, and everyone will breathe a sigh of relief when some guy still fighting the Korean War in his mind, is relieved of his arms—never mind that the chance of being victimized by such a person is essentially zero. But order is preserved and government serves us again, yay!

Gun owners, being a suspicious lot, probably are a bit less enthusiastic—except for the Fudds. Certainly, there is no way 400 million guns are going to be confiscated from Americans via these laws, but it doesn't take too much imagination to predict that they will soon be a great tool for selective enforcement against the more outspoken among them. So Red Flag laws are almost more an attack against free speech, or politically incorrect opinions, than against gun ownership.

However, back to the subject at hand. If there is any definite line between slavery and liberty, it is firearms. If you are completely disarmed, you have become a slave. You may not have felt the whip yet, but you will soon.

So, the object is to not be completely disarmed.

Why specify "completely"? Well, there is a Hell of a lot of difference between someone with a few guns, and someone with no guns—way more than the difference between a few guns, and a lot of guns. With a few guns, you can still fight. With a few guns, you are not yet a slave.

The recipe here—the way to beat the Red Flag laws, is, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." That way if they raid your house because your SJW neighbor wants to fuck with you, they won't be able to get them all. That might help later on when the shooting starts.

One way I can think of doing this, is to find a neighbor or two who you know goes hunting, or has an NRA sticker, or some other such clue. Feel him out on these laws. If he is aware of them and is concerned, he's a candidate for this experiment.

Go down to WalMart and buy one of these cheap gun cabinets, or something equivalent. Have your neighbor do the same. Install it somewhere in your home, and have him do so in his, also. Then swap keys with him. Now the cabinet in his house is yours, and the cabinet in your house is his. (Note: there is not much physical security in such a cabinet, but there is a lot in the tactical sense, due to its location outside your home.)

If the cops raid your home, they will wonder about the neighbor's cabinet, but they won't know it's your neighbor's cabinet, because you won't tell them. You won't tell them where the key is either, so they will break into it. These guns will be lost also; oh well.…

What to put in them? Up to you, but what I would put in my box (in his house) would be enough stuff to not feel completely disarmed if the cops raid your home. Say, a .308 bolt gun, an AR-15, and a 9mm pistol. Maybe even a .22LR pistol with suppressor, if you have read the book "Fry the Brain" (recommended, by the way). Don't forget the ammo.

I wouldn't put my favorite guns there, the ones I like to oil and shoot and fondle. Just the functional workhorses, maybe a bit ugly, who cares? Remember, access to those guns will be a bit less convenient. I'm not putting my beautiful Winchester 1885 in there.

Why bother with all this silliness? Can't you just re-arm yourself on the black market? Or maybe get a gun from your brother? Maybe so, but if you are like me you don't have much experience hanging out in bars with tattoo'd bikers, and probably don't want much either. It depends on your situation. Just don't put all your eggs in one basket; that's the key.

Can't you just wait until your guns are legally restored? After all, probably every such law has return provisions—at least in a theoretical sense. Government works for us, right? Good luck.

Of course the Supreme Court might just throw all these laws out; you could wait for that to happen, too. I'm sure they will set things right, heh.

Now, when the cops are raiding your home, they will no doubt ask if you have any more guns. What's the answer? I think just keeping your mouth shut is the best plan, or taking the 5th, or something along that line. "All the rest were lost in a boating accident" just adds another charge to your list of "crimes". Maybe consult a lawyer? Any involvement you have with the State includes serious risks. One wonders why we put up with this state of affairs.

Now for the usual disclaimer. Being a prim and proper, order-loving fellow, I would never advocate disobeying any of our wonderful laws—the constitutional ones, anyway. The above was written with the assumption that Red Flag laws will all be thrown out as completely and blatantly unconstitutional, as would happen in any normal situation. We do, however, now live in Clown World.…

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