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When Anybody’s Rights are Threatened,
Everybody’s Rights are Threatened.

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Confessions of a Prochoice Advocate
by Sean Gangol

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

I know that I am going to sound like a broken record, but I had originally written this article a year ago. Like many of the late-term articles that I have written, this one was put on the backburner, when more pressing subjects came about. This article is somewhat different from the one that I had written over a year ago. I had originally written about how incredibly tribalistic the prochoice side acts whenever a member of their group is called out for doing something immoral. While this article will certainly make mention of this as well the other forms of hypocrisy that the prochoice side has displayed over the years, much has happened since I wrote the first draft of this article. One of them being the utter insanity that was displayed by abortion activists during Bret Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing and the other being New York’s recent legalization of abortion in the third trimester. These are two events that have actually made me more sympathetic to the prolife side and even more ashamed to call myself prochoice.

While I have always considered myself prochoice, there were certain aspects of abortion that I have never been fond of, such as the idea of lumping abortion in with birth control. Not only do I think that it is dishonest, but I have never liked the idea of abortion being treated in the same causal way as condoms and birth control pills. To me abortion is something that should happen at the last resort and not as conservative commentator Neal Boontz once put it, a failsafe for some woman who drank too many Jell-O shots in a bar and decided to have unprotected sex with the first man that asked to her dance. I also have a problem with the idea of forcing people to pay for something that they find immoral. I don’t care what Planned Parenthood says, their funding does not go to providing Mammograms. Then of course there is partial birth abortion, which is something that I have always considered a bridge too far. There is a reasonable debate about whether life begins at conception, but I think all debate ends at the third trimester.

One of my biggest problems with pro-abortion advocates is the way that they label any form of opposition to abortion as a war on women. No matter what your stance is on abortion, you can’t honestly say that the prolife position is a war on women when at least half the women in this country share that very position. During the Kavanaugh hearings a group of women decided to dress up like characters from the dystopian series, “A Handmaid’s Tale” to protest the recent nomination of a supreme court justice. Why? Because he is a conservative judge who doesn’t agree with the decision reached in Roe vs Wade. I suppose by that logic he believes woman should be subjugated in the same way that they are in the popular dystopian series. It’s really embarrassing to share a stance with any group that acts this ridiculous.

What I find even more disturbing is their silence on the case of Kermit Gosnell, an abortion doctor who did things that were downright monstrous to the women that came to him for help and to the fetuses that he aborted. It would take an entire book to fully describe the gory details that took place in Gosnell’s house of horrors. Yet, very few on the prochoice side have said anything to condemn his butchery, probably because they know that doctors like Gosnell don’t help their cause, so they just ignore his grizzly deeds and hope that nobody brings them up in a conversation. I find this somewhat telling because whenever you have a murderous abortion opponent who likes to kill doctors or members of Planned Parenthood, you will have people from the prolife side that will line up around the block to condemn his actions.

I also thought it was morally reprehensible when prochoice advocates used the most recent shootings of a Planned Parenthood center to guilt prolifers into “Toning down their Rhetoric”, as they like to call it. It always makes my blood boil when somebody uses a tragedy as an opportunity to silence their opponents. I can definitely say in defense of the prolife advocates is that they at least condemn the misguided fools on their side, which is far more than I can say for the abortion advocates.

Then there are those disgusting undercover videos of Planned Parenthood representatives causally bragging about selling baby organs while chomping down on salad. I also find it down right hypocritical that this same medical establishment that has the nerve to tell me that it is immoral for me to sell one of my kidneys to someone who needs a transplant to act completely nonchalant about selling baby organs. I know that some have claimed that these videos were edited or even faked, despite the prolife group posting the unedited versions of the videos on YouTube.

The main problem with the prochoice side is that they believe that since they are on the side of right that it’s okay to be dishonest. Personally, I think it shows that you don’t have much faith in your own ideas if you have to use deception to advance them. What the prochoice organizations need to understand is that they are actually losing ground on this issue with Millennials and the generation that comes after them. Yes, believe it or not, there are fewer members of the younger generation who believe that abortion is morally acceptable. So, it doesn’t really help their cause when they refuse to condemn people on their side when they behave badly. What they don’t seem to realize is that they will be judged on their morality as well as the strength of their ideas. They seriously need to clean house, otherwise they better not complain when we are just one generation away from having a complete ban on abortion.


Update: As I have written earlier in the introduction of this article, much has happened since the early drafts. I was able to incorporate details about the bad behavior of the prochoice side during Kavanaugh’s hearing in one of the paragraphs, though for the most recent event in New York, I decided to create an update section. Recently the legislators in the State of New York have passed laws that have not only legalized abortion in the Third Trimester, but allows individuals who are not doctors to perform them. What’s ironic is that it legalized most of the crimes that Kermit Gosnell was found guilty of in Pennsylvania.


Another Update: I wasn’t even going to mention this since the late-term abortion bill that was moving through the legislature of Virginia was defeated, but I find it telling that the governor who supported the bill, said that it was justified for a mother and her doctors to allow a newborn to die outside the womb. It’s interesting how those on the prochoice side didn’t seem to have much defense for the statements of the Virginia government. When Tucker Carlson tried to have a discussion with an abortion advocate about what the Governor said, she just went on a rant about how the conservatives are trying to overturn Roe v Wade and eliminate the reproductive rights of all women. I find it even more telling that there are more people on the left who are upset about an old photo where the Virginian governor is either in blackface or dressed up as the KKK figure standing next to the blackface character, than they are about his support to something that amounts to nothing more than infanticide. This is why I have hard time taking any moral lectures from the left.


Yet, Another Update: Since I wrote the last draft of this article, Georgia and Alabama have passed a series of restrictions on abortion, which has worked the prochoice side up into a frenzy. This has also led to members of the entertainment industry threatening Georgia with boycotts, if they don’t repeal the recently passed “Heartbeat Bill.” What I find interesting about these recent developments is that they seemed to have come about after the Third Trimester bill was passed in New York and the bill that prochoice advocates attempted to pass in Virginia. When I wrote the first draft of this article over a year ago, I predicted that there would be dire consequences for the prochoice side if they didn’t purge the extremists from their ranks. If this backlash continues it could actually take even less than a generation for legal abortion to be done away with and when that happens the prochoice side will have nobody to blame but themselves.

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