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Number 1,028, July 7, 2019

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Letter from Ed Nash Jr.

Letter from Jerry Montgomery

Letter from Ed Nash Jr.

Re: Mastering The Masters (Of The Universe) by L. Neil Smith

Who could organize such an endeavour? If you know, please contact them to start something.

I believe that these companies have enough clout to prevent it from happening. There was an article at less than a week ago about this, but from a different perspective. Not the left agenda but a right agenda. It said these media companies (big media), along with industry groups (cartels) big pharma, big agriculture, other industries, and the State are actively working together (in symbiosis) to create a system of total surveillance/data gathering and thought control in order to achieve/maintain market domination by themselves and more raw state power. True facism, not the stereotype of the maximum leader/bemedalled generalisimo harranging the crowd.

Even if getting these companies to obey the Constitution is doable (it is certainly worth trying, very much so) there is also another approach that absolutely should be done.


Punishment of the type that they are most concerned about. Their bottom line.

That 16 year old who was vilified by big media last year is suing The Wasington Post for libel.

So, the going lawsuit rate for libel/slander is now $250 million.

For each incident.

Also, it should be a lot more if they lose income from it because they have been demonetized. Say ... $1billion.

Imagine a wave of such lawsuits all over the country. What would those companies have to spend on separate law firms for each and every single juristiction/state in the US and other countries to handle the workload? Even if they didn't loose.

If they did loose...

Do you think they might turn pale in their boardrooms if they had to pay out an aggregate half trillion (yes, with a t) dollars in damages? Per company?

Any way to start this?

Ed Nash Jr.

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Letter from Jerry Montgomery

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

Dear Editor:

I've been a lurker over the years, since the 90s in fact. I wanted to write to say I'm very happy to read that Mr. Smith no longer supports open border insanity and isn't afraid to say he broke ranks and voted and voluntarily participated in the political machinery that more zealous libs refuse to work in or around by voting for Donald Trump. I believe Mr. Smith might see Trump as I see him; Trump is the First Wave of Dismantlers. He is a disruptor and a dismantler. I believe he has now bought the Liberty movement decades of new room to maneuver in so that more dismantlers have more time to get into the machinery of government with the sole purpose of turning off government at the source.

Hard liners like Larkin Rose are apoplectic with self-identifying anarchists seeking election to office in this country. I have to say, Larkin, your distress is duly noted but those called to do this are going to do it. Screw what you think.

I wrote a Minds ( piece telling Larkin why he's wrong about this and that this tactic might be of great utility. The commies have done a splendid job doing exactly this. And look what the commies have done with Jason Sorens brilliant idea of mass migration to politically transform a region (the Free State Project). What would happen if libertarians actually got off their hands and became activist?

The mind boggles.

I'm voting for the Disruptor in 2020.

#WWG1WGA #QAnon #JohnJohnLives

Jerry Montgomery

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