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And Our Flag Was Still There
by Sarah A. Hoyt

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

We are not done.

This is not the end. This is not even the end of the beginning.

Sure, our left has gone rabid-insane to the point that they actually declare themselves “democratic socialists” (What kind of an idea is that. You vote for people who’ll expropriate more than half the country. Sure thing. And then what? Can you vote them out? No? Then it’s just socialism-socialism. Same old tripe with new stuffing.)

Our left has gone so insane that to bring about their imagined utopia they have decided to bypass the constitution with tricks to achieve “popular vote” thereby erasing the nature of our country as a constitutional republic, our interests as semi-autonomous states, and rule us from NYC and LA, with a franchise in Chicago. Because yeah, even more than fraud-by-mail popular vote is an invitation to fraud. Our voting has never been clean. Ever. And with “popular” vote you don’t need to be able to cheat everywhere. Just two or three foci of infection, voting 500% of the population (even Boulder is not that blatant but I’m sure some places in CA or the North East can and will be) and you’ve got the president you want.

And the presidents they want. Just reading excerpts of Kamala Harris’ book gives me the creepy feeling you get when touching something unclean. Her career of ignoring laws and running roughshod over everyone not in position to either bribe her or scare confirms it too. And look at AOC, primary among the young hopefuls for another presidential race in the future. Occasional Cortex is not only dumb as rocks, the three brain cells she possesses she uses to fabricate bullshit about illegals having to drink from toilets. (And yet, somehow, not agreeing to just leave and go back where they came from. I guess these economic “refugees” were doing worse than drinking from toilets at home?)

Yes, it’s got far more fraught. People we used to be able to talk to are now unreachable behind the wall of indoctrination and just repeat mantras about “Children in cages” (Hello, Obama) or whatever. And anti-but really-fa is gamboling in the streets. They want to silence us and cut off our access to social media. Lizard being Zuckerberg wants to make sure the results of the election are “correct” this time.

And this is just at home. I don’t like the crackling noises coming off China. And whatever Russia is up to, you know it’s never good. They’re like the Vizir Iznogoud, who wants to be Caliph instead of the Caliph. They think ruling the world is their national destiny, when in fact being Iznogoud is their national destiny and their convoluted plots and strange machinations would be amusing if they weren’t dangerous for everyone, including them. Because they are, of all Europeans, worst at accessing countries-not-them and can’t figure out how we’d act or react. Obviously. But they still cause trouble. And Europe is always and ever curiously vulnerable to them.

Look, I’m not saying it will be easy — I’ve never said it would be easy — and I’m not saying there won’t be clashes.

I’m saying the horrific point to which we’ve come is a good thing. It’s a good thing because it’s a sign they no longer have a death (and it was a death) lock on the industrial-communications complex, to include entertainment, art, and news. This creation of the age of mass manufacturing, mass communications, was taken over by the left almost from the beginning, and the unified truth it proclaimed was moving us steadily left, at such a clip the next step was 1984-land.

New tech came just in time to unseat them. And it’s shaking them to the core, and pushing them to take off the mask far too early, and run around being crazy in public. It’s horrifying to see what lurked behind sedate personas. But it’s good. Now we know.

Even education, their ace in the hole, is slipping through their fingers. Oh, you might not notice much, yet. I did only because my kids ended up in “elite” gifted programs, i.e. the ones where the indoctrination was more intense (yes, they learned more of other things too) because this is where the new generation of “thought leaders” was being created.

Now, I’m the sort of mom who doesn’t volunteer, but did take the kids out for food, or brought them home for food after school. Between older son and younger son, a difference of three years, things changed. First, most of the kids in 11th and 12th grade in these programs were homeschooled. 11th grade was first time they were in public school. And second, most of them treated the indoctrination like chewing gum. They chewed, but did not swallow.

There are other forms of information available, and the smart ones are finding them. They’re also discovering that the “system” they should be rebelling against is not some imaginary 50s conformity but the people who enforce speech and what they can and can’t do.

Now put yourself on the other side. 20 years ago they had it all, and all their readings (remember they drink the ink of their own cooked statistics and polls) showed things going their way. Now, because they refuse to believe (perhaps can’t. Human cognition is amazing) that minorities, the young, and other “classes” created by their thought system aren’t “naturally” on their side, the world has stopped making sense.

They seem to be running with “it’s a nefarious plot, and they really want socialism.” But they realize to get it they need fraud. Fake-but-real votes? Which– Well… Perhaps they too are Iznogoud.

Which brings us to socialism. Believe it or not, socialism and its big bad cousin, communism (there’s less difference between the two than the left admits. It’s a continuum. Yeah, I know, “but in communism the state owns the means of production.” Cute, but since in socialism the state controls it with regulations, six of one, half a dozen of the other. Same hammer and sickle sh*t in the end.)

Believe it or not once upon a time these were not only hot new “scientific” (despite the fact Marx never got closer to science than the fungus culture between his unwashed ears) systems.

It was self-obvious to the culture of mass production that centralized planning would work better, keep people fed and happier better, and increase innovation.

The fall of the Soviet Union put paid to that illusion (because despite the cracks and leaks, people still tried to believe in it) and send the left careening towards something that looks uncommonly like international fascism. You know, the government controls everything with regulations, and tries to control your mind and thoughts, but we’re all one nation…

That lasted until it became obvious one-nation won’t work. This is in the process of proving itself in Europe, and if they actually HAD any young people (okay, they have some, but the proportion is dismal) it would already be playing out in fire and blood. It might yet. My generation seems to still have life in it, and the understanding they made a horrible mistake and sold their children’s minds for a pot of message — and never had grandchildren — is starting to work on them like a hammer on an anvil. My guess is there’s still enough life left in them for fire and blood.

But it is bleak. It is very bleak. Because nations in Europe are nations of soil and blood, the convulsion to come will leave them maybe barely enough to rebuild. Also their mentality is different, it always was. They’re King’s Men. They give their loyalty and service to the leader, who then looks after them. This is dangerous, if you don’t find the right leader, and they’re having a heck of a time with that.

Here? This is not even the end of the beginning. Yes, we’re being invaded. Yes, our idiots are trying to make love of our nation into “white supremacy” as though America were ever solely a white nation (depending on how you counted “white” which varied through the centuries, we might never have been majority white.) They’re trying to destroy our constitution, in one last, bizarre spasm of socialist fervor.


We always had people in our midst that wanted to be European. And they ran usually 20 years behind the times.

The fact that they’re so open, so loud, so desperate, so fraudy means it’s the last spasms of a very bad system that would stomp on the human face forever.

Note I didn’t say it would be easy. I never said it would be easy.

But the system created here, in Foul, fetid, fuming, foggy, filthy Philadephia in 1776 has created the freest and most prosperous nation in the history of humanity.

What you’re witnessing in our own corridors of power (ah!) is just a late hit rebellion against the system itself. These are people who would be leaders, receiving your fealty and service and extending you their “gracious” condescension.

Well, we do know how to deal with those, by George! We’ve done it before.

And we still have children, though the Obama Recession put a hit through our birth rate. And some of them can even think. Besides, our system is such we can always take other children, even those of the invaders, and make them ours. We just need to stop cringing and mumbling about micro-aggressions, square our shoulders and believe in our nation, its founding principles and its ideals.

Sure, we’ve fallen short. What human endeavor hasn’t? But look at what we’ve achieved so far, and how much it scares the purveyors of oppression. They’re raving insane, out of their funny-hatted heads, acting like the lunatics they always were. And now we can see it.

Let Europe deal with itself. As for us, we’re going to get over this — perhaps with some set backs, sure, but we’ll fight. We’re a fighting nation — and clean out the socialist infection from our body politic, our laws and our minds.

And then we’re going to the stars. Because that’s where we belong. It’s right there, in our flag.

Our flag is still there. It will continue to wave through the perilous night, even when all that illuminates it is enemy fire.

Be not afraid.


Reprinted from According to Hoyt for July 4, 2019










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