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How They Resisted
by Jim Davidson

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

"We heard the whine of the generator that started the submarine engine which made the gas that killed them. I remember standing and listening to the muffled screams and knowing that men, women and children were dying in agony as I sorted their clothes. This is what I live with."
Thomas Toivi Blatt, survivor of Sobibor

This essay is a proposal for a series of videos to be written, filmed, edited, and posted by me, Jim Davidson. My qualifications in addition to extensive reading on this topic is a degree in history, years of writing and editing fiction and non-fiction texts, and world travel in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. The basic concept of the series is: how individuals have resisted against authority in the face of violent reprisals.

Two early episodes will cover the escape from Sobibor and the Warsaw ghetto uprising. Additional epsiodes will be developed to discuss the White Rose Society, the Battle of Athens, Tennessee, and many other instances of people resisting their own extermination.

1. Funds will not be collected until all funds needed for the first two episodes are pledged. About $5,000 are needed to make this a workable project, acquire needed video editing computer equipment, purchase additional books (typically in e-book format to save funds), and complete at least two or three one-hour videos to be released.

2. Relevant information on what a video by me looks like:

3. Death by government is detailed by Prof. RJ Rummel's work at and elsewhere. During this series of videos, at least one would be developed for the purpose of providing all the evidence of the Nazi death camps, their efforts to cover up the truth, and listing the many victims amongst Russians, Slavs, Poles, Jews, dissidents, and others. Later in the series I'd like to look at Holodomor in Ukraine, gulags in the Soviet Union, and so forth.

4. An example of the kinds of videos I think this subject matter merits, and some insight into the stylistic approach I'm likely to take is found here: This guy, TIK = The Imperator Knight, is an enthusiast of Hazlitt and Tom Woods, among other pro-freedom economists.

Your thoughts on this topic would be very welcome. One way for me to gauge whether or not to do this thing is whether you, or some business enterprise or charity you know, would put up $50 or more to make this happen. I'm not collecting funds now, I'm just trying to get a sense of whether this idea is worth pursuing.

Please let me know. Thanks!


Jim Davidson is an author, entrepreneur, and freedom activist.

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