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Number 1,042, October 13, 2019

I stand with Hong Kong

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The Editor’s Notes
by Ken Holder
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Well, now. I was wondering what They (you know, Them) were going to do to distract We The People from the Epstein Scandal. As usualy, They managed to surprise me again, this time with impeachment "proceedings" against The Trump. Really, ya just can't make this stuff up! I mean, it is now almost impossible to make up a parady/satire anymore. Reality has become its own parady! But at least it remains funny. So far.

Got down below freezing last night up here in the Arizona Mountains Area Place. Kinda early for that kind of stuff. But the forcast is for going back to normal in a couple of days. I don't know if it just old age, but I find that winter is just getting to be too much for me. There is always something.

He said: "I'm scheduled to become the world's very first full Cyborg." Read all about it [Here].

The Navy has invented a compact nuclear fusion gizmo. Put in a bunch of power, get out a big bunch more power. Compact, huh? Would one fit in my garage? Read all about it [Here].

I hear a lot of talk about the ZFS file system. Sounds good, as far a I understand it. We will see, eh?

From the “Holy Crap!” file: a feller in Alaska killed a big grizzly with his 10mm Glock. The thing was chraging him and it droped dead about 10-feet away after 2 shots. Dang! [Read All About It Here].

T.J. Mason notes: Tweet from Clint Eastwood Warning: Finish your drink before clicking link!

Some other interesting reading:


Increasing crop production thanks to ‘climate change’
by Andy Rowlands

We are often told by alarmists and the media that climate change will severely damage crop production from increasing extreme weather; floods, droughts, wildfires, heat and cold, leaving us with ever-increasing shortfalls in our ability to produce enough food to feed the ever-increasing world’s population, but is there any truth to these claims?

As discussed in a previous article, we learned that extreme weather is driven by temperature differentials rather than temperature increases.

As the planet warms, the temperature difference between the poles and the tropics is reduced as the poles warm faster than the equator, so storm frequency and intensity are reduced. Higher concentrations of atmospheric CO2 also reduces the amount of water plants & crops need, so more moisture is left in the soil, thereby helping reduce drought conditions.

On August 10th 2018, the US Department of Agriculture released a report with the graph shown below, indicating grain yields since 1988. That year production was about 85 bushels per acre. By 2018 it had increased to 178 bushels per acre, representing a whopping 110% increase in productivity.
[Read More]


Snopes Announces It Will Now Fight Trump Using ‘Feelings’ and ‘Emotion’
by John Nolte

Just like he did with far-left CNN, President Trump has just forced the phony, left-wing fact check site Snopes to throw out every standard of professional journalism.

In a stunning admission (of what we already knew), Snopes announced Thursday that Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson are such a unique threat to world that “experts must find new ways to reach people.” Which means that — get this — Trump and Johnson must be “countered by the shared stories, experiences and emotions of real people and how they are affected by the big global issues.”

“Public austerity measures, for example, are not simply about financial facts,” Snopes mewls. “Indeed, when presented merely as economic data, many people can neither identify with nor understand them. Instead, austerity poses problems that compel us to examine how they affect people and families in their daily lives. The experiences of those individuals must be shared.”

Snopes is promising to get just as ridiculous with other left-wing causes, specifically when it comes to stopping Brexit and furthering the Global Warming Hoax:

Whether examining Brexit, public austerity measures or the effects of climate change, one limitation is that facts and data generated through quantitative social research are presented as if detached from the people they concern as well as those involved in their production. Far removed from people’s lived experiences, they risk displacing any sense of what it is to be human. As such, they are, perhaps, too easy to dismiss.

This is actually good news. The mask is now removed forever.
[Read More]


Stay deplorable, my friends.

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