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Number 1,042, October 13, 2019

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To Each Aaccording to the Party’s Need
by A.X. Perez

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Dear comrade,

Item 1. Regarding you request for additional practice ammunition for your issued self defense weapon: You will receive an extra 50 rounds a month instead of the 200 you requested, see item three.

Item2. Regarding your request for a .38 Special snub nosed revolver for defense in your automobile. Denied: your claims that it will be easier to control than your current issue weapon in an automobile and that you don't need the distraction of ejected cases bouncing around inside your vehicle are inadequate. Also this will not contribute to your ability to help defend your community, the State, or the Party. While it might marginally contribute to your ability to protect your own life, this does not meet the Party's needs and so it is denied.

Item 3. Even though you have not requested it you will be issued a .22 pistol that closely meets the ergonomics of your issued self defense weapon and 200 rounds of ammunition a week to practice as your skills while adequate for self defense and covering people under your protection are inadequate to engage in offensive operations supporting the States security forces. Accordingly it has been decided that additional instruction and practice with a .22 pistol will bring your skills up to what the State and Party need. Additionally, you will be allotted 50 additional rounds of 9x19 mm. ammunition a month for practice to make transitioning the improvement in shooting skills from the .22 to the 9. This will help you advance in the graces of the Party and help you advance from 3rd class membership to second.

It comes to my attention that your job skills are needed in the Badlands where you would be authorized to be issued whatever weapons you request and enough practice ammunition, not to mention real world, experience, to improve your shooting skills. Of course, if your skills get good enough soon enough we need you here.

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