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From Feudalism, To Freedom, To .…????
by Jim Carter

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Homo sapiens, and many animals, have an innate desire to habituate as a group. Such an arrangement can be a protection from predators. It also facilitates specialization and the undertaking of projects beyond the capacity of a singular individual.

A group tends to select a leader. Frequently a leader is selected based upon his wise selection of alternate courses of actions. As an alternate, the leader may, by physical prowess, rule by domination. The identification of a king has frequently exhibited such a trait.

Kings customarily demanded total domination of the subjects and all property was his. His word became law; his act was beyond reproach; his ruling was beyond challenge. Such a political form has been identified as a feudal government.

A minor modification of the political form is that of communism. Such form, while touting itself as a benevolent group-living community, is viewed by outsiders as being totalitarian. The presence of an elected legislative body to make laws, and a judicial body to settle disputes, are seen as submissive agents of an oppressive regime. To challenge the state is to be sentenced to Siberia.

The $20 million investment to fund the Bolshevik revolution by Wall Streeter Jacob Schiff established communism over millions of people. Schiff’s reward was seizure of the Czar’s largest hoard of gold in the world. Power was vested in a puppet dictator and, marginally, in a legislative body. In 1946, a communist defector testified to congress that Moscow’s delay in replies to government inquiries could be expedited with a telephone call to Manhattan. Marx wrote of how to achieve political domination; nowhere did he suggest how the power so acquired was to be distributed to the people. Communism has been used by Wall Street as a ploy to pry more funds for defense from Congress.

An alternate political form called socialism is currently a political issue in the US. In times past, the term was used interchangeably with communism. Lenin took communism to accept violent acts for its imposition on society. Trotsky took socialism to restrict its imposition to acquiescence by the people. Socialism would promise benefits to the people and the masses would accept the benefits with the knowledge they would have to eventually pay for them. Government has nothing to give except what it has first seized from the subjects. Myopia frequently obscures the inevitable cost.

The cost of socialism must consistently escalate. More benefits are demanded from insatiable people who do not have to work for them. More benefits require more taxation, and the only wealth of a nation is what the masses produce. Marx foresaw the necessity of a tax on those who produce wealth and the burden would fall on the working class. Eventually, the working class will demand the free benefits and forgo the earnings from working. The working class eventually rebels from the burden; they became non-existent. The inevitable end is a few rich living on confiscated taxes and the masses of poor surviving in squalor. 1 The socialistic experiment at Plymouth resulted in starvation; the cornucopia of Thanksgiving resulted from individual responsibility and control. If food, shelter, and medical care are the responsibility of the domed house on the hill, how far are we from the plantation? The shear number of members of congress that have been affiliated with communist/socialist groups is phenomenal. 2 Socialism is not a form of government; it is a means by which a central control of people is imposed. The shadow proxy of feudalism covers the land.

Occasionally, idealistic individuals will believe they should control their own destiny. They may attempt to form a ruling body they can control. The body must answer to them for any perceived wandering from the restrictions and guidelines that have been established. Such a form may be called a republic. The form requires complete knowledge of actions taken by the government. Such a form was envisioned in 1776. The Founding Father’s seminal constitution so tenaciously clung to Freedom they were compelled to draft a new charter within ten years—but demanded the inclusion of a Bill of Rights.


Liberty was specified as a Constitutional Right in the 5th Amendment and applied as to the states by the 14th Amendment. The clause of Liberty has been consistently held to include the pursuit of a Livelihood. 3 Such Rights, similar to the Right to Trial by Jury, are not suitable objects for revenue taxation. The power to tax is the power to destroy. In contrast to this concept, the IRS wants the public to construe the 16th Amendment as authorizing a tax levied on labor. That is not correct. The Amendment addressed ONLY an issue of a tax from gain on capital investments; i.e., from stocks, bonds, and rental property.

The Supreme Court repeatedly stated the Amendment acted to reverse the Holding of the Pollock adjudication. The Pollock court declared an issue of a tax on remuneration for labor was NOT being adjudicated. The entire tax was voided in rehearing. The tax on labor could have been reinstated by act of congress. But the Pollock holding has been overturned by the Supreme Court; the 16th Amendment is a nullity. 4

Indictments of “citizens” on income tax charges do not allege violation of “a known legal duty” as required for a valid process. A tax on the pursuit of a livelihood would be unconstitutional, and the courts steadfastly prevent exposure from being required. If the law that imposes the tax is not alleged in the indictment, it is not an issue before the court for challenge with the burden of proof upon the plaintiff. Defendants who raise a question of legality thus allow the court to shift the burden of proof to them to prove there is no possible way the tax might be legal. Such proof is impossible; the attempt is labeled frivolous. And so Due Process that blossomed with the Magna Carta has been squelched. The IRS justifies this anomaly by claiming an individual’s signature, under oath, over the line labeled ‘taxpayer’s name’ identifies themselves as legally responsible for the tax identified by the form. 5

Income tax indictments cite Title 26, Sections 7201 thru 7215. The Supreme Court, relying upon the Congressional Record, identified those sections/penalties as applicable to all of the 70 or so taxes collected by the IRS. 6 They therefor cannot allege the required violation of a known legal duty required for valid process. The income tax is a scam. 7 Protests by lawyers result in suspending their access to the Bar and bogus criminal charges. If government can properly claim 3% of an individuals earnings, they can confiscate 100% of his remuneration. Slavery has been reinstated under the guise of taxation. Whether government criminal prosecution, and confiscation of a recalcitrant individual’s assets through their use of fraud and coercion, constitutes human labor trafficking depends upon the view of the observer.

Taxation, the Supreme court has said, is an attribute of sovereignty. That over which the taxing authority is not sovereign is not a suitable object for taxation. If We the [sovereign] People who formed government for our pleasure are proper subjects for an income tax, the entire Constitution has been overturned with just one law.


In the 1910’s period, Wall Street bankers made loans to European nations to fund their military actions. The U.S. public was manipulated by media and government into war with a staged sacrifice of passengers on HMS Lusitania to prevent default on the loans. U.S. lives were lost. Lies still prevail in history class of today. 8

Wall Street approached General Smedley Butler to front for a coup during the 1930’s. He exposed the potential insurrection in WAR IS A RACKET.

John Stinnett relied upon government documents obtained by FOIA to detail how Wall Street connived with their crony FDR for 17 months on an agenda to crush Japan by sanctions. 9 Wall Street would not tolerate the overwhelming competition in industrial production. All Japanese communication codes were broken. The attack on Pearl Harbor was known before the event; it was Wall Street’s objective.

Hitler had received Wall Street money for his campaigns. 10 His image was on the cover of Time magazine as Man of the Year in January 1938. But when he attacked Wall Street’s puppet state of the USSR he became the villain. USSR communists, who were one of six groups in concentration camps, had been organizing pitched gun-battles with police in the streets of German cities. They joined groups of homosexuals, unemployed (gypsies), mental cases, criminals, and Jews in the camps —each with a different colored lapel triangle.

Jews had been able to acquire control of access to all lucrative professions. Over 90 percent of all lawyers, doctors, dentists, judges, barbers, etc. were Jews, even when Jews were less that 2% of the population. Over 90 percent of all merchants were Jews. Only Jews were allowed to open new businesses. Price gouging was rampant. Bankers assisted the exploitation of Germans to satisfy the oppression imposed at Munich. The Germans resented becoming exploited second rate citizens in their own country. Relief of the exploitation by Hitler was a campaign promise. Churchill’s suggestion to FDR that Hitler should be allowed to destroy the USSR was ignored. It was FDR’s stripping of critical military supplies from Asia to supply the USSR that prevented the destruction of the USSR. Congress has recently held hearings on similar price-gouging practice in the pharmaceutical industry.

Wall Street recruited their crony Allen Dulles to create the CIA for concealment of their nefarious acts behind a cloak of national security. Dulles hosted the deposed Shah to Wall Street oil moguls even before he was Director. The Shah promised oil interests millions in profit from the seized BP fields if they would restore him to the Peacock throne. It required a coup of the upstart elected Iranian leader. Kermit Roosevelt organized the coup which became the model for a multitude of future CIA actions. The brutal oppression by the Shah was eventually overthrown. Wall Street has seethed over their lose of exploitative control and, even now, wants the world to totally destroy the nation.

Volumes have been written of how Wall Street has used the CIA and US military to enforce economic oppression and chaos throughout the world. William Blum, Michel Chossudovsky, Terry Reed, Douglas Valentine, David Talbot, Stephen Kinzer, and Michael Hudson are but a few. Hudson attempts to lay the onus of actions on the shoulders of government. He has received lucrative economic benefits for his assistance in deflecting the view of the public. He boosts of being sent to DC to enlighten the government. We would wonder if subsequent government actions are the result of his enlightenment.

John Perkins relates of negotiating international loans with the IMF and WB. The object was to make a loan that would be extremely hard for the nation to service. Behind cutouts, he identified Wall Street interests. 11 The recent loan arranged by Goldman Sachs with Greece that resulted in bankrupting the nation resulted financial entities having total control of the nation. Individual’s bank deposits were seized, pensions have been confiscated, government and private employment was slashed, and all government decisions were controlled by the Troika. Goldman Sachs did a similar rape in Argentina. 12


Fletcher Prouty, from inside the Pentagon, presents a scenario of President Eisenhower grounding the U-2 flight over USSR six months before scheduled peace talks with Khrushchev in Paris. The CIA countermanded his orders, flew Gary Powers on an unprecedented trans-USSR flight with a sabotaged airplane. The plane displayed in Red Square thwarted the peace talks. Peace is anathema to Wall Street. 13

Prouty also documents Allen Dulles sabotaged the CIA’s Bay of Pigs invasion inherited by JFK. Dulles grounded the second air strike which led to defeat. Dulles had anticipated JFK would commit the US to an all-out war to avoid defeat. Dulles lost in his “darkest day of my life.” JFK took the rap and vowed to shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces. Wars are profitable for Wall Street. 14

When JFK was found to have a back-ground phone communication with Moscow for peace talks, he was labeled a traitor. When he issued debt-free US Treasury Notes instead of deficit spending Federal Reserve Notes, he threatened a highly profitable scheme of Wall Street. 15 A federal jury in Miami came back with a verdict the CIA assassinated President Kennedy. The congressional rehearing of the Warren Commission heard evidence that located three sources of gunfire at Dealey plaza. None came from the book depository. When JFK purged 600 CIA agents and vowed to shatter the agency, that was too much. But these bits of information of CIA involvement have been suppressed by the MSM and dismissed as conspiracy theory. 16

President Nixon had the audacity to close the CIA’s school in Leadville that was training Tibetans to invade China. He removed the China straw enemy the MIC needed. He used Schlesinger to purge 1500 CIA agents. He was secretly recorded by the CIA who then deleted exculpatory evidence from the tapes which were used, with MSM assistance, to hound him from office. 17

President Carter torpedoed a $4 billion nuclear aircraft carrier. He also purged 600 CIA agents. October Surprise was implemented to prevent his reelection. 18

The CIA’s involvement in drugs is extensively documented. 19

The CIA has been connected with the Savings and Loan scandal. 20

The CIA’s disregard for laws was publicly exposed by Oliver North in testimony to Congress. He chided congress’ efforts to control the CIA—after he was granted immunity for his possible criminal acts. 21

The CIA, and many other government agencies, conceal questionable acts by claiming national security. Kevin Shipp, an ex-CIA agent, attributes the actions to a shadow government. 22

The FBI is alleged to flagrantly violate the law to seize an individual’s property. 23

Trump’s military objectives have been claimed to be diametrically opposed to those of the Pentagon—perhaps until pressure was put on him to quell (temporarily) impeachment hype. 24 Is Wall Street still incensed over being ripped by Trump in bankrupt construction loans for casinos? Was his successful selling of overpriced New York condos to Russians that prevented personal bankruptcy too much? Was Jerome Corsi correct in claiming Trump has been targeted by the Deep State? 25 Larry Klayman of FreedomWatch claims he has a CIA whistle blower client with voluminous evidence Trump and many others were illegally wire-tapped by the spy agencies for long periods and the FBI has stonewalled investigation for two years. 26

It is ironic, and a common practice, for government agencies to supply completely redacted documents requested by congress about suspected malfeasance, but they somehow supply anonymous whistle blower information, perhaps acquired illegally, about irregularities of individuals who may not be submissive to Wall Street’s oppression. 27 And they always rely upon a compliant MSM to hype a campaign for impeachment.

Skeptics will quickly point out there is no evidence of Wall Street involvement with the current turmoil in D.C., but they are ignoring evidence the MSM, redacted government documents, and internet search engines, suppress. Endless repetition of historic nefarious actions, frequently attributed to government, have been copiously documented when sufficient time is given for examination. The events of today, including whispers of coup, are duplication of CIA actions taken to conduct coups in foreign nations [and in the US] for the benefit of Wall Street. 28


The method by which Wall Street uses the Federal Reserve to embezzle trillions from the government to fund the above acts has been presented. 29 If the current progression continues, the means by which Wall Street will collect on foreclosure of the U.S. National Debt, in the same manner Greece is being raped by the Troika, has been prophesied. 30

The Barons’ mutiny, as appointed governors of the king’s shires, ignited a candle of Freedom with the Magna Carta. They refused to fund and staff the war-mongering invasion of Normandy the London financiers had persuaded King John to undertake. Even then, bankers found great profit in war. The fracture of domination was lamented by King John as to leave him with merely a crown as an image of power.

The flame of an individual’s control of their destiny was spectacularly illuminated with the sculptury from France in the shallows of New York City. Today, the blaze of Freedom appears to be on the verge of extinction with a New World Order controlled from Manhattan. The form of political domination supposedly outlawed in 1865 appears to be immanent with the total nullification of the Magna Carta's legacy. Slavery has merely been bleached. From feudalism, to Freedom, to feudalism. Is that to be the destiny of the United State’s evolution?






3   Ref. Legal encyclopedia volume 16A American Jurisprudence 2nd, Constitutional Law, section 562 Right to pursue business, 1979.

4   South Carolina v Baker, 485 US 505, (1988).


6   Sansone v U.S., 380 US 343, 348 (1965).

7   The 1939 edition of the IRS, Title 26, Section 1 read “all individuals who receive income...” After Constitutional challenge was raised, the 1954 rewriting, without change, read “all individuals who receive taxable income...” The IRS, who wrote the legislation, knew what they were doing. Section 1 is never cited in an indictment and submitted to contestation. Taxable income has no legal definition. The IRS accepts donations.


9   DAY OF DECEIT by John Stinnett.







16   One source is PLAUSIBLE DENIAL by Mark Lane wherein a federal jury in Miami concluded the CIA was involved. One witness testified he had seen a CIA memo relating to the action before the event. Additional testimony was given by a member of the CIA hit team. HIGH TREASON by John Groden includes a digital analysis of the police open mike recording given before the Warren Commission Rehearing to locate the sources of gun shots. They did not come from the book depository. ACT OF TREASON by Mark North suggests involvement of the FBI in the cover-up. Margarita Lopez identified Hunt, under oath in federal court, as being at a Dallas motel delivering cash to CIA agent Frank Sturgis. The two had traveled from Miami with other Cuban CIA agents equipped with costumes and a trunk full of firearms the day before the assassination. Ref. MARGARITA by M. Lopez. The vehement hostility JFK faced from the CIA, the Pentagon, and from the Department of State in his pursuit of peace is documented by James Douglass in JFK AND THE UNSPEAKABLE as the cause of his assassination. E. Howard Hunt’s son recently made public statements that his dying father detailed CIA involvement in the killing. The son identifies his father as one of the tramps escorted from the railroad yard by men costumed as Dallas police officers. CIA agent There was an item on the internet by a reporter who claimed to be in the basement of the Dallas police building when Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald. He claimed there was no blood found on the floor. Strange. The Dallas chief of police was the brother of CIA Deputy Director General P. Cabell who was canned in the purge by JFK after the Bay of Pigs. Strange. It has also been stated that the assistant Dallas police chief, after having failed his responsibility for the safety of both JFK and LHO, was promoted to Chief of Police. Weird.

17   Whatever else we may conclude from the Watergate escapade, we must accept the fact that it was preformed by individuals who have been conclusively connected with the CIA. Watergate became a household name only after prolonged months of publication by Bob Woodward who is accused of being a CIA operative, relied upon the inside information from Al Haig, and worked for the mouthpiece of the CIA, the Washington Post. Phil Brennan writes Watergate was conclusively a CIA operation. It is written by David Rivera: “Nixon aide Bruce Herschenson said that the Watergate plot was deliberately sabotaged ‘by a non-elected coalition of power groups.’ Former CIA agent James W. McCord, Jr., the security chief for the Committee to Re-Elect the President, has been accused of being a double agent and used to bring Nixon down by sabotaging the break-in at the Watergate Hotel.” He includes extensive detailing of deliberate bungling by professionals. Len Colodny details individuals’ contributions in SILENT COUP and but the major evidence of conspiracy is not the bungling by Liddy, Hunt, Dean, and CIA operatives “breaking wind” at Watergate but the continued press exposure for months after the event, by Woodward, and Cox‘s ability to subpoena critical deleted locations of the “unknown” tapes that were controlled by Haig. Woodward pushed Butterfield in front of the investigators who then revealed existence of the secret tapes that brought down Nixon which was considered “part of a strategy.” Butterfield, a long time close friend of Haig, was suggested to be a CIA plant. Haig, accused of being Deep Throat, controlled the tapes, and the deliberate 18 minute erasure is contended to remove exculpatory evidence. Specific actions by Haig, Butterfield, and Woodward prevented Nixon from being aware the secret tapes were going to be revealed to the committee and thereby prevented suppression by executive privilege. id., 323-336. cf. n05-4#Watergate. Did Nixon offended the wrong people? It is claimed Nixon tried to remove control of foreign policy from the CIA, and had also taken measures to initiate control over the entire CIA . Some sources claim Nixon repeated references to revealing the Bay of Pigs fiasco caused Helms to become infuriated. Others complain Nixon impounded funds for liberal causes and used the IRS to investigate liberal foundations. More complain the paranoid Nixon targeted a considerable number of Jews on his “hit list.” Nixon fired Director Richard Helms in retaliation for not covering up Watergate (or for assisting Watergate?).

Did Haig fear the military’s espionage by Moorer-Radford-Haig on the White House would become public? Whatever the motive, the CIA/Haig clearly did a hatchet job on Nixon. We certainly do not want to overlook Nixon’s opposition to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) which incensed David Rockefeller as detailed by Daniel Estulin in THE TRUE STORY OF THE BILDERBERG GROUP. Nixon’s New Economic Policy that established wage and price controls angered Rockefeller even more. id 146. The link between Rockefeller’s CFR and its operating arm of the CIA has not yet been confirmed. Nor do we want to overlook Schlesinger’s brutal purge of more than 1500 CIA agents and the forced purge by Helms of four top deputies was a great factor. Ref. LEGACY OF ASHES by Tim Weiner.

18   OCTOBER SURPRISE (by ex-CIA agent Barbara Honegger) operation raises interesting questions. How was an ex-Director of the CIA who had been canned by the President (but who later became president himself) and the head of the Republican National Party (who was subsequently appointed Director of the CIA and also came up with candidate Carter‘s play book) able to negotiate with Iranians and to guarantee billions of dollars in military aid to the Iranians if they would hold U.S. hostages until after the presidential elections in the U.S. in order to defeat President Jimmie Carter?? Did they use a secret CIA Blackbird aircraft for transportation from Paris to conceal the meeting??? Carter was the president who had the audacity to terminate 800 career CIA employees who then campaigned against him. He achieved legislation that required the CIA to have a court order to tap phone communications (FISA) to the anguish of the Company and additional legislation outlawed whistle blowers secrecy form 189. Carter additionally achieved the Camp David peace accord between Menachem Begin of Israel and Anwar Sadat of Egypt. The CIA abhors peace. Does anyone really believe poor-boy CIA agent Ed Wilson could purchase and airlift 20 tons of C-4 explosive (the entire stock in the U.S.) to Libya, with dozens of CIA technicians who taught the Libyans how to use it, and make $20 million without it being a CIA operation?? The CIA has admitted the affidavit used to convict Wilson was false. l. One pound of plastic explosive was linked to the Pan Am flight 103 that was destroyed over Lockerbie killing 270 people. Libya paid $2.7 billion in compensation. Other articles describe how the electronic trigger was available only from the CIA.

19   The CIA has been connected with the trafficking of drugs within the U.S. by Gary Webb in DARK ALLIANCES; Terry Reed in COMPROMISED; Rodney Stich in DRUGGING AMERICA; Jonathan Kwitney in ENDLESS ENEMIES. Also CONSPIRATORS: SECRETS OF AN IRAN-CONTRA INSIDER by Al Martin (including special mention of Robert Gates); WHITEOUT by Alex Cockburn; THE POLITICS OF HEROIN: THE CIA COMPLICITY IN THE GLOBAL DRUG TRADE by Alfred W. McCoy; THE FINAL JUDGMENT by ex-CIA agent Michael Collins Piper. The operation includes the use of military aircraft and facilities. THE CRIMES OF PATRIOTS: A TRUE TALE OF DOPE, DIRTY MONEY & THE CIA by Jonathan Kwitney includes the CIA’s ownership of the Nugan Hand Bank and the strange deathof the owner. Perhaps an individual would want to hear Janet Reno acknowledge the practice at while link gives a time line for CIA involvement in drug trafficking from 1947. Alfred W. McCoy in THE POLITICS OF HEROIN: CIA COMPLICITY IN THE GLOBAL DRUG TRADE details the Asian drug connection.

20   A web search of the CIA’s involvement in the HUD and the savings and loan scandals will produce many hits such as html . Taxpayers will be paying $32 Billion for 30 years. It has already cost the taxpayers over $400 Billion. Neil Bush’s involvement in the Silverado S&L, and a claimed total loss of $1.4 trillion, is claimed at The CIA’s BBRD&W Hawaiian bank scandal staring CIA agent Ron Rewald was connected with many wet [murder] operations. Ref. DISAVOW; A CIA SAGA OF BETRAYAL by Rodney Stich.,deadly,1991,10,27,04,pt3.htm THE MAFIA, CIA & GEORGE BUSH by Pete Brewton is only one of many books that detail the CIA and Bush’s raiding of the financial institutes of more than a trillion dollars.

The CIA’s use of banks on Cook Island, with Bush participation, to bilk customers for illegal fees is posted at Ref. THE PARADISE CONSPIRACY by Ian Wishart. This was part of the CIA- BCCIscandal involving a bank heist of $10 to $15 billion with the laundering of drug money, manipulating financial markets, arms trafficking, supporting international terrorism, and funding terrorist organizations. source accuses the CIA of absconding with $10 Billion from the Iraqi Central Bank before the invasion. Ref. We could speculate on much more. The Bay of Pigs operation was a CIA action started under President Eisenhower. The public is adamantly informed JFK called offthe air cover that doomed the invasion. Fletcher Prouty informs us JFK authorized the cover and it was countermanded by the CIA. Ref. JFK, THE CIA, VIETNAM, AND THE PLOT TO ASSASSINATE JFK by Prouty. Did the CIA sabotage their own paramilitary action and placed the blame on JFK that resulted in JFK declaring he was going to shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces???   JFK also purged the leadershipof the CIA. One speculation is that the CIA wanted to force JFK to commit the US to a total war and save the invaders but JFK chose a humiliating defeat rather than an all-out war. The investigation of the fiasco ordered by JFK, as extensively documented by Michael D. Morrissey, concludes something happened that JFK did not know about.

21 Terry Reed and others detail thefts of yachts, airplanes, automobiles and anything they want and have insurance companies write it off in COMPROMISED. Ref. UNCHECKED AND UNBALANCED by Frederick Schwarz. As mentioned, Blum’s documentation of CIA involvement in the overthrow of foreign governments, whether a dictator or an elected head, that are not compliant with demands from the U.S. is on the internet at numerous places. One lengthy tabulation available at is a capsulation of KILLING HOPE by William Blum. Ref: IN SEARCH OF ENEMIES: A CIA STORY by John Stockwell ; INEVITABLE REVOLUTIONS: THE U.S. IN CENTRAL AMERICA by Walter Lafeber. CIA economic exploitation and then wet operations (murder) by jackals to obtain CIA objectives is detailed in the recently published CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HIT MAN by John Perkins. The use of the IMF and the World Bank to impose economic control over the Third World is given by Andrew Gavin Marshall in CONTROLLING THE GLOBAL ECONOMY: BILDERBERG, THE TRILATERAL COMMISSION AND THE FEDERAL RESERVE, &aid=14614The Iran-Contra scandal schemed to give the appearance of not violating the law,as confessed by Oliver North after Congress granted a “do not go to jail” pass, while the entire CIA operation of running arms and transporting drugs was clearly what Congress had forbidden. Two CIA agents planted on the United Nations Special Commission on Iraq who continually conveyed false information were instrumental in swaying the Commission to support the invasion. IRAQ CONFIDENTIAL by Scott Ritter; CRUEL AND UNUSUAL by Mark Miller. The suspected use of post-hypnotic command with the random sniper killings in D.C. to divert media attention from congressional approval for an Iraqi offensive is presented by Jim Rarey.










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