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Mastering the Art of Failure
by Sean Gangol

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

In recent years the left has managed to turn failure into an artform. The Democrats have been on a downward spiral since 2016 when they lost their bid for the Whitehouse. They thought it would be a slam-dunk, since Hillary Clinton at that point was an experienced politician that was part of the Clinton dynasty, while Donald Trump was a loud-mouth, ex-reality TV star who happened to be the Johnny Come Lately of the political scene. Unfortunately for them, Hillary proved to be an unlikeable candidate who ran on the “Trump is a big meanie” sentiment as her platform. Instead of accepting their loses like most well-adjusted adults, they decided to come up with half-cocked conspiracy theories about Russian collusion, which led to a two-year investigation that produced nothing but a gigantic black hole that sucked up more money from the tax payers.

Of course, we should have known that the left was never going to be satisfied when the investigation concluded that there was no evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. First, they tried to drum up support for impeachment for the bogus charge of Obstruction of Justice, for covering up evidence of Russian collusion. Though it made little sense to charge somebody with covering up a crime that was never proven to have taken place. So that fizzled out. Then when they couldn’t find anything else to charge Trump with, their friends in the New York Times renewed their attacks on his Supreme Court pick, Bret Kavanaugh with new sexual assault accusations that were even more baseless and absurd than the previous accusations made against him. When that went nowhere (what a surprise), they finally found something else that they can use to impeach Trump (or so they think). This time it involved Trump asking the president of the Ukraine to help him in confirming certain accusations of Joe Biden committing an act of extortion, during his vice presidency.

The one thing that I could say about the accusations of Russian collusion is that as baseless as they were, they at least made sense. The people pushing the collusion nonsense was at least clear about what they were accusing Trump of committing. In this particular case, I am not seeing where there is an actual crime. The Democrats point to the so-called whistle blower’s testimony as evidence that Trump threatened to cut-off aide for the Ukraine if they didn’t try help him dig up dirt on Joe Biden. The problem with that testimony, is that it comes from a man who wasn’t even privy to the conversation that went on between Trump and the Ukraine president. Instead his accounts come from second and third hand sources. I am no legal scholar, but this sounds like the type of evidence that would get laughed out of any courtroom in America. Also, the recent transcripts released by Trump make it seem as if he was actually being cordial with the Ukraine president and not at all forceful with his request. If anything, it sounds as if Biden may be the one who is guilty of extortion and corruption, with the way he threated to cut off aid for the Ukraine if they didn’t get one of their prosecutors off his son’s back. In that particular case we have Crazy Old Joe publicly bragging about it. Yet, the left doesn’t even seem to blink an eye at that one.

Once again, you have all the anti-Trump politicians and celebrities taking their five hundred dollar champagnes out of the fridge to celebrate the movement that they have waited for since Trump took the Whitehouse in 2016. Unfortunately, for them, this whole fiasco is destined to become another bust. Even if the Democrats do manage to impeach Trump in the House, they still have to go through the Senate, which is dominated by the Republicans, so either way they are not going to be able to get Trump out of office. What is worse for the Democrats is that most Americans are opposed to impeaching Trump (contrary to what certain outlets are claiming), so it will definitely come back to haunt them in the same way that it did for the Republicans who impeached Bill Clinton in the late nineties. Keep in mind that the Republicans had an actual crime to impeach Clinton on. Whether you agreed or not that Clinton should have been impeached on this charge, you do have to admit that he committed perjury when he lied under oath about having sexual relations with the young intern. Still, it would later backfire on the Republicans because most of the American populace thought the whole fiasco was a waste of our tax dollars.

Just imagine what people are going to think about an impeachment where there isn’t even a clear charge. At first, I thought Nancy Pelosi was pretty smart about not pushing for impeachment. I had thought that she was one of the few Democrats in Congress that understood the consequences of trying to impeach Trump under weak pretenses. Unfortunately, she decided to cave in to the IQ deficient fools in the Squad, who have made themselves the new face of the Democratic Party. Some say that her newfound support for impeachment came when it was apparent that the insane far left policies put forth by the Democratic candidates of the 2020 election weren’t really resonating with the American people, which would make a Trump victory almost inevitable. Personally, I would think that a failed impeachment scheme would make a Trump victory even more inevitable. Once that happens, the Democrats will have even fewer supporters. Apparently, they forgot what happened to their opponents back in 1999. Either that or just can’t help themselves.

I once joked about Donald Trump having supernatural powers that make people reveal their true selves. I am starting to wonder if there is some truth to it. Ever since Trump put his hat in for the presidency, those in the mainstream media have pretty much given up on trying to hide that they are anything but a bunch of partisan hacks trying to advance an agenda. Then you have the Democrats who have pretty much lived up to every bad stereotype that they would have sworn up and down ten years ago only represented a fringe element of their party. They used to throw hissy fits when people called them socialists, now it seems like their candidates for their 2020 elections have been trying to play the game of “Who’s the Bigger Socialist?” I remember when they told us that we were being paranoid for believing that they wanted to take our guns. Now, you have candidates who have unapologetically called for mandatory buybacks and outright confiscation. They also grow more arrogant by the day with the way that AOC attacked the head of ICE during a congressional hearing and tried to stop him from defending his agency by banging the gravel as a pathetic attempt to drown him out. Then there was Rashida Tlaib who belittled a woman who held a minority opinion during the hearing that they had on E-Cigarettes. It’s as if they no longer have any control on what they say or do anymore. Many say that this is due to a new form of mental illness, which is unofficially called Trump Derangement Syndrome. Personally, I think my theory about Trump having unnatural powers to make people reveal their true selves is starting to become more plausible every day.

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