The Editor's Notes, by Ken Holder
Narrated by talk show host, Brian Wilson, “Down With Power” a Libertarian
Manifesto, by L. Neil Smith now downloadable as an audiobook!
Number 1,044, October 27, 2019

Dear Lord, have they lost their minds?

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The Editor’s Notes
by Ken Holder
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Dang it, I was to discombobulated to prepare anything for this issue, due to being old and stuff.


However, let me take this space to run out a great big THANK YOU to all of you who have started sending in money to help keep us going. We do appreciate it very much.

Also a big THANK YOU to all y'all who buy stuff using our affiliate links. (At least from We also appreciate that support as well.

If you need something to read, check out my Notes in the last issue, where I mention a few most excellent books that I have read lately. I've got more to mention, but no time. Next week!

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