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Number 1,047, November 17, 2019

Incompetent Powers That Shouldn’t Be

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When It All Comes Apart
by Sarah A. Hoyt

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

One of the things that’s puzzling hell out of me is how the democrats are acting this election.

I always assume they have better on the found intelligence than the republicans, because they know not just who is voting for whom, but also all the dead who’ll be voting, how many illegals they can commander, and precisely how many votes they can “harvest.”

Between the “human wave” of illegals, which they credit with flipping Virginia (no, seriously. The left is saying this. Which makes you wonder if they’re even AWARE of the difference between residence and citizenship. They seem to be convinced if you cross the border, you can vote. Perhaps that’s why they think our opposition to this stuff is “racist” since they’ve lost the concept of citizenship.) and the fact felons now vote in FL (which means we’ll never win it again. Not until after the troubles.) and btw the same for another state, though I can’t remember which right now, I’d think they’d be sure of victory.

But they’re not acting like they’re sure of victory. Unless they’re very, very stupid—which, I grant you, is possible.

The candidates they’re running are the people you run when you expect to be trounced, and the impeachment is a last ditch effort.

Now, it’s possible they’re stupid. They have this autistic tendency to assume that certain things are immutable when they’re not.

They might not realize Obama borked the economy so badly that la grand salida happened, which is why states that had always been dem—hello illegals!—went republican without their expecting it.

You see, economics is a closed book to them. They don’t understand wealth creation nor individual action. So what you get is that “rich” countries stole their “resources” and are now “rich” forever. And the poor people of the world come over to share the wealth, immutably.

So they still don’t GET 2016 and might think the same situation applies. This is QUITE plausible because their clients, both illegals and Californians, always vote to repeat the conditions they escaped from.

Of course, it’s possible they know they’ll win but are afraid Trump will call foul and start investigations. I’d be more sure of that if the recently started drumbeat of “he’ll refuse to leave” hadn’t been applied to Bush and Reagan and…

Assuming they win, and their victory is unbeatable—look, the fraud we saw in 18 was BREATHTAKING plus this other stuff—it’s not the end.

I’m not going to lie to you, whether they win or not, we’re going to see some…. sporty weather.

But here’s the thing: ever see a dog catch a car? it can’t hold it.

The Marxist ideology has never captured anything as COMPLEX as the US. As large, yes. As complex? No.

Remember my children that Obama the Clueless was ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE more in touch with reality than the current clown car of candidates. Or at least his handlers were.

Which is why it took him four years to stop the economy and even that not thoroughly enough. And initiated la grande salida which doomed them.

They fail to get this. Any of the current candidates will have people streaming for the border within a year, maybe less. You see, they suck at economics. That’s one. And they suck at people, that’s two. They don’t get that South and central Americans aren’t coming here to live the exact same way they do back in their homelands. To them America is rich, those countries are poor. That’s it. And they might actually think it has to do with race.

As for the economics, the wheels will come off in a spectacular way. Which will create interesting…. reactions. For one, the world goes down hard, and the EU might get physical internally. Trust me on this. a broke US breaks the world.

For another, in some areas internally things will get interesting too. Probably interesting VERY briefly, since the dems remaining after the economy crashes are not what I’d call “good strategists”

So: reports of our demise are most certainly exaggerated, though I hope we learn from the debacle. I also hope we don’t go apeshit into totalitarian ideologies that are just as bad, though that’s definitely possible (but not inevitable. I trust Americans.)

In the meantime: preparedness is a thing.

Have supplies for a year, even if you’re not Mormon. Stock up now. Have at least a few months of extra meds, if like me you are dependent on them to stay alive. Take whatever defensive measures you need to, in case your area is one that goes… sportive.

And start now (I’m looking at me) to get in the best shape you can get. No more skipping the gym because it’s cold and you feel yucky. Sometimes running is the fastest way to avoid death. (Mostly if you walk into something you weren’t expecting, around a street corner.)

So, stop treating it like this is the end, and we’ll die gallantly or whatever. Just get to survive and shape what comes after.

No surrender, that goes without saying. But also no stupid. Stupid only gives us one less sane person to shape the aftermath.

Be not afraid. In the end we win, they lose. Because reality is on our side, and reality always wins.


Reprinted from According to Hoyt for November 12, 2019

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