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Number 1,047, November 17, 2019

Incompetent Powers That Shouldn’t Be

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Simple Lessons
by A.X. Perez

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Recently I saw someone ask in Quora if .38 Special ammo could be loaded in a .38-40 WCF weapon. No one bothered to mention that .38-40 is actually a .40 round. Lesson, go for basics.

Speaking of .40 caliber rounds, why is it that a .40 Liberty cartridge looks huge in someone else's mitt, and miniscule in mine? Why do knives in display cases look huge and the same knife look dainty once I buy it? Lesson, our enemies appear formidable, but we are formidable too. Don't get cocky, just don't whip yourself before the fight and save the other guy the trouble.

Being a lefty I have learned to use my index or middle finger to drop the magazine. The other day I had to shoot right handed left eyed when I decided to do some weak hand shooting and the right lens of my spectacles was too filthy (yes I know you're supposed to keep both eyes open. BTW, you do practice shooting weak handed, right?). Lessons, adapt to circumstances and maintain your gear.

Right now 9x19 ammo is cheap, a box of 100 rounds costs a couple of bucks more than a box of fifty .40 Liberty costs. We're talking FMJ practice ammo. Take advantage to use 9mm para for practice. Lesson, we're all on a budget, use your resources wisely. I still practice with my .40, I just practice more with my 9mm for now.

We are engaged in a peaceful struggle to protect our remaining freedoms and perhaps restore those who have been eroded. There are specific case lessons to be learned from target shooting or any other sport that can be generalized to other endeavors, especially the peaceful struggle for liberty.

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