“Gun control is the idea that it’s better to see a woman dead in an alley, strangled
with her own pantyhose, than to see her with a gun in her hand.”—T.D. Melrose

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Issue 1,047, November 17, 2019

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Government healthcare is the
first step to cyanide showers.
— Neil Smith (no relation)

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Unfinished Business
(The Feature Article)

Titanic v California
Titanic v California
source: Patriot Post

Incompetent Powers That Shouldn’t Be

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Letters to the Editor
from Harding McFadden, A.X. Peez, A.X. Perez, L Neil Smith, and T.J. Mason

Unfinished Business
by L. Neil Smith
This will probably be the strangest item that I have ever written for L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise. There is almost too much out there to write about these days. Our culture has reached a kind of crescendo of the “Crazy Years” that Robert Heinlein predicted so long ago.

When It All Comes Apart
by Sarah A. Hoyt
One of the things that’s puzzling hell out of me is how the democrats are acting this election. I always assume they have better on the found intelligence than the republicans, because they know not just who is voting for whom, but also all the dead who’ll be voting, how many illegals they can commander, and precisely how many votes they can “harvest.”

Corporate Censorship: A Libertarian View
by Sean Gabb
Video of a Talk Given in London on the 21st October 2019

The Tale of Three Businesses
by Sean Gangol
About six months ago a restaurant in Melbourne, Australia, known as Handsome Her was forced to close its doors after only two years of service. I know that many of you are shrugging and asking “So? Don’t most restaurants go under?” It is certainly true that most restaurants find themselves closing their doors after a short period of time. Just ask Gordon Ramsey, who has not only lost a few establishments himself, but the overwhelming majority of the restaurants he helped on Kitchen Nightmares haven’t fared much better. Though, the fact that Handsome Her had a limited market as a vegan restaurant probably didn’t help either. Yet, I have to say what really worked against the owners in the end was their treatment of their male patrons. This story has actually reinforced the points I have made in my previous articles, “Suicide Pact”, “Freedom of Association: The Double-Edged Sword” and “The Lighter Side of SJWS”.

Building on Bedrock
by Jim Davidson
For many years, I've been looking for a free country. You see, back in the 1980s, despite my sadness about the failure to adopt the reforms proposed by Senator Frank Church, the utter failures of the special committee on assassinations, and the ongoing difficulties with the military industrial financial pharmaceutical complex it seemed possible that I was living in a country that was sufficiently free that I'd be able to build a space business to take me out to the asteroid belt.

Showers of Optimism
by Harding McFadden
Let’s inject a bit of optimism, shall we? Y’see, it occurs to me that in so many places the takeaway from news is that we’re all doomed. Politically, financially, environmentaly, we’re so hosed that it just isn’t worth the effort any more. This has led to countless impressionable younger folks swearing off having babies, or just swearing off life. The endless doomsday propaganda forced into the heads of those younger and more experienced than us old farts has all but created a generation of manic depressives who look at a brilliant new morning and see nothing but the oncoming storm. They opt to check out because those that mold them have told them that no matter what they do they’re screwed, so in truth, who can blame them?

Simple Lessons
by A.X. Perez
Recently I saw someone ask in Quora if .38 Special ammo could be loaded in a .38-40 WCF weapon. No one bothered to mention that .38-40 is actually a .40 round. Lesson, go for basics.

A Decentralised Justice
by Jim Davidson
The bailiff pressed a button and a brief siren of lights and sounds alerted the assembled people. Everyone quieted. From a door behind the desk set on the dais an older man with a flowing white beard wearing a brown felt hat adorned with bird feathers and a long flowing black robe adorned with a wide belt strode into the room. He took off his hat, revealing a head of dark hair and took up a black and grey skull cap which he put on before seating himself.

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