“Gun control is the idea that it’s better to see a woman dead in an alley, strangled
with her own pantyhose, than to see her with a gun in her hand.”—T.D. Melrose

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Government healthcare is the
first step to cyanide showers.
— Neil Smith (no relation)

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The Crazy Years
(The Feature Article)

Salid with Bacon Bits
Salad with Bacon Bits
source: Patriot Post

The Crazy Years

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Letters to the Editor
from Jeff Fullerton, A.X. Perez, and T.J. Mason

The Crazy Years
by L. Neil Smith
With every day that passes recently, it becomes clearer what inspired the prophetic author Robert A. Heinlein to predict—in the 1950s or 1960s—the “Crazy Years” that we are living through now. He got a good, hard look at California, which he described (in the short story “There Was A Crooked Man”, as I recall) as the craziest state in America.

Something’s Happening Here
by Sarah A. Hoyt
Lately I’ve been having heretical thoughts. Thoughts I’d have dismissed out of hand a couple of years ago. For someone who grew up in the seventies and where I grew up, we’re living in very strange times. People are rising up. All over the world. In Iran, they’re rebelling against the mullahcracy. In Hong Kong those poor kids lasted much longer than we expected, and the media could not keep them quiet. In France the Yellow Jackets go on despite media blackout. In Holland and Germany (Germany!) the farmers are taking to the streets with their tractors. And yes, in the US the Tea Party though reviled, lied about and infiltrated arguably started it all, and arguably had the greatest influence in growing the sullen resistance of the people. In fact, judging by the sales of gun and ammo the one thing Americans haven’t done is quiet down.

A Decentralised Justice, Too (Part 2)
by Jim Davidson
"Ladies and gentleman of the grand jury of Paradox Valley, please take your seats." Tyrone knocked his gavel a few times on a block of wood, and, continuing to see milling about, stood up. He moved back to a cabinet under the screen that so closely matched the wood of the wall around it that it was hardly visible from the other end of the room. When he opened the cabinet doors, a gong of about seven feet diameter was revealed, cleverly suspended in the cabinet which was itself carefully designed to cause the entire wall to act as a sounding board.

On the State of Modern Fiction
by Harding McFadden
I have trouble reading modern fiction, most of the time, and I’ll tell you why. Y’see, when it comes to mainstream fiction, or even historical stuff, is that so much of it is cookie-cutter, shifting character arcs and story narrative in such a way as to offend as few people as possible. The same folks are cast as villains, and are as believable as what you see on CNN, the heroes are a bunch of faultless, perfect Mary Sue’s, and the things that happen to them are so predictable that you can call the last twenty pages inside of the first twenty. Mainstream fiction, with alarmingly few exceptions, is dull, predictable, and plodding.

War Mongering Democrats
by Sean Gangol
With the wave of insanity that continues to engulf the Democratic Party, it is very difficult, if not impossible to show sympathy for anyone running for office under that very party. Though, there have been a few exceptions here and there. One of them is John Hickenlooper, who was one of the few presidential candidates at California’s Democratic Convention who actually had the guts to admit that socialism doesn’t work. As one can imagine, it didn’t go over well with the crowd who booed and jeered Hickenlooper for daring to acknowledge certain economic realities that actually conflict with the leftist worldview. Then there is Tulsi Gabbard the presidential candidate from Hawaii, one of the few Democrats, aside from Dennis Kucinich that has held a consistent noninterventionist view on foreign policy.

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