The Editor's Notes, by Ken Holder
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Number 1,049, December 1, 2019

It takes a lot of money to run a police state

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The Editor’s Notes
by Ken Holder
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Attribute to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Ran across this the other day, about the whole “preferred pronoun thing”, and laughed out loud for real. And it is so true. (And if not polite, then probably safer!):

“It is simply polite to address people as they prefer to be addressed, especially when they are crazy.”


And I also forgot to write-down where I saw this, but it does tell the truth:

“The resistance to working from home is stupid and based on a desire to control people.”


Anyway, the Premium for subscribers I promised to have ready by today isn’t yet ready, alas. Almost! And for sure next week. He said, hanging his head in shame and ignomy. Ig… whatever.

However, good news have I anyway. You will surely remember how I raved and recommended some books by a feller named Travis J. Corcoran. Viz, to wit: The Aristillus Series, consisting of The Powers of the Earth (volume 1) and Causes of Separation (volume 2). Two more are in the works. However, this last week, two short stories in that series came up for sale on as well. The first "The Team" tells us how the dogs were rescued (you remember, the talking as-smart-as-people dogs?). And the second, "Staking a Claim" about how a feller discovered gold right nearby the new settlement on the moon.

So you’ll want to grab those rat now! And behold, the links for so doing:

The Team, and Staking a Claim. Each just $2.99. Or free if you are one of them there "Prime" members. That is for the ebooks, there are also paper books for more.

And if you for some reason have not yet got them there books yet, here are them there links again:

The Powers of the Earth (Aristillus 1)

Causes of Separation (Aristillus 2).

If you don’t believe me about their merit, here are a couple of reviews quoted as bookblurbs in the books:

"Humor, firepower, and dogs! Very L. Neil Smith-ish."
— Claire Wolfe

and (my favorite!):

"Stupid, ill-advised, and, frankly, immoral."
— Radley Balko, former Huffington Post senior writer.

Anything that ticks-off the good folks at The Huffington Post has to be good, right?


Until next time, stay deplorable my friends!

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