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In Defense of Mass Shootings
by Nic Leobold

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Society is totally corrupt, and the Establishment encourages this. Financial companies, banks, and the credit card industry systematically financially rapes the American people on a daily basis, the government and legal system taxes Americans at rates five times higher than during Serfdom, social and educational institutions lock out white men and other social Undesirables, schools torture millions of young people and destroy their creativity and vitality, and law enforcement victimizes millions of people in a repressive attempt to enslave the whole country.

These are millions of victims, a significant portion of which actually die and get killed because of these injustices. Millions are suffering and being victimized by the Establishment and the Powers That Be, and many actually die from it. This kind of injustice makes a lot of people angry, very angry, and justly so.

Revenge, Justice, An Eye For An Eye, are justifiable. The Establishment is killing millions and harming millions more, so revenge is justified. Hitting back at law enforcement is risky and difficult because law enforcement is heavily armed and trained. So many revenge-seekers target innocent crowds.

I don’t actually approve of assaulting innocent people. It’s cowardly and wrong, because they’re innocent. But the millions of people victimized by the Establishment are also innocent, and the Establishment just keeps doing it and is actually ratcheting up their assaults and repression. Revenge seekers need to hit back hard and make a large statement, and maybe the Laws of War apply in this instance. “All Is Fair In Love And War.” If an innocent person is victimized and raped by the Powers That Be, it can be argued that hitting back publicly and committing a mass killing is understandable and justified to hit back and get revenge against the Establishment. The victims can be termed as merely “Collateral Damage”, just as the government and Establishment label war victims as “Collateral Damage”. Why is one type of Collateral Damage permissible while another type of Collateral Damage, revenge mass shootings, is not acceptable?

This is all terrible, of course. Killing and violence are terrible. I wish we could just have a harmonious, peaceful world with no violence and suffering. But we don’t. Terrible injustices and repression are being committed, and something has to be done. A response has to be stated. Liberty lovers and Establishment victims cannot remain silent and mute to these injustices. So targeting crowds in mass shootings and “terrorism” is arguably justified. It’s a strong statement and response and slapback at the Establishment and an effective way to hit back at the system forcefully and dramatically.

“One man’s terrorist is another man’s Freedom Fighter.” Are mass shootings terrorism, or are they actually victims of Society simply hitting back against Society? The Truth we have to face is that Society and the Nation themselves are unjust entities killing millions, and killing a few hundred in a mass shooting or terrorism is a small price to pay for the ability to publicize a victim assailant’s story and grievances. Victims are showing a tremendous amount of bravery by fighting back and hitting back at Society, even though the injustice and violence of the world is a terrible reality.

It’s sad that Society prevents victims from obtaining justice through “normal” channels like the courts. We also have to acknowledge that the court system and justice system in America is totally unjust and corrupt, and routinely stifles victims’ legal challenges. Dealing with hostile court clerks, corrupt judges and two-timing attorneys is difficult and often impossible to say the least.

Similarly, victims are often funneled into the Medical-Industrial Complex, where evil psychiatrists and arrogant doctors and medical “professionals” forcibly medicate, maldiagnose, and medically injure their patients because the doctors and medical staff are all employed and controlled by The Establishment.

So victims often have very few options. That’s where mass attacks and “terrorism” come in. If Society and the Establishment are ok with killing millions to enhance their power and control, then mass shootings and “terrorism” are a legitimate response to the systematic violence and repression.

I hope all of us, especially us Liberty Lovers and Free Market Classical Liberals and Free Market Anarchists and Anarcaps, can work to create a much more Just Society and Just World. I hope that Everyone can experience a fulfilling life, Prosperity, Freedom, Safety, Happiness, Contentment, and Achievement. I want the Best for Everyone.

But until we defeat the massive Statist Establishment Social Power Repression Matrix, we need to respond in whatever ways we are able to. I do not advocate “terrorism” and mass violence. But my purpose in writing this article is to illustrate the motivations behind terrorists and mass killers and show that, in the context of the Social Order, their “crimes” are actually understandable and rational. Thus, my motivation in writing this article is to boldly state that the Status Quo of mass repression and institutional violence is Unacceptable, and until we stop and reverse it and restore Justice to the world, we must both fight the Status Quo and understanding Extreme Responses like mass killings and use these examples as further motivation and information to “Fight The Power.”

Let us Pray and Hope for Justice, Peace, Prosperity, Happiness, Universal Achievement and Universal Success. In the meantime, we recognize every brave, courageous Freedom Fighter and Warrior who dare to respond to Society’s Injustice. The victims of mass shootings are unfortunate victims of their own social establishment which purports to support them while repressing and victimizing millions of others. They are collateral damage in the long brutal war between Good and Evil. We recognize equally the Victims and the Perpetrators. They are each part of the Story of the War.

Let’s Hope For The Best And Prepare For The Worst.

I Wish you All The Best,

Good Luck And Godspeed!


Nicolas ’Nic’ Leobold is a businessman/artist/athlete/consultant/coach and a longtime libertarian voluntaryist activist and leader. He has a wide variety of experience in numerous fields and industries and an extensive list of accomplishments and achievements. Nic Leobold is a Voluntaryist Libertarian Anarcap fusion write-in candidate for u.S. President and All Offices. His campaign website is, his facebook is

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