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Number 1,049, December 1, 2019

It takes a lot of money to run a police state

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New History
by Harding McFadden

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Going to make a bit of a prediction. Honestly I’m not sure where this little rant is going to go, so please bare with me. I’ll get there… I think.


A lot has been written about the current cancel culture, and to say that those who’d just assume erase anything and everything that they find offensive are unstable is to say that water’s wet. It’s beyond obvious. Everything bothers these snowflakes. And, not to sound too paranoid, but I can see the reasoning behind this as nothing short of destroying the legacy that is America.

Y’see, they’ve got no problem with touting the supposed greatness and achievements of the lamented former USSR, or any of its Red, individuality- and freedom-hating cohorts, but are at the front of every line of hive-minded spaghetti-spines when it comes to demonizing each and every action of any person who ever lived in this, the home of the brave. Beating a dead horse here, but it’s worth repeating, so let me repeat it: They hate us.

They hate everything we’ve done, as a culture. Now, don’t get me wrong: we’re hardly snow white, but neither are we the great Satan. People are in better condition in the United States today, even in the lowest of the lower income areas of every city, than they are in any socialist haven, and if there’s a single doubt as to the validity of that statement then you should just look to see how the other half lives.

What they hate is that we’ve made it work. The whole American Dream. The ascendence of the individual. The achievement of the single person, over the collective. For each and every man and woman in this country who goes out and makes something of themselves, in spite of the odds and the perceived belief of leftists everywhere that we can do nothing apart from the whole, their whole worldview is shown for the hollow, humanity-hating, dictatorial, iron fisted thing that it is. We are a testament to greatness, but not the testament that they need us to be.

This is nothing new, though, and I worry that it’s not even temporal, which is where my bit of a prediction comes in.

Earlier today I saw an article proclaiming that a certain Evil politician is attempting to push through a bill that would posthumously strip Metal of Honor winners of their Metals of honor, many, many years after the fact. A few months (maybe years; not sure) I’d written that anyone historically who was held up to the modern left’s ideas of civility would fall well short. I’d written that it was not only foolish but downright stupid to hold anyone before us up to the light of endless discrimination that permeates contemporary society. Here we see why. People dead for decades or centuries, lampooned if not outright demonized, without ability to defend themselves, for no other reason than to be low hanging fruit for someone less worthy.

But it doesn’t stop there. It can’t. It feels to me that all of this is but a stepping stone to what they’re trying to get. Namely: Posthumous Impeachment.

Sounds crazy and paranoid, I know, but let me meander about this for a moment.

The founding fathers have been promoted for at least the last two decades as monsters, racists, and slave-owners. Pieces of garbage that are not only unworthy of our notice, but deserving of our outright hatred. Unless we’re talking about Hamilton, though the less said about that man the better. Washington and Jefferson, in particular, have been targeted by Democratic politicians and revisionist historians specifically. Why? Because Washington set the standard, and damn few have lived up to it. And Jefferson was an individualist and promoter of limited government. You remove them, take away the Godhead stature associated with them, and the whole foundation that our republic is built on starts to crumble.

For the Socialist narrative to progress, these folks have to go. If beastly politician lady gets her bill pushed through (and who wouldn’t want it pushed through with all good haste, unless they’re racist old white men anyway, right?), her sights will broaden, and in time we’ll be looking at those posthumous impeachments, where folks like Washington and Jefferson, but also any and every right-leaning promoter or individual liberty, will be scrubbed from memory, seen as nothing more than unfortunate stains on the pages of proper, Socialized history.

So, people, here’s my recommendation for the week: go out to used book stores and pick up as many volumes of American history as you can get your grubby little hands on, and horde them. Yes, I know, digital takes up less room, but it’s also more susceptible to revision. That paperbound, dead tree edition that you have in a box in your attick, though? It is what it is, and Big Brother can’t do anything about it without your knowing. So hold onto them like the precious jewels that they are. Because it won’t be long until that history that you’ve always known, that you’ve always taken for granted, won’t be available anymore. After that? It may as well not have happened at all.

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