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Number 1,063, March 22, 2020

The left is flexing everything that
remains of its power to convince the
population that they’re all going to die
and that only government can save them.

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Seven Days in March
by Sarah A. Hoyt

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

I do not claim to have a crystal ball. I can create plausible enough future worlds to write about, though to be fair I’m not trying to make them correct, I’m trying to make them interesting, which is why sometimes miracles are invoked and dressed in the robes of science. Because it makes it more interesting to read about and my job is to entertain, not to forecast.

Which is good. Because on 9/11 while people on TV kept saying it had changed our world utterly, I sat there, paralyzed and horrified, but at the same time thinking it wouldn’t change much of anything.

I was more or less wrong. It plunged us into war for a long time, and it changed the American people into accepting total strangers pawing them, and being treated as potential terrorists rather than risk offending the actual terrorists. It sent us down a path where my children think it’s totally normal to obey nonsensical strangers who want to search high school students rather than the veiled woman ahead of them, who might not be a woman (well, in the Middle East this is often used) and who is declaring her allegiance to the one religion that downs planes in the modern era. (The communists more or less stopped doing it in the seventies.)

It broke something in our spirit I think and it made it possible for the enemy within to gain a foothold in the minds of indoctrinated children whom they berated on how evil and bad our country is. It made Howard Zinn the basis of most history books. This is ostensibly because the left believes we brought the attacks on ourselves. It is ACTUALLY because they’re spineless cowards, who are afraid they’ll be the next ones killed and who want to get in good with “our future overlords” before they take over. They want to be special pets. I know because they did the same with communists, and that’s why they’re the enemy within. But they’re also too stupid to realize communists (particularly Soviet communists, i.e. Russian NATIONAL socialists wouldn’t work that way. And what they don’t understand about Islam, including that people actually believe it would fill several oceans of ink.)

Anyway, the weird thing happening to me right now, through the Chinese-virus-panic, is that I’m sitting here in slack-jawed horror thinking that everything changed, that we’ve lost our last chance at restoring our republic and Western civilization with it, that the US and the world are on the brink of a new authoritarian age. And no one else seems to see it.

It’s not the virus. yes, I DO get trying not to overwhelm ICU in the smaller towns, and “bending the curve.” But let’s be real, okay? Half of this is the panic. Because otherwise we’d be doing this for the flu every year. And who knows, perhaps we will in the future. Which is a terrifying thought in and of itself.

When I opened the browser to come here, there was some young twat’s article in the New Yorker being advertised “How to get one’s boomer parents to understand the danger and obey” or something like it. I rolled my eyes so hard they almost fell out. Because the young twat’s parents (you did well, as grandmother said you might now wipe your hands to the wall, since that saves tp anyway) if boomers are not in the highest danger group, and also because I suspect the young twat would call anyone over forty a boomer. And again, those are not in the highest danger. The danger is SPECIFICALLY to those 80 and over, and my parents aren’t boomers. They remember World War II.

And I remember the cold war. And I remember, partly because America’s left allowed the rest of the world to suffer Soviet imperialism rather than say boo, because oh, no, the bad men might nuke us, the revolution and counter revolution that were our daily bread in the seventies in Portugal.

I doubt the young twat’s parents (Maybe the young idiot should start a band: Fine Young Twats.) remember the things I do, but they probably understand something the precious idiot doesn’t: Where money comes from. They are probably looking—as the rest of us who are literate and don’t take our opinions from snap chat—at the numbers and the actual danger and then looking at our stopped economy, our plunging stock market and thinking that there’s a lot of ruin in a country, and we’re going to find exactly how much.

You see, part of the problem is that we’ve lived so well so long. There is a generation coming up that has completely divorced the concept of work and creation from the concept of money. No, it doesn’t help that their idiot teachers and the leftist politicians my parents age or close to it, for that matter, also do not know where money comes from. Wanting to believe in communism, because they think their mediocre selves will be in charge, forces them to stop believing in reality and the harshest reality of all of is “where money comes from and what it does.”

It is, in fact, a derivative of the natural law that every creature, animal or plant, everything that’s alive must earn its living: its right to continue being alive. In biology textbooks you often found how some creature or other “earns its living.” I don’t know if you still do.

Humans have separated themselves from raw nature, in this as in so many things, through the use of symbols—money—and trade. But money in the end is still a symbol—a container, may be a better word—for what we do to make a living, and to acquire the things we need to acquire.

The left doesn’t understand this, and thinks it can print an unlimited amount of money.

They’re not wrong, at that. They can. it’s just they can’t create value with it. This stimulus bill that passed to get us over the complete stoppage of the American economy did not create money. Instead it reached into all our money, all our value, from our houses and possessions, to our stock shares, to our furniture, our clothes, everything we own, and took a portion of it.

Now this is sometimes necessary. And it is arguably necessary now, if you argue the stoppage was necessary. (It wasn’t. Precautions were. Stopping wasn’t.) Because there are entire industries that just came to a close, not just at the behest of the Federal government—airlines—but at the behest of stupid, power-mad fash-boots governors—I’m looking at you Jared Polis and your entire ilk. And I can’t believe my eyes. I didn’t know anyone that ignorant of economics could be as old as you are. My cat understands work and value better than your lot—who are flexing their authoritarian muscles by forbidding EVERYTHING and putting their own citizens under house arrest.

Because the press has scared people so much, it is unlikely these blights on the political landscape will get thrown out of office, much less what they deserve which is to be walked naked and tied to the tail of a donkey through their capitals, while being pelted with refuse by the populace.

While they satisfy their inner fantasies of power and glory (I bet Jared Polis is posing like Evita right now) they are destroying the hospitality industry which is still a great part of Colorado’s economy. For saner ways to go about this look to Texas.

It is necessary to help those industries, but was it necessary to let Nancy Pelosi write the bill, which destroys small businesses and creates yet more pain? Have we learned nothing from letting Malig-Nancy pass bills so we can find what’s in them?

Trump went along with it. Remember he’s not actually a Libertarian. He’s a New York Businessman. And the GOP went along with it.

This brings us to Enemies-domestic: the left is flexing everything that remains of its power to convince the population that they’re all going to die and that only government can save them.

It might work long enough to elect their spokes-zombie, Joe Biden, D-mentia, to the presidency. That’s what they’re counting on. Because once they get it, we will never, ever, ever vote our way out. Shooting our way out is the only thing we can hope for.

And we must count on Trump to turn the corner on that. I’m not sure about it. They’re trying to pass the second stimulus bill to repair what the first undid. (As always, government pretending to fix what it broke. The quarantine broke things, and now the stimulus bill broke more things…. Pardon me I’m going to be ill.) But the second won’t pass, because Malig-Nancy and the House Wreckers will not want the mess repaired. They want us to go down in flames, so socialism looks good.

Enemies, domestic.

Look, there is a possibility, a bare possibility that we come through this okay. The mess Obama left behind, Trump could only get us out of one of two ways: grow past the debt, or inflate past the debt.

The first one was working, but now the enemies-domestic have thrown it in the pot, and all that remains is the painful second. Thank heavens we used the last of our savings getting the kids through college. (She says bitterly.) The smart money now is to spend it all and borrow as much as you can. It’s how inflation works.

But unlike the panicky spokes-twat for the know-nothings, I remember the seventies. Ladies and gentlemen, this one is going to hurt like a MOTHER.

And one way or another, my kids will be entering the workforce this year. What a time to enter it. And my husband and I will be trying to repair the ruinous state of our domestic economy now with far less energy and into the same type of economy that faced us when we first entered the workforce.

Hurray for Hollywood, and the press, and the educational establishment, and the “learned economists” who think money grows on trees, and the politicians who are fossilized excrement of the Soviet Snake. Three cheers and a hat trick! I’m so impressed I could puke.

Work, my friends. Work as hard as you can. Build under, build over, build around.

And let’s hope G-d in His infinite sense of humor still looks after Fools, Drunkards and the United States of America. And that as grandma assured me, He can write straight on humanity’s crooked lines.

This last week and the events thereof will be playing themselves out for the rest of my life, even if I—which is unlikely—should live to see a 100.

And we’re going to need all the luck, all the work, all the desperate struggle we can muster so that our children and grandchildren don’t live in one of many competing national socialism(s).

Socialism kills, fast or slow. National or international it’s just a matter of speed and directness.

Let’s keep it from our shores yet once more


Reprinted from for March 19, 2020.

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