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Number 1,064, March 29, 2020

“This is a time to come together,
but coming together is much harder
when we have dishonest journalists,”
—Donald Trump, March 20, 2020, Press Conference

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Instead of a Column
by L. Neil Smith
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I have been struggling all week to write an article about Nasty Pelosi, the Sneaker of the House, a sanctimonious old harridan presently wallowing in her seventeenth term, and call it “The Face of Evil”. As I know you are too well aware, this is a thoroughly repulsive hypocrite (as a libertarian, I believe in abortion—not infanticide—but I do not claim to be a Roman Catholic like Nancy does) who grew wealthy in office, and who, at eighty, is still willing—no, make that eager—to sacrifice the health and well-being of millions of Americans simply for the sake of raw, brutal power—and the advancement of her neocommunist agenda. Since 1988, the mightily self-righteous Pelosi (which means “hairy” in Italian) has represented what is regarded as the safest district (for Democrats) in America.

But … no. At what could be one of the most depressing moments in America’s history (psychologically, if not economically) I’m not about to write a thousand words that will make everybody who reads them (including their author) want to slit their wrists in the bathtub. Besides, strictly speaking, I have always worked from home (thousands of my loyal readers don’t know that almost every word I’ve written was written in my underwear). My wife has always wanted to work from home and now, thank St. Vint—who really did invent the Internet—has finally gotten her wish (except that now she wishes I would put some pants on—that’s what three decades of marriage will do for you). My daughter has a job she loves, delivering food, that pays well, gets her fat tips, and is a huge part, in these dire days of “social distancing” of what Rex Stout called “the kindliest of the arts”.

To my deep regret, both my physical and occupational therapies have been cancelled for the duration (ever try to use hand-sanitizer when you only have one hand that works?), along with Friday Night karaoke, so there goes any social life I ever had. But, altogether, the three of us Smiths are far better off than most. We have our Little House In The Suburbs, our wonderful kitties Paolo and Strider, plenty of swell things to eat and drink (my wife buys me lobster bisque soup, pre-mixed Margaritas, Guinness, and Chelada), two cars that run, and each other. My daughter has her tall, dark, and handsome (the girls tell me) enamorato, the likely father of my future grandchildren.

I am, however, sick unto projectile-vomiting (not a C-virus symptom) of seeing endless, 24/7, wall-to-wall, maundering, repetitive coverage on the Stupidity Box about the Fake Plague, and I am mad as hell that the criminally mislabeled History Channel decided to rearrange their schedule so I don’t have a vastly more amusing form of nonsense—Ancient Astronauts—to relieve the deadly monotony any more. Stupid-heads. Still, there’s always NCIS, Blue Bloods, and Longmire, and the heroes of our times: Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Frank Reagan, and Sheriff Walter. I am even sicker of the seemingly uncountable hordes of abysmal ignoramuses and ungrammatical illiterates in political office and the media attempting to blame this situation on the best President we’ve had in this century or the last.

Ivanka-Candace, 2024!

Which, somehow, brings us back to the vile subject of Nancy Pelosi. Despite this despicable creature’s best efforts, an historically unprecedented two trillion dollar relief package has been passed (when Nancy’s teeth fell out, maybe she got them in right-side-up this time). Some of my fellow libertarians, fine, principled individualists like Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, Charlie Kirk, and others are correctly worried about the federal outpouring of trillions in cash to everybody who needs money during this mess. And professional collectivist parasites are apparently so butt-stupid they will never understand that it is businesses who provide jobs to all the rest of us, and desperately require assisstance.

Some sleazy scum-suckers and bottom-feeders (the toxic strumpet Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as a prime example of both—and maybe this is why Nancy went along for the ride on the Leninist-Stalinist Express) see this as a golden opportunity to establish the pseudo-philosophy “From each according to his ability; to each according to his needs”—something I’ve just learned two-thirds of recently-graduated bucket-heads from our collapsing universities believe the Founding Fathers wrote—as permanent policy, just as eaters-of-the-dead in various cities and states are trying to twist it into an excuse to delete the Second Amendment.

I would argue that since the government ordered everybody to stop working, upon pain of pain, they are morally obligated to make it up; it’s a simple case of indemnification (look it up). Politicians currently trying to get rid of an institution that’s established as “necessary for the security of a free state” are guilty of treason and deserve only the knotted end of a rope.






L. Neil Smith

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