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About Freestate California
by Wayne Grantham

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I went out on a limb, as futurist thinkers often do, thinking “what if….”

We all know that Mexico has been riding on the edge of insolvency for decades—since its politicians, egged on by a miseducated populace, decided to opt for a heavily socialist weighted mixed economy. Mexico has been living on the edge, with its petroleum revenues and a bit of mining, for decades. During that time, any advantage the country might have seized has been eaten away by corrupt politicians putting every peso they can get their hands on into their private bank accounts.

This is where Freestate California, as well as my upcoming Freetstate Texas begin. Mexico needs money. Badly.

Enter South African multi-billionaire Lars Thorsen of the mining company Atlantisco. Thorsen put a deal together to give President Zorrillo of Mexico a million Krugerrand loan , to be secured by sovereign ownership of Baja California. As expected, Zorillo defaulted on the repayment, and after some squabbling, Baja California became Thorsen’s property.

Thorsen allowed Mexicans who wished to stay, to keep their property, and began selling unowned property to investors and developers. Soon Freestate California was a booming nation. At the behest of Lars Thorsen and his appointed governor, no taxation was allowed and individuals and their property were protected privately.

Meanwhile, the United States was in deep trouble. Borrowing, warring and an ever-growing welfare state drove the country into insolvency. States, beginning with Texas and California, and including all the western states, seceded. California tried to maintain its welfare state status independently, but was having its own fiscal problems, exacerbated by a money and brain drain to the south.

Here, dear readers, is where Freestate California begins….

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