“Gun control is the idea that it’s better to see a woman dead in an alley, strangled
with her own pantyhose, than to see her with a gun in her hand.”—T.D. Melrose

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Government healthcare is the
first step to cyanide showers.
— Neil Smith (no relation)

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Believe It Or Else
(The Feature Article)

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Wants to GO

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It says here that I have 4,553 Facebook “friends”. The system is so buggered up that I have no idea how many of those people received this message when I posted it there. But it’s an important message, and it’s important that you pass it on to as many individuals as you can reach.

There is a cure for the blight of our times, Big Tech social network censorship: It is simpler, cleaner, and much more more ethical than any other solution that I’ve heard proposed.

What’s needed—now—is legislation (yeah, that’s what the libertarian guy said) that recognizes the fact that corporations are, effectively, arms of the government. And as such, they are absolutely obliged to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, in particular, the Bill of Rights, as surely as any agency of the State is supposed to be. That means, under the First Amendment, no censorship of any kind for any reason.

Failure to abide by the highest law of the land on this respect, must be punishable under U.S.C. Title 18, Sections 241 and 242—one count for each and every individual whose rights have been violated—which will correct the error the Founding Fathers made, not giving our liberties some teeth.

If you agree with me, it is vital that you pass this message on, not only to your friends, but to every Senator and Congress-creature across the land. Things can’t change unless you change them.

L. Neil Smith
Publisher and Senior Columnist
L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise


The Editor’s Notes
A few quick comments or something like them

Letters to the Editor
from Brian Wilson, L. Neil Smith, A.X. Perez, and T.J. Mason

Believe It Or Else
by L. Neil Smith
In 1835, readers of the New York Sun were surprised and interested to learn that a world-famous astronomer, Sir John Frederick William Herschel, working at a new technologically-advanced telescope at an observatory in South Africa had detected life on the Moon. As the weeks went by, fascinated readers were regaled: it was sapient life, the Moon people had cities, and some of them even had wings and could fly. Shades of Dick Tracy’s Moon Maid!

Nothing To Live Or Die For
by Sarah A. Hoyt
What if you gave your life for the wrong cause? Pardon me, I mean, as the left was so fond of asking in the oughts, a question that stopped completely and suddenly as soon as Obama was elected “What if you were the last to die for a mistake?”

State Censorship, Corporate Censorship: A Libertarian View
by Sean Gabb
Every age we have so far known has been one of censorship. This is not to say that opinion has been equally constrained in all times and places. Sometimes, as in the Soviet Union, it has been oppressive and omnipresent—even extending to an imposition of orthodoxy on the natural sciences. More often, it has been focused on perceived criticisms of the established political and religious order. Sometimes, dissent has been permitted among the intellectual classes—especially when expressed in a language unknown to the people at large, and only punished when communicated to the people at large. Sometimes, a diversity of political orders has limited any particular censorship to an area of just a few square hundreds of miles. Sometimes it has been limited by a general belief in the right of free expression. But I can think of no time or place where publication has been absolutely unconstrained.

Welcome to the Real World
by Jim Davidson
Are you awake now? Please wake up. Freedom is calling. You've been asleep. You've been a prisoner in your home, in your job, in your life. Now, those who think they own you have begun to show their true nature.

Mine Were of Trouble, by Peter Kemp
a review by Eric Oppen
Whoever said that “the victors write the history books” never studied the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939. While the Nationalists under General Franco won the war, they definitely lost the battle of the history books. Part of this was due to the fact that Franco and his Nationalists were seen as pawns of Hitler, even though Franco refused to join the Axis powers in World War II and did all he could to help Jews escape the Nazis. Another part of this may well have been because the Republican side had had enormous amounts of emotional energy invested in it by many influential people in the Western democracies, despite it being all but taken over completely by the Communist Party and being just as guilty of atrocities and enormities as the Nationalists.

Freedom Decentral: A Novel
[Conclusion: Chapters 30-34]

by Jim Davidson
Ken Wilcox emitted a series of curse words. He paused for breath and looked again at the images on his laptop screen He picked up his beer bottle for a swig. It was 10 pm in Littleton, Colorado, just outside Denver, and he was allowing himself one beer. It helped calm his stomach and it went okay with the upsetting news. All those death camps. Terrible.

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