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The Crazy Years

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Looters Must Be Shot
by L. Neil Smith
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I have written many times—overlooking the “peculiar institutions” of taxation and military conscription. of course—that no American living today was ever a slave. Likewise, no living American was ever a slave-keeper. After 75 years of earnest reforms, sometimes imposed at bayonet-point, there is no such thing as “systemic racism”. In terms of reparations, nobody living today owes anything to anybody.

Although most commentators are mortally afraid to say it openly—and it may get me kicked off the People’s Soviet Facebook—Black Lives Matter has shown itself to be nothing more than another cheesy communist front group, a grimy gang of greedy malcontents. Their celebrated founder (whose name she would want me to mention) is a dedicated Marxist, photographed clinging affectionately to Nicolás Maduro’s arm—probably because Fidel Castro wasn’t available.

The unquestionable fact, however, is that there are rich black people. There are are famous black people, as well. Likewise, there are politically powerful black people. They are no more statistically scarce than rich, famous, or powerful white people. A black man was elected President of the United States twice and surveys indicate that there are plenty of black scholars and statesmen—several of them women—that “even” supposedly racist conservative Republicans would enthusiastically vote for. Most importantly—get this and get it straight—poor white people are no less disenfranchised by the culture we live in than poor black people.

It is an open secret that Black Lives Matter, Anti-fa, and By Any Means Necessary are all Saul Alinsky-guided Marxist conglomerations dedicated to the utter destruction of individualism, of capitalism, and of Western Civilization, perhaps with a little Maoist Chinese encouragement. Their cherished ultimate objective—they’ll tell you themselves—is to impoverish and enslave you and me and snatch away the future we have been arduously constructing for ourselves and our children. The fact that the vaunted news media, for the most part, won’t mention that open secret means that they are our mortal enemies, as well.

You are probably aware that most of the harrowing events of the past few weeks had absolutely nothing whatever to do with the murder of George Floyd or with the shooting of that drunken criminal in Atlanta who tried to turn a policeman’s Taser against him. The “legitimate” protests that followed those events, in the end served only as a cover for a parasitic nationwide orgy of violent looting, vandalism, assault, murder, and other outrages.

I am not, nor was I ever a member of the Republican Party. I was present and active at the first national convention of the Libertarian Party in Denver, Colorado in 1971. People—mostly self-described libertarians—often ask me how I could possibly have voted for (gasp!) Donald Trump in 2016 and why I still stubbornly support the man. I have more than a few good reasons, which I have articulated, but the short answer is that, if Hillary Clinton had been elected President, the entire country would now look like downtown Seattle.

When I was just a little kid and there were natural disasters of various kinds or civil disturbances, the populace was always warned by the authorities—I remember vividly seeing it on the first TV my family ever owned in McQueeney, Texas, around 1952—that “Looters Will Be Shot”. Not surprisingly, there was very little looting. If Americans are to preserve our culture from the slobbering barbarians who are already inside the gate, it is long past time to revive that charming custom—and maybe throw in the arsonists, as well.



L. Neil Smith

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