“Gun control is the idea that it’s better to see a woman dead in an alley, strangled
with her own pantyhose, than to see her with a gun in her hand.”—T.D. Melrose

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Issue 1,073, June 21, 2020

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Government healthcare is the
first step to cyanide showers.
— Neil Smith (no relation)

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Looters Must Be Shot
(The Feature Article)

Defund the Thought Police
Defund the Thought Police

The Crazy Years

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The Editor’s Notes
Yep, The Crazy Years alright

Letters to the Editor
from A.X. Perez and Brad Zartman

Looters Must Be Shot
by L. Neil Smith
I have written many times—overlooking the “peculiar institutions” of taxation and military conscription. of course—that no American living today was ever a slave. Likewise, no living American was ever a slave-keeper. After 75 years of earnest reforms, sometimes imposed at bayonet-point, there is no such thing as “systemic racism”. In terms of reparations, nobody living today owes anything to anybody.

Be Not Afraid!
by Sarah A. Hoyt
Look, we’ve talked here before about how the lockdown affected people. I think it was part of the reason the left was so insistent on the lockdown, and why they still don’t want it to end. People are not going out and seeing other people, catching snatches of conversation, seeing the expression in people’s faces. Instead, they’re relying for all their news on an increasingly more deranged MSM and an increasingly stranger social media. (Some of the banned words on FB don’t even make any sense.)

Rosalie's World Chapter 5: Taberna est in Oppidum
by L. Neil Smith
What follows is an excerpt from my forthcoming novel Rosalie's World, the fourth volume of my “Ngu Family Saga” that started with Pallas and continues through Ares, and Ceres. (There will eventually be a fifth installment, Beautiful Dreamer, provided I live long enough.)

The Crime Recorder
by Jim Davidson
Americans are currently faced with the fact that the people who police them are willing to murder them in broad daylight. The ideas that police should be an occupying military force within the cities, that they should be a source of fear and terror among the people, and that they should enforce violently various statutes that include a dizzying array of non-violent but prohibited behaviours seem, to me and many others, to be ideas that are completely inconsistent with a free people and a free country.

The Reason Behind the Riots
by Sean Gangol
Unless you have been away from civilization for the past three weeks, then you probably know about the riots that have been occurring across the country in just about every major city. You would also know that the riots are supposed to be in response to the death of George Floyd who was killed by a police officer who was arresting him for the possession of a counterfeit twenty-dollar bill. It’s interesting how the condemnation of that officer that caused Floyd’s death, has pretty much been universal among the American people. He doesn’t even have supporters among the strong law-and-order types who defend police officers even in situations where they shouldn’t. This is something the entire country should be able to unite behind. Leave it to the extreme left to turn it into an opportunity to divide this country further.

Burning The Right Books
by L. Neil Smith
More years ago than I care to calculate, a handful of local folks who claimed to revere the First Amendment, held an annual “I Read Banned Books” festivity during which volunteers would read aloud in the town square from books that had been outlawed at one time or another by some authority or another: libraries, schools, churches, even whole governments, sometimes.

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