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Number 1,074, June 28, 2020

The Conservatives are, and always have
been, unfit for any honest purpose.

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The Editor’s Notes
by Ken Holder
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So, sure, all I do is read. Been that way for a long time. No intention of stopping now.

Tried to get my F-150 running, with only so-so results. Going to have to have the mechanics send out a truck to bring in it. If they can't fix it … well … golly!

Tried to get my washing machine working, with only so-so results again. Sometimes you just shouldn’t get out of bed it seems like.

And the water heater is acting up again. Full of sedament again. I flushed it out but that only lasted 3 or 4 days this time. Need to go flush-out the pressure tank in the well again. Always some damn thing needed doing around here. Moving in with my kids sound better and better … except for the moving part. I am just not ready for another big change right now … having my wife die was enough of a change in my life for a good long while I think. Too many changes … too much.

But some day.

It is fire season here in Arizona (and lots of other places as well). For a while this week we had smoke, but the last few days have been smoke-free. I hate having to keep the house windows shut in the summer time.

Actually I hate having to keep them shut in the winter time too, but what can ya do, eh?

And we come to the end of our broadcast day. Y’all be good, ya heer?

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