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Beef Relief Today!
by Jim Davidson

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Bedrock Beef has arrived! The new company presents an array of whole, half, quarter, and eighth steers for any family's enjoyment. These are shipped fresh from our ranches here in Bedrock to any home on dry ice.

We have two types of cattle here in Bedrock. Corn finished steers are available year-round. Grass fed beef is tastier, and we harvest in October 2020. Customers wanting to reserve a grass fed beef order can pay half in advance.

Everything is ready to go, and we're eager for questions.

Our work is in response to the recent concerns about large scale meat processors. Many ranchers here have been told that they may not be able to sell their herds due to the Corona Virus affecting the meat processing industry. Rather than destroy their herds, the ranchers have joined together with local butchers to make this new project happen. Bedrock Beef is about helping customers buy the beef they want and helping ranchers get their cattle to market.

Energy isn’t just about calories and nutrition, sometimes it’s about just that; energy. When you eat livestock, you are getting two types of energy- both caloric as well energetic. You pick up the frequency and vibration of the foods you eat. Filing your diet with positive energy sources is hugely important. It matters how your food comes to you. It’s important to source food, especially meat products, from a positive place.

Our cows are treated well from their birthing process to where you see them as an end consumer. Our cattle are exclusively pasture raised in the mountains and valleys of Colorado. They eat diets of some of the best alfalfa and cleanest spring water. We care for them and treat them well, We even go so far as to meditate with them and play music for them. If you have been paying attention, you know that we are looking at some food shortages. Specificallly meat.

One of the issues on the supplier side is that these shortages are predicted, and they have been told to cull livestock and dump milk, meaning we are looking at the lost lives of millions of animals this season. Our goal is decentralize this portion of the food chain as best we can, by providing beef directly from these farmers to you. Help us with a win win solution—you need to eat we need to move these cows (day this part better too) and you get great value for your money in uncertain times. This is one worry you can check off the list.


Jim Davidson is an author, entrepreneur, actor, and director. He is the cfo of and the vision director of You can find him on as well as and also as planetaryjim. He appreciates any support you can provide as times are very difficult. See the Paypal link on this page. Or email your humble author to offer other choices. Visit for more information. Those seeking a multi-jurisdiction multi-hop VPN for communications privacy please visit For those seeking colloidal silver try Ask Jim about CryptoWealth. Visit today!

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