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Make America Greater
by L. Neil Smith
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A lot of his supporters are wondering why President Trump seems to be holding back during this attempted communist uprising against everything that makes America decent and exceptional. It no longer has anything to do with police excesses, alleged and real, if it ever did. It’s all about destroying everything that decent individuals have ever fought for. It may simply be the fact that anything Trump does will be viciously attacked by the left. As somebody recently said, if the man found a cure for cancer, he’d be criticized for putting doctors out of work.

However there is one small thing that the President could do that would change everything, almost instantly. It would take him five minutes and would not require even a single written word. It would not only solve at least half of America’s current problems, it would set right decades—centuries—of injustice, malfeasance, and outright lawlessness.

Consider the city of Chicago—bear with me, I’ll get back to the President —which is potentially a lovely, wonderful place—if it weren’t for the fact that you can be robbed or raped or murdered there at any minute. In terms of public safety, Chicago has been compared—unfavorably—with beautiful downtown Baghdad. Like New York and many other American cities in the toxic clutches of Democrats for decades, it has been extremely difficult or impossible, for ordinary individuals there to own and carry the means of self-defense. And that prohibition has done absolutely nothing to slow or stop violent crime. On the contrary, it is the very wellspring and fountainhead of their criminality.

The experiences of other places—Vermont, Orlando—clearly demonstrates the contrary. Believe me, I’m not suggesting here that everybody lug around a great big .45 slung from his or her hip—although I like great big .45s slung from the hip . What I’m saying, as I often have, is that a simple little .38 Special revolver or a .380 automatic pistol in everybody’s purse or pants pocket could fundamentally change the face of civilization immeasurably for the better. I’ve been saying it since beginning my first novel, The Probability Broach in 1977. Criminals never like the odds to be even. History shows, beyond the palest shadow of a doubt, that, threatened by the specter of self-defense, they’ll go away and find something else to do.

So what does this all have to do with Donald Trump? Easy: try this simple experiment at home. Read the United States Constitution. Read the Bill of Rights. Read the Second Amendment. Now, go to the dictionary and read the definitions of the words “keep”, “bear”, and “infringe”. Congratulations: you are now better-educated on this subject than 99 percent of the lawyers and judges in America, including most of the dolts sitting on the Supreme Court.

Now read the history of the Amendment, what those who insisted on it wrote about it, and you’ll realize that, deer and ducks and personal defense to one side, BLM, Anti-fa, BAMN, and other commie front groups represent the very reason it was written in the first place. You’ll also realize that each and every “gun control” law ever passed or enforced in this otherwise free country’s cities, counties, and states is itself illegal. “Infringe” means, “interfere with even a little bit”. Are we a nation of laws, or of the illicit whims of corrupt left-wing politicians?

(I’m being polite, here, by not pointing out that federal laws hindering private ownership of machine-guns, in force since the 1930s—because socialist Franklin Delano Roosevelt lived in deadly fear of a well-deserved coup—are also unconstitutional as hell and demand reconsideration.)

To make America greater—at absolutely no taxpayer expense—all that the Donald has to do is declare from the Oval Office, that any legislation contrary to the Constitution—specifically the Second Amendment—is hereby null and void. It would take no longer than that. It’s the President’s job to uphold the law, and that is what the law clearly says. Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco could all become pleasant places again when decent people are no longer punished for being prepared to defend themselves—and Western Civilization.



L. Neil Smith

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