“Gun control is the idea that it’s better to see a woman dead in an alley, strangled
with her own pantyhose, than to see her with a gun in her hand.”—T.D. Melrose

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Government healthcare is the
first step to cyanide showers.
— Neil Smith (no relation)

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The Wearing of the Green
(The Feature Article)

Peace and Equality
Peace and Equality

The Conservatives are, and always have
been, unfit for any honest purpose.

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The Editor’s Notes
So, sure, all I do is read

Letters to the Editor
from Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger and A.X. Perez

The Wearing of the Green
by L. Neil Smith
For something like 850 years, the British held the Irish against their will. So stubborn was the Irish desire for independence that their conquerors attempted to stamp out Irish culture, banning their language, their music, their native dress, even hanging, drawing, and quartering men who flaunted the Irish color—green—and throwing women wearing green to the troops. They even wanted to forbid the shamrock, a species of clover, from being worn.

by Sarah A. Hoyt
When Dan and I were first married (maybe two years into our marriage) we took a vacation in Algarve, in the South of Portugal. For those not conversant with the region, it has miles and miles of white sandy beaches, a placid, warm sea, and a generally pleasing climate. All of which were more or less alien to me, since I grew up in the North, where the sea is freezing (due to an arctic current) and has waves that make it a surfer’s paradise. Also, the North is warm—ish. Often hot, actually, but not always—July through September only.

Beef Relief Today!
by Jim Davidson
Bedrock Beef has arrived! The new company presents an array of whole, half, quarter, and eighth steers for any family's enjoyment. These are shipped fresh from our ranches here in Bedrock to any home on dry ice.

Defund the Police?
by Carl “Bear” Bussjaeger
Back when I was still trying to write science fiction, the subject of how to maintain public order—“policing”—was one of my main themes. In my fictional universe, several options existed. My characters arrived at those options by getting away from “here” in a few ways. Runaway inflation and heavy-handed policing (sound familiar?) led to more disorder. Civil disobedience on a large scale, followed by piecemeal rebellion. That was followed by actual deployment of military troops—including a attempted airstrike on US civilians. Full rebellion resulted from that, and the nation balkanized.

Norseman’s Diaries Supplemental:
Quick Updates and Postscript to Last Week’s Covid Update

by Jeff Fullerton
Pushing the envelope again for submissions as I await a SW style flatbread pizza I put in the oven for a quick dinner after a last minute shopping trip on the final evening of what has been a pretty decent vacation. All day I was contemplating either a full blown article or a book review which I’ve been wanting to do all winter—which is my normal time for that but it’s been busy between keeping up with my home front, projects, critters and worrying about the Corona and what comes next. And it seems like whenever there might be light at the end of the tunnel—something else terrible happens to destabilize the country even more and give the enemies of Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness a compelling issue or fear to manipulate public opinion and push the nation over a tipping point of no return that takes us into that dystopian future hallmark of many a Science Fiction novel with the boot of totalitarianism stamping on the collective human face forever.

The Conservatives: Not Fit for Any Honest Purpose
by Sean Gabb
According to The Daily Mail, Madeline Odent is the Curator of the Royston Museum in Hertfordshire. This museum is funded by Royston Council. In the past few days, Mrs Odent has taken to Twitter, giving expert advice on how to use household chemicals to cause irreparable harm to statues she dislikes.

Escapist Literature—
Police Operation by H.Beam Piper: a Book Review

by Jeff Fullerton
Been a very manic week since my return to work last Sunday. Maybe because the way the newsfeed is running. As it has been since the crisis we are in began and even before. It seems we keep getting slammed with one thing or another and every time it looks like things have turned for the better another crisis or issue rears it’s ugly head and plunges us into another cycle of hopelessness and despair.

Make America Greater
by L. Neil Smith
A lot of his supporters are wondering why President Trump seems to be holding back during this attempted communist uprising against everything that makes America decent and exceptional. It no longer has anything to do with police excesses, alleged and real, if it ever did. It’s all about destroying everything that decent individuals have ever fought for. It may simply be the fact that anything Trump does will be viciously attacked by the left. As somebody recently said, if the man found a cure for cancer, he’d be criticized for putting doctors out of work.

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