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Number 1,078, July 26, 2020

College has become a way to cultivate and
preserve ignorance and misconceptions,
sort of a bell jar over the mind that
lets no contrary facts in.

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The Editor’s Notes
by Ken Holder
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And here we are again.

I’ve been trying to see that comet up in the sky all week now, but it has been overcast every night. I have always wanted to see a big, bright comet (which I want to spell “comit” for some reason). Every time: overcast. (Not that there have been a lot of times these last 72 years.)

Ah well, probably sour anyway.


My youngest and his wife and kids were going to come over from Texas for a visit, but she up and came down with COVID-19, although the test results still haven’t come back yet. So they decided not to visit. I just hope nobody else gets it.

Or me. I dislike being ill, and this thing seems to kill old people especially. I’m an old person. Therefore it might well kill me. Q.E.D. (or something). I’m not ready to die, although life has gotten a great deal less delightful what with my wife having passed on to the afterlife, whatever that is.

If any.

In other news, vast numbers of Our Fellow Humans seems to have gone insane lately. This is disturbing and confusing. I mean, did they choose to be insane, are did they just stumble into it? Inquiring Minds want to know.

Perhaps it is that ol’ Stupid, Insane, or Evil thing again?


Me, I just keep on reading. Someday I’ll even recommend the best of what I read to all y’all. Right now it is just too much work. I’m tired. Not up to expending a lot of effort. I mean, just getting each issue of this here Little Magazine out every week is enough to almost do me in.

So, for now, and for some time to come, I can only say: Stay Deplorable, my friends.

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