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Number 1,079, August 2, 2020

Why does nobody on the left ever seem
to notice the really important things?

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The Truth Is A Harsh Mistress
by L. Neil Smith
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I have a problem.

A colleague of mine, a highly-valued friend to whom I owe a great deal, has begun criticizing my support for President Donald J. Trump and questioning my libertarianism. That isn’t, in itself, what bothers me. I grew up in a kindlier, more civilized era when people could disagree with one another cordially. Now you can be punished if you wear the wrong T-shirt when you take your kids fishing.

I haven’t had the heart to tell my friend that everything he thinks he knows about Donald Trump exudes from mass media so putrescently corrupt that they glow in the dark like rotting fish. I had believed his intellect was more sophisticated than that, more analytical, more insightful. I had thought that he could see why Trump’s enemies—basically the enemies of Western Civilization—are trying to destroy him. I had thought, that as a beneficiary of that civilization, he would see what Trump is trying to do and want to help him.

Instead, we’re forced to focus on more or less trivial stories that are the result of deliberately poor analysis or outright lies. Trump is supposed to have said that all Mexicans are murderers and rapists. What he actually said—and I heard him say it, then heard it willfully misinterpreted immediately—is that the notoriously crooked Mexican government “isn’t sending us their best”, which was undeniably true. Under a campaign called Reconquista they were hoping to damage America’s peaceful, pleasant, and productive Southwestern culture by shoving their criminals at us, precisely the same thing Cuba tried to accomplish with the 1980 Mariel boatlift.

Similarly, Trump is supposed to have advocated grabbing women by their pussies. What he said—in what he thought was a private conversation between guys—was that “some women will let you grab them by their pussies”. The difference is between consent and assault, which is the difference between consensual sex and rape. I’m disappointed my friend didn’t seem to notice that distinction.

My friend tells me that at some point Trump wanted to issue special ID cards to Muslims, and that he heard the man say it. I would never dream of calling my friend a liar (absolutely no sarcasm intended) but I suspect this is another case of willful misinterpretation. Trump’s principal concern at the time was with individuals from countries that had sworn deep and eternal hatred toward us. I don’t recall what specific measures he proposed, but it was nothing that tweaked my lifelong civil libertarian sensibilities, nor disturbed my concerns for the well-being of Arabs and Muslims who generously took me in and had been virtually my only friends in college.

Understand, however, that America had recently been murderously attacked by Middle Eastern entities, waving their beliefs like a flag, so some reasonable suspicion was warranted. This is only underlined by cynical operatives who want to destroy it, despite the enormous kindness, trust, and outrageous generosity it has shown her.

Make no mistake: if 9/11 had taken place in 1941, Franklyn Delano Roosevelt, that paragon and demigod of American liberalism. would have rounded up every Muslim in the country and put them in concentration camps. I’ll repeat this because it’s important: if 9/11 had taken place in 1941, Franklyn Delano Roosevelt would have rounded up every Muslim in the country and put them in concentration camps.

Why does nobody on the left ever seem to notice the really important things? Most people reading this understand that the “infamous racist” Trump has done more for blacks and Hispanics in American history, in terms of jobs, wages, civil rights, and respect, than that sleazy poseur Barack Obama ever did. That “sexist-misogynist” Trump has also appointed more bright, articulate young women to his administration than any president in my memory, and raised female wages and employment almost to the level of World War II. He’s trying his best, against tremendous opposition, to protect American culture from that ultimate social breakdown represented by the shit-covered streets of California cities.

Donald Trump has been accused, by my friend, among others, of “fascism”, in his handling of destructive killer mobs in places like Portland, Seattle, St. Louis, and Washington, D.C. “Liberals” uniformly either look away or lie about it. What they don’t know, or won’t acknowledge, is that the Constitution specifically obligates the president to deal with insurrections, forcibly, if need be. That’s exactly why Eisenhower sent the 101st Airborne to Little Rock in 1957.

I’ve gotta say, here, that if I were in charge, I wouldn’t be nearly as gentle as Trump has been so far. My expertise, if any, is in the ethics of self-defense. Pick up a brick and cock your arm back—that should earn you a bullet through the head. If it’s a Molotov cocktail in your hand, instead, that’s two bullets through the head. For what it’s worth, as a former police officer, I would have treated Derek Chauvin, who murdered George Floyd, exactly the same way. If you believe that’s fascism, you need some serious couch-time. Peaceful protestors? They’re the bushes the bad-guys hide behind.

Trump fights for the survival of Western Civilization. He is the only president we’ve ever had with the brains and the testicles to stand up to communist China, which is a greater threat than the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany ever was. Talk about rounding people up—the Jews, the Japanese, the Miskito Indians—because you don’t like their race or religion, and putting them in concentration camps. China’s treatment of the Uyghurs tops it all by harvesting their organs for transplants. Once again, “liberals” look the other way or lie about it.

Trump also opposes China taking over the South China Sea in contravention of international law, subverting academia with their various front-groups, playing silly-buggers on the Internet, trying to control our businesses—as if they weren’t a part of free-market capitalism—and steal the technology that communists are incompetent to produce for themselves. They can have fucking basketball as far as I’m concerned.

Communist China, along with its allies the Democrat Party, the media, and George Soros, are conspiring to obliterate the First Amendment, following Saul Alinsky’s playbook. As usual, “liberals” look the other way or lie about it. In 1943, the same dolts thought that Hitler was just a harmless, lovable, little fuzzball. But the real question is not, am I being paranoid, it’s am I being paranoid enough? Today, those who won’t toe the Marxist-Alinskyist line are written off by the whole foul-smelling bunch as evil.

Trump wants us to send American astronauts to Mars and build a permanent settlement, which is excellent and consistent with Mankind’s genetic inclination to progress and reach out. (NASA really needs to take my advice about it, however.) My greatest disappointment is that, as a Baby Boomer, I’m too old to see it develop fully. Trump is building up the Navy to Reaganesque levels, a deterrent that will save thousands, perhaps millions, of lives, worldwide.

Even more important, Trump has started the United States Space Force. China has very clearly articulated an objective to own and operate the Moon. Imagine how demoralizing it would be to look up at night and see Earth’s large, natural satellite, in possession of the Red Chinese. It must be stopped in its tracks. As anyone who has read Robert A, Heinlein’s The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress knows, the Moon is the ultimate strategic high ground. Whoever controls the Moon controls the Earth, and with it, all of humanity. Barack Obama—and by extension, Joseph Biden—doesn’t think this is important. Two hundred years from now, if there is a free and independent America, we will have Donald J. Trump to thank for it.

Some of my support for Trump is deeply personal. After the horrible year of 1993, the American flag was just a rag flying from the antenna masts of the tanks that murdered mothers and babies at Waco. Now Trump has redeemed that banner, which I proudly fly, every day, from my front porch. He has brought the Eagle Scout back in me.

Even though we’re the same age, the Donald’s sense of humor reminds me of my father’s. The dullards who thought that Andy Kaufmann was hilarious don’t get it when—by threatening to postpone the 2020 election, to stay in office if he loses, or even run for a third term—Trump is trolling them and tens of millions laugh with him.

Donald Trump is waging a largely invisible war against thousands of pedophiles in high places—politicians, Hollywood and Broadway types, the media, church leaders, billionaires overseas—who are fighting back against him with everything they’ve got. They hate and fear him because they want to go on exploiting young boys and girls unspeakably and using babies among themselves as currency. Trump is exposing them. Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislane Maxwell are only the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps you won’t be surprised at who is next (hint: what’s the last blockbuster movie you saw?).

There’s more, a hell of a lot more, enough to turn your hair white, but that’s enough for now, I didn’t want to offend my friend by telling him he’s on the side of unspeakable evil, so I hesitated. I deeply regret that. Since I was eight years old, I’ve always spoken the truth although it has earned me a lifetime of poverty because, mostly, nobody wants to hear it. But I can’t stop now, whatever the consequences.



L. Neil Smith

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