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Number 1,080, August 16, 2020

Lemme Out of Here!?

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Hope Springs Eternal
by Jeff Fullerton

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Another update for my both my Adventures in Herpetology & the Norseman’s Diaries. Was considering trying to finish the partially written Farewell to Spring / Midsummer edition of the later this morning but too much to do before a 3 to 11 shift after a busy week with a lot going on—mostly good stuff like recovery of more turtle eggs and a breakthrough on my gutter problem with a new shop vac and a gutter cleaning kit! And along with that some disturbing , depressing news: two esteemed coworkers have been terminated/ let go. So sudden and unexpected. On top of that—while I struggle to put my own house in order the world continues to fall apart.

The latest Michael Savage podcast didn’t help either.

I have only one refuge left. My own personal world that I’m trying to upgrade and maintain and enjoy and hang onto for as long as I can. Where there is peace and serenity and hope springs eternal.

I thought of that when I walked onto the greenhouse and saw a pair of Florida Box Turtles coupling. Second time I’ve seen them at it since I put them out there for the season.

The potted seedlings of Cookie Cutter Moon rain lilies I started last season are already blooming.

And the Peacock Gingers are putting out new leaves.

The Guerrero Woods (aka the “Three Squares”) are enjoying their summer vacation in the Land Tub setup while the Florida Room upgrades are ongoing.

And I’ve started on another project.

Yesterday I cleared away the remaining clutter and moved the generator that doubles as an ad hoc work bench out of the way to make room for the 150 gallon tank give away that I’m hoping to salvage as my future monster fish tank.

I’m tinkering around with placement of the 2x4s l plan on using to form a level pad to compensate for the rough poured floor of this ancient house.

And so the show goes on. Hell or high water or come what may.

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