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More Thoughts
by Sean Gangol

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

I always wanted to do another article that had a series of random thoughts, but whenever I write about a certain subject, it usually turns out that I had more to say than I originally anticipated. That is until now. Some of thing will seem a little dated since I actually starting writing this article back in January.

Hollywood Does It Again

Once again Hollywood has given us another movie based on a formula, which has proven to be a consistent failure when it comes to box office returns. This time Warner Brothers decided to take a shot at the failed woke girl power formula where the makers care more about promoting SJW values than they do about creating a story that appeals to the masses by giving us, Birds of Prey: The Fabulous Emancipation of Harley Quinn. After seeing the movie, I can honestly say that it pretty much embodies all the usual SJW garbage, where all the women are portrayed as strong and heroic and the men as sadistic monsters or freeloaders feeding off the actual accomplishments of women. In the usual SJW fashion the makers of the movies made sure that it was free of sex appeal by making sure that the female protagonists were made to look as unattractive as possible, including Harley Quinn. As we have seen with other feminist driven movies, Birds of Prey was a box office flop and the movie’s makers and supporters have decided to blame men for not supporting it.

Sadly, one of the movie’s supporters was The Punisher’s co-creator Gerry Conway, who referred to all the young adolescent boys who refused to see this movie as toxic. It’s nice to know what Conway thinks of the very people that used to buy his work. It’s amazing that it never occurred to Conway that the reason why people refused to see the movie because they are tired of SJW garbage being shoved down their throats. They also never considered the possibility that the movie was just plain terrible. Aside from the plot being at best mediocre and the fight scenes lackluster, the main character, Harley Quinn was like nails on a chalkboard in Birds of Prey. This is ironic because Harley Quinn was not only one of the most likeable characters in Suicide Squad, but she is considered one of the most loveable anti-heroes in the DC universe. Yet, they made her so obnoxious in Birds of Prey that I at one point rooted for the movie’s villains to win. These days Hollywood likes to create movies that nobody wants to see, then they attack those very people for not seeing them. Here is a crazy idea. Instead of shoving feminism or social justice issues down our throats, maybe you should just concentrate on making movies that people actually want to see. It’s just a thought.

Some of the Dumbest Things that People Say with a Straight Face

It always amazes that people can actually say things such as, “we don’t need an actual crime to impeach the president on.” This is the logic that people have used to justify that joke of impeachment attempt, which really didn’t have any clear charges that were made against the president. They have even tried to use the so-called consensus of legal scholars to prove this absurd premise, though I say, which part of “The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on impeachment for, and Conviction of, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors” don’t you understand? I think any so-called scholar should have his qualifications questioned if his reading comprehension is this bad. I have also heard the argument that the president should be impeached without a legal basis, since it will be a perfect tool to find corruption. Of course, it never occurred to the people making this absurd argument that giving Congress the power to remove a sitting president without a legal basis, could possibly lead to even more corruption. It’s interesting how civil liberties never seem to apply to Trump or his supporters. It also never occurred to these so-called scholars, especially those on the left that their favorite presidents, Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama would have almost definitely been removed by Republican controlled Congresses if they were allowed to impeach under such weak pretense.

Lay Off of E-cigarettes

As much time as I have spent defending Trump from the vicious attacks from the left, I am reminded from time to time that I have my disagreements with the man. One of them was the Bump-Stock ban and even more recently was his proposal to ban e-cigarette liquid flavors. First of all, it amazes that anybody can possibly believe in the fairytale of prohibition, where banning some forbidden fruit magically makes it disappear off the face of the earth. In this particular case it is based on a severe over-action of a product that has had very few deaths associated with it, most of which involved illegal cartridges that were poorly constructed by black market manufactures. Though what I really find annoying is that these same people who want to ban e-cigarettes are the same people who vilified tobacco companies and treated the users as social leopards by banning them from the public sphere. Now, they want to ban the very thing that has helped people kick the very habit that they find so repulsive. As we have seen with the previous attempts at prohibition, banning e-cigarettes will do nothing but empower black-market dealers who will deliver a product that is far less safe than those that are legally manufactured. On top of that it may encourage people to go back to smoking the real thing, since it will end up being much less trouble than searching the black market for illegal devices. Then again prohibition has had so much success in curtailing the use of alcohol, drugs, prostitution, gambling and guns. Oh, wait. No, it hasn’t.

Roger Stone Lynching

Whether you love or hate Roger Stone, a political operative that goes all the way back to the Nixon administration, you have to admit that what happened to him was a miscarriage of justice. This whole debacle was nothing more than a witch-hunt designed to punish him for the crime of lending a hand to the Trump campaign. When the FBI realized that they couldn’t get him on any bogus Russian collusion charge, they decided to get him on a series of trumped up charges, which includes lying to the feds. Don’t you just love the double standard of how the government is free to lie to the American people to its hearts content, yet it’s an unforgivable sin for us to lie to a government official?

When it came time to take Roger Stone in, they used a predawn raid on his house as if he were the mastermind of Isis. Then he was placed in a court that had both a judge and certain members of the jury that had an open bias against Stone and the Trump administration. When Stone was found guilty, the prosecution initially recommend a sentence that could have carried up to seventy-nine years in prison. The very fact that we have rapists, child molesters and even certain murderers that don’t get sentences this harsh shows the absurdity of our legal system. Luckily, through the intervention of Attorney General Bill Barr, who also thought the sentencing recommendation was ridiculously harsh, Stone got three years in prison. Though I personally think the only way that this fiasco can be truly set right is if Trump gives Stone a full pardon. Update: To the dismay of leftists everywhere, Trump comminuted Stone’s sentence.

Greta Thunberg: Why does anyone Care What She Says?

For those of you who don’t know who Greta Thunberg is, she is a seventeen-year-old girl (who looks twelve) who has been selected by those in the environmentalist movement to be the face of Climate Change. She is most famous for scolding adults who don’t want to give up fossil fuels with a scowl that many have attributed to the Asperger’s syndrome that she suffers from. Using children and young adults to pull at our heart strings is hardly a new tactic for the left. It creates a shield around the movement, since people are too afraid to attack or criticize children. Though I say if you feel that you are old enough to become a public figure than you should be old enough to accept criticism. Though to be honest, I actually pity the young girl who is not only being used by environmentalists, but by her activist parents. The fact that the left has to resort to throwing children in front of their causes, actually shows how weak they really are.

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