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Packing The Court
by L. Neil Smith
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As I sit here enjoying my morning coffee, listening to the the hair-sprayed haut monde Demsplaining how Kamala Harris actually won the Vice-Presidential debate last night in which Mike Pence exposed and destroyed her, a number of thoughts occur to me.

Like practically everybody else, I’ve been thinking about the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) a lot, an institution for which I have never harbored much respect. Looking back over the years, decades, and centuries, they have been terrible stewards of liberty and the rule of law. The Dredd Scott decision, their ratification of military conscription in the 1890s, their ignorant fumbling of the Second Amendment in the 1930s, and Heller, which invented a power to regulate a Constitutional amendment, are simply a few examples in a long train of abuses and usurpations they have permitted. Somewhere along the line they seem to have forgotten (if they ever knew) that it is not their function to protect the state, but to protect Americans from the state.

Nevertheless they happen to be the only Supreme Court that we seem to have at the moment, and if Donald Trump and the thumb-stumbling Republican Party can appoint an original constructionist (that means she accepts and defends the Constitution as written) like Amy Coney Barrett to the bench, we might see things begin to improve. Operatives of the Democratic Communist Party, of course, are infuriated at the prospect.

The collectivist agenda the Left have relentlessly struggled for more than a century to impose on everybody else, that would make a hollow mockery of our Constitutional republic and destroy everything that makes America exceptional, has largely been a failure. Americans won’t vote for socialists if they see them coming. With notable exception, legislatures won’t vote for socialist policies, fearing an enraged electorate. Failing to get what they want from the people or their representatives, they have turned, with a shameful degree of success, to the courts, corrupted by idiotic rationalizations like the Constitution as a “living document” rather than the ironclad and inviolable social contract it was intended to be. In the not-too-distant future, some miscreant like phobanthropist (to coin a term) George Soros might even buy SCOTUS the same way he bought the European Union court that told Hungary to stop picking on their poor little war criminal. I hope Hungary tells the court to go do something to themselves that is not quite physically impossible.

As a consequence of not being able to jam their vile way past the court (so far), the hsard left has fallen back on a 90-year-old tactic originally devised by their revered predecessor and demigod, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, when his communist machinations were thwarted by the SCOTUS. They now propose to “pack” the court, to add to its numbers so that it can’t be dominated (as it should properly be) by original constructionists. If something like that were to happen, we’d have to start referring to the Supreme Court (Revised) of the United States, or SCROTUS.

I propose that we get there firstest with the mostest. If all this talk of packing the court talk continues, the following list of proposed appointees should be made public and spread far and wide. Most people don’t know that you don’t have to be a judge or even a lawyer to get appointed. Knowing Democrat hypocrisy the way I do, they’ll read these names and shut their clam-traps. They are in alphabetical order (more or less) and you can look them up in Wikipedia.

Ben Carson, Larry Elder, Ken Hamblin, Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson (look them up), Niger Innis, Raynard Jackson, Alan Keyes, Alveda King, and Burgess Owens. That would more than double the current court, and if that wasn’t enough…

Candace Owens, Star Parker, Condoleezza Rice, Tim Scott, Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, J.C. Watts, Armstrong Williams, the incomparable Walter Williams, and at the wise and noble suggestion of my wife and daughter, the original Supreme, Diana Ross.

Thus we shall have more than tripled the size of the Supreme Court while doing no harm to the Constitution, and making all of the “Progressives” in the land pee their pants-suits and cry like little babies. There it is. I’ve done my work for the day. I’m going to go take a nap.

Where we go 1 we go all.



L. Neil Smith

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