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Preparing for Extremist Violence
by Jim Davidson

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

"If you look at major cities like San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York and many other large urban areas, there are very few ways of escaping. So during a disaster, these routes of escape could either be destroyed, clogged by millions of people fleeing, or closed down by the government, which would force many people to stay within the city's confines—which in turn could be a death sentence for the unprepared. The major cities are death traps!"
Time to Leave the Cities, August 2019

We are fast approaching what I view as a significant milepost in the current cycle of madness. Some decades ago, if I recall correctly in the late 1990s, Doug Casey began saying that there would likely be coming to America a "greater depression." In the 2011 time frame he began saying that, rather than dodging a bullet, the financial crisis of 2008-2009 had simply been kicked down the road, and that what was being seen as an end of the crisis was more like the eye of a hurricane.

Last year, although many Americans seem to have been oblivious to its arrival, the other eye wall hit. In July, Jeffrey Epstein was in jail in New York. In August, overnight interest rates used by banks to limit or encourage inter-bank lending, spiked. They hit 10% roughly 15 September 2019, meaning approximately 3,650% interest. Another bailout was required, and everyone who remembered Occupy Wall Street (and Occupy Kansas City Federal Reserve and many other Occupy groups) understood that there was going to be no end of difficulty in arranging a bailout this time. So they cooked up a pandemic, released it during the world military games in Wuhan in October 2019, gave Bill Gates a $100 billion contact tracing contract and had him postulate killing 65 million people in a simulation (event 201) and generally set about lying to us for months.

In March, they got everything they wanted in bailout money for the evil bankers and their sycophants in giant mega-corporations. As well, these same people set policies in much of the world, including a great many states in the USA, to close down many many businesses, hurt people as much as possible economically, and impose tyrannical edicts to close churches, limit church attendance, and destroy the economy.

I have expressed in these pages and elsewhere my view that the globalist self-styled elites, the Davos crowd, the Bilderburger people, the Molech worshipping baby rapers, the freemason anti-freedom people, and similar folks are determined to make the United States a failed state. I believe the state department, CIA, FBI, and NSA are among those who seek to hurt as many Americans as possible, and believe in not only financing the Marxist groups like Black Lives Matter, but also believe they will all be hanged when the truth comes out, should they go to trial for their many, many crimes.

To bring about their further consolidation of power, as I believe they wish to do, those in positions of power are going to send their now-well-funded Marxists out to sow chaos and discord all over America. While it is possible to find them making trouble anywhere, it is most likely that cities along the east and West coasts are going to be their initial focus.

Cities are places to die

My friend Dan Sullivan has pointed out that, " Cities are places where armies go to die." Any careful examination of urban warfare reveals that it really is a mess, and destined to pin an army to the ground. Classic example would be Stalingrad which was made even more of a nightmare by the German military's air forces bombing it to smithereens. There's simply no way to get good results from mechanised units if they cannot move into and through the streets, and filling those streets with collapsed buildings provides advantages to the defenders, not the attackers.

Consider the tactics of resistance fighters during the Russian invasion of Hungary in the 20th Century. Freedom fighters were effective at using ordinary dinner plates, laid out on a street to suggest the presence of anti-tank land mines. The risk of not stopping is simply too high for an armoured column, so the tanks did stop. Stopped tanks in cities (including Moscow in 1991, for another example) allow people in nearby buildings to cover the tanks with blankets to reduce the ability of those inside to see out, and dropping Molotov cocktails (a curious and delightful mixture of gasoline, brake fluid, motor oil, and clothesline for a cheap wick, stored in a glass container, lit on fire, and thrown or dropped to shatter the glass and distribute the fire).

The three-dimensional nature of in-city fighting makes urban combat very dangerous for everyone, and much more unpredictable than combat in open fields. Cities, especially those with a warren of sewer or other underground tunnels, can rapidly negate any advantages of air power, armoured vehicles, or mechanised infantry.

Post-Election Chaos Is Planned

It has seemed to me from statements published in recent weeks that the Democrats and their deep state associates are planning a failed state scenario for the United States after the election. What does that mean? It means that they intend to contest whatever election result, and cause chaos in all major cities where they can do so. Why? Because they know that if they don't, their plans to enslave mankind cannot go forward.

They've already revealed their willingness to destroy all small businesses and put 60 million Americans out of work. Blaming their unconstitutional edicts on Trump is simply their way of doing everything they do. Nevertheless, their lock downs, shut downs, and persistent violations of freedom have hurt a huge number of people. They don't care, because they want to hurt people.

Someone else has noticed their plans and documented them: They'll demand recounts, obfuscate, delay, and insist on dramatic changes, such as making Washington DC and Puerto Rico into states, adding five states to California by dividing it up, and making other modifications to force permanent Democrat control of everything. Because those things won't be agreed to, there will be enormous violence in cities. So get out of them. Here's the article from Robert Wheeler on the topic: Election War Games—A New America Waiting in the Wings—After Pre-planned Chaos

Suggestion for Those in Doubt

I'm very confident that at least some violence, possibly enough to stimulate the globalists to have the United Nations Security Council send "peace keeping troops" into the United States, is planned. I don't really know how much violence to expect, but if you think the "rioting theatre" that we've seen since May is bad, you'll have to think harder. What we've seen so far is what my friend Dan Sullivan calls "controlled burn" operations, as in setting counter-fires to control where a wild fire can go. It should be noted that Dan was trained by the US Army back in the 1990s, and was an officer in Korea and other postings.

Obviously, I believe that if you have a lot of value in your home, and own a home in a big city, you would be very wise to sell that home right away and move out to the country. Any rural county in the mountains is good, and get a few acres so you can grow crops come Spring. You can still get pretty good value selling homes in many cities, and you'll find your funds go a lot further in rural counties.

But, suppose you don't get your home sold, or suppose you don't believe things will be "that bad" and you just don't know if you want to uproot your family before you are actually forced to flee. Hey, I understand. You aren't ready for what comes next, and you are already suffering fatigue from the frequent traumas and shifts of situation that have been going on all year, or at least since March. I get it, you want to be prepared, but you don't want to leave your comfort zone.

Notwithstanding that I believe your comfort zone may be obliterated in the next six months, I do have a more " reasonable" suggestion. On election day, if you vote, get it done, or have it done early by mail or other ballot options you can figure out right now. On election day, have everything packed and ready to go, and have time off booked with whatever your work is. Go camping with your family. Make plans now to be in a national forest or national park or camping somewhere on private land. If I'm wrong, you have a camping vacation. If I'm right, you survive whatever happened to your home in the big city by not being in it at the time.

Obviously, if you live in a rural area now, great, you may be all set. Even so, make plans with your family and neighbours. You might want to invite friends to come visit from the big cities. You might want to have alternative communications in hand—such as walkie talkies and radios and other systems—heliograph, semaphore, kettle drums for tapping Morse code, runners for hand carried messages, even old style rotary phones with simple twisted pair wires running between them. Whatever you can rig to keep in touch with your team. Look at simple codes and complex cryptography to keep your messages private. One time pads are best, if they are truly random.


You did remember to form teams with people around you, right? You aren't going to get through these coming events alone. You need to know what to do, on whom you can count, and what others know, you need people to cover for you while you rest or sleep, you need to share skills you have with people who have skills you lack. You need to cross-train because people are going to die or be incapacitated by wounds or injuries.

Suppose you are camping on election day and the following week, and you find out how bad things are where your home used to be? Well, make sure you and your family are nice and kind to the people near you in the campground. These may be your last friends on Earth. So, as soon as you arrive, make camp and make friends. Don't be shy. And don't let anyone in your family act like a jerk, make it really clear that being a good neighbour and a good friend is going to be vital to your family's survival.

Your family needs to read some books. Any books will do, though atlases, coffee table books showing topographical maps and views from space, books on strategy and tactics, and books on surviving major cataclysms are best. I strongly recommend Lucifer's Hammer and Footfall, among other great books. For those of you planning to "gear back" to keep technologies alive into the future, read 1632 and its sequels, please.

But bring books with you. Bring paper maps with you. Bring binoculars. A good compass. A good straight edge and calipers for your navigation work. Your smart devices are going to be off. Yes, I know you have an inverter for your car and you expect to be able to keep everything charged. But you don't control the cell networks, and the deep state does. Similarly, your electric power to your home and all other services it receives can be turned off by those who control the centralised systems. If you have backup generators and alternatives to cable and cell communications, great. But if you think the satellite systems are going to be available to you in every situation, think again.

Bring books because you'll want something to do during those long periods when you aren't on duty patrolling your perimeter and there isn't anything else you have to do. Most warfare is hours and days of boredom interspersed with entire minutes of sheer terror and violence. If you expect to be gaming on your tablet and smart phone, you may not be ready for what's coming.

Spiritual Preparedness

If you aren't someone who believes in Jesus Christ, if you aren't in a good relationship with God, then please look after those matters now. What you believe is up to you. What is coming at you has been prophesied, not only in ancient times (Malachi chapter 4, Daniel chapters 10, 11, 12, Micah chapter 4) but also in more recent times. Look into the prophecies of three days of darkness.

I believe that God is at work in our world, now. I believe because of recent and extensive experiences of my own. I believe because of experiences of others which I've witnessed directly myself, and because of experiences and prophesies about which I've read. We are facing spiritual darkness in the highest places, and we are at war not with the other people who live around us, not with the customer service types at the local stores, but with demon possessed crazy people who rape children, profit from wars and prisons, and seek to enslave and kill billions of people.

You know that slogan "Build Back Better" ? That's a Biden campaign slogan. Build back after what? After the destruction they are about to unleash. It is also a prominent globalist slogan used in many other countries in recent months and years. Look for it.

You are immortal. Your immortal soul animates the body you have, and it will go on existing after your body ceases to function. The question, then, is, where do you want to end up? Choices abound, so choose wisely. I strongly recommend you do those things you find are needed to repent your sins, come to Jesus, and receive the Holy Spirit. If you are uncertain what to do, pray to God for guidance. God will answer your prayers.

Not everyone you know is going to get through the spicy times we've entered. For those about to die, I wish you well in your situation, and strongly encourage that you prepare your souls. For those who will lose loved ones, friends, and acquaintances, you have my condolences and encouragement. For those who survive, there is much work to be done to create a lasting and beautiful future.

We are a species with great potential, we are souls with beauty and inventiveness within us. The world we were promised with flying cars and too cheap to meter power and vacations on the Moon, all those things are still awaiting us. We can't reach those possibilities until we attend to the elimination of the demons amongst us.


Jim Davidson is an author, entrepreneur, actor, and director. He is the vision director of You can find him on as well as and also as planetaryjim. He appreciates any support you can provide as times are very difficult. See the Paypal link on this page. Or email your humble author to offer other choices. Visit for more information. Those seeking a multi-jurisdiction multi-hop VPN for communications privacy please visit For those seeking colloidal silver try Ask Jim about CryptoWealth. Coming soon: FreedomLandDAO dot com—not yet hosted. Just arrived:

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