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Okaloosa Dreamin’
by L. Neil Smith
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The more things change, the more they stay the same. You’ve probably noticed that. Back when I was just a kid, attending Choctawhatchee High School in Okaloosa County, Florida, during the dark era of Democrat Bob Sykes, a sketchy Congressional homesteader from 1941 to 1978, I may have been too young to vote, but not too young to have strong political convictions or to campaign for the few candidates who reflected those convictions. In those bad old days, we used to bet on whether the local newspaper’s police report would feature more arrests for moonshining or for incest. At least half the time, the arrestees for the former would be the Sheriff’s deputies themselves.

It was, in fact, my second political campaign, the first being two years earlier for a Republican gubernatorial candidate, George Holly. At the time, his party usually did about as well in the Deep South as Libertarian Party candidates do everywhere today. Nevertheless, by the time we were through, Holly had won an incredible thirty percent of the vote. We kids had begun to alter the political landscape of America.

Our Presidential candidate, two years later, was Barry Goldwater (I’d say “Look him up” as I often do, except that the Internet, and especially Wikipedia, seem to have gone all George Orwelly, where political history is concerned. I couldn’t find a trace of the George Holly I knew). Goldwater was an exceptionally fine man who was treated every bit as rottenly and abusively by the media and his fellow Republicans as Donald Trump is today. To which I say, “Never forgive, never forget”. You listening, Mitt?

But, alas, I seem to have digressed. On Election Day, 1964, our side had two GOP poll watchers that I was aware of. One was a neighbor lady, a First Air Commandos wife, who had taken to carrying a baseball bat or tire iron with her everywhere in her Volkswagen Beetle. The other was a young lawyer who was set upon by thugs after the polls closed. He fought his way free, but when he got home, he found a tooth embedded in his knuckle. When he went to the Sheriff’s Department the next morning, the deputy who bellied up to the counter to take his complaint was freshly missing a front tooth.

That was then, and this is then all over again. I hear it’s perfectly civilized south of the Mason-Dixon line these days, and pretty thoroughly Republican. But I don’t think it’s any coincidence that good ol’ boy Joe Biden, the worshipful mentee of Robert Byrd, John Stennis, James O. Eastland, and their racist ilk, and his fellow Klansmen and -women have brought back the putrescently corrupt politics of Okaloosa County and the Deep South for all of America to enjoy.

Let me repeat that for all those who didn’t get it the first time around: it’s no coincidence that Joe Biden, educated by racist Senators, has brought back the corrupt politics of the Deep South. The 2020 election is being stolen outright from the American Productive Class by a coalition of latterday segregationists, communists, and nihilists, aided and abetted by the Chinese government and an entry-level Nazi billionaire. Our only hope now lies with lawyers and the United States Supreme Court.

It’s very difficult for me (at least) to understand how any individual can accept the label “Democrat” a moment longer and still call themselves decent. For decades Democrats have been the party of blatant election fraud (there are many more stories I could tell you, not all of them Southren), slavery, eternal foreign war, human trafficking, and child molestation. How can they, in good conscience, continue to side with the party that hates the flag, hates the anthem, hates the Rule of Law, and hates the Constitution? The Democrats have now proven themselves the enemies of peace, freedom, genuine progress, and prosperity, as well. They have become the enemies of humanity.

To surrender abjectly to specimens like that would be obscene. You can begin tp fight back by spreading this essay as far and wide as you can. In the hard days ahead, remember: Where We Go 1, We Go All.



L. Neil Smith

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