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Plan G? From Outer Space
by Sarah A. Hoyt

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

I never wanted to live in interesting times. Of course, being born inn the sixties was definitionally a bad idea for this, and I’d like to know what I was thinking, except I don’t really believe in pre-birth existence, and this only confirms it. Because holy heck guys, I’ve done some pretty stupid things in my life, but choosing that time for my life would have been next level stupid.

The problem with this fargin mess we find ourselves in is that there is no “good” way out, only a less bad way out.

Either way, about half the population are going to think that there was cheating. (I actually don’t think near half if Trump wins, but heaven knows, the propaganda machine being what it is, it’s possible/) And either way there’s going to be disruptions and either loss of life or loss of everything life means.

I think there is a chance that if Trump wins this case in courts, the disaffected people will be closer to a quarter, because I think most of those who actually vote for the left do so for reasons other than conviction (being paid, being on drugs, social signaling, etc.) and there is also a non trivial number of faked votes (dead voters, etc. ) I don’t believe this because I disagree with them, or I think no one can be that stupid, (boy, let me tell you, there might be no upper limit to how stupid humans can be) but because their behavior betrays a certainty that …. um… “selling a corrupted product that doesn’t correlate to public tastes will have no negative consequences. I know this behavior because of publishing and the push marketing system. It is also the subject of my latest (sorry, subscription) PJM article.

I can, I think, quote the relevant part, though:

However, they also seem to be insulated from the need for votes, which are the currency (in a representative republic) in which political ideas get “paid.”

So, for instance, they can run around saying things like they’ll provide free health care for illegal immigrants, or that the most important thing ever is Global Warming, issues that completely fail to find traction with the great majority of the public, outside very wealthy (and insulated) upper classes.
Or as someone put it in 2016 “They’re running as if the US were a country slightly to the left of Sweden.”

And the right looks at the voting results and thinks “Oh, it’s all those gosh darned young college graduates.”

While there’s an endless supply of boneheads, the left has spent most of the last 40 years creating them, and they still snap out of it by thirty, and don’t vote much before that. Which is why the left thinks it would be wunderbar to lower voting age to 16.

But the truth is that the left keeps spiraling further and further left, i.e. what impresses radical socialist chic matrons.  So this year they ran as if they were running in the USSR in the 70s.

I think that’s because they’re completely insulated from the results. Because there’s a certain amount of fraud baked in.

This is why Biden can promise to lock us in for three months, and then to work mostly on keeping the Earth from baking and still come close to winning.

It’s also why on a local level, my governor, Paste Eating Polis can turn around after we defeated a measure to let homeless park in public spaces, and sign an executive order to do it.

The fix is in, with all vote by mail, so he doesn’t need to worry about what the peasants think. And we’re all racist, sexist and homophobic, anyway, and who cares if property values in downtown Denver tank? Look at his beautiful feels in having all these homeless in tents. And of course, voting for him with same day registration.

Seriously — even if we can’t prove it, it’s easy to spot the system is corrupt, and has been for a long time.

Let’s hope that Trump can prove it for this year and that in the wake of it our voting system gets cleaned to something that wouldn’t embarrass a corrupt African country.

So, with that in mind—and I think my reasoning is valid—the riots will, yes, happen either way (please, people on the right, if you don’t listen to the crazy woman who knows history in anything else, listen to me in this, commies lose ugly but win UGLIER. Whatever the outcome they’re going to burn, loot and murder, either way), but I think the number of people who lose faith in our system is not only way smaller if the left loses, but it will be mostly confined to the academic left, students and teachers alike, who derive great pleasure from being hard done by and claiming to be injured. Oh, and well off suburban women, ditto.

And Trump will clean the corruption that’s deep laid in, and after the voting fraud has been exposed, things will get at least somewhat cleaned up, and the world will go on. Yes, careers and reputations will die, which is why the left is fighting so hard.

This is the consummation I’m hoping for. It is also almost impossible because SO MUCH of their fraud is if not impossible to prove and expose, impossible to prove and expose by means the court will UNDERSTAND and account for.

Which means the stronger chance is that “president select Biden” the zombie selected and pushed by the elites and the technocrats worldwide will win.

And it will last maybe a few months, because they’re beyond f*cking stupid, and then… it will blow up. And the butcher’s bill and what comes after has me waking up screaming in the night.

What you need to understand, though, it’s that it’s not just us, who are going “Okay, I have had about enough of this.” The left in their panic, has run through several plans, and are now in a real, unreasoning panic.

Ignore the happy horsesh*t of their talk shows and the useful idiots (the operative word in this phrase is idiots) talking about how we can now be one big happy family. That’s the psyops.

Those who are even MINIMALLY aware are getting the wind up, because none of this operation has gone the way they expected. I was talking to a friend about this yesterday, and we both agreed that they’re not even in plan C anymore.

It’s like this. Plan A was to run a potemkin campaign, but it would be okay, because lockdowns would tank the economy, people always blame the president, and therefore Trump lost, automagically.

Only Trump did the press conferences, and Doctor Falsi notwithstanding, Trump’s popularity remained high.

Thus, plan B, and the demand for all mail in ballots, which could be all fraud, all the way down.

When that failed, and the Republicans refused to do the stimulus package that included provisions for all vote by mail and no ID or proof of citizenship ever, the left deployed plan C.

Plan C included the “patch” on dominium software and all the other crap—the not obvious, visible crap—with the idea some of it might be challenged, but no big deal, because they had the supreme court and they could always do a reverse of what they think happened in 2000, and have the supreme court put Biden in. They counted on RBG to do a ridiculous, off the cuff justification, like she always did, having zero to do with the constitution.

Meanwhile they were running plan D in the form of polls that would depress Republican turn out, coupled with scares to keep the old from voting in person (they’re always convinced for reasons known only to their psychiatrists that the very old are Republican. Since the very old listen most to the MSM it’s likely to be the very old are Democrats. But never mind.) Just in case.

RBG died, and Trump had the unmitigated gall to get a judge in before the election. So they couldn’t count on that, and were suddenly in plan E, screaming for people to go to the polls in person even that if they WERE POSITIVE FOR COVID because it was perfectly safe. (Which tells you exactly what to think of all the restrictions and lockdowns. It’s all political theater.)

But those plans failed, and Trump, without fraud, won in a massive landslide. So, what could the left do?

Well move to plan F. Shut down the counting. Throw observers out. Commit so much fraud that people feel embarrassed to MENTION it because it sounds crazy, done all in the full light of day. (Go look at Monster Hunter Nation. Last three posts. Start three down.)

They expected to turn the Republicans against Trump, for Trump even daring question this. It almost worked too. My lot are a fickle lot, and behave like abused spouses who never had anyone fight for them. Just like spouses in that situation are likely to turn on their savior, some in our number tried very hard to turn on Trump. But not the majority.

Though the majority still has a sick feeling that Trump might give up, that’s just our lifetime of being betrayed, okay?

So, having fallen through all this, the left is now at plan G.

Plan G is more psyops. In their defense, they’re good at psyops. Really good. And they just pulled the covidiocy by dint of media and social media and shutting up or dismissing people like me who pointed out that the numbers of the Diamond Princess gave us no reason to panic. (I mean, one of the reasons they dismissed that was that people in cruise ships had the best medical care. Which is like saying the laptop from hell has been debunked. It’s not true. It’s in fact glaringly false, but most people don’t know any better.)

So their psyops involves acting like Biden is inevitable, like there is no fraud, like Trump is insane, like the rest of us are conspiracy theorists, and oh, btw, like Trump is “hiding” and not communicating.

Yeah, okay, his twitter is more quiet than normal. One of my best friends is lawyer. I know because I’ve seen her get frustrated at people in the middle of court cases (not her cases) for talking in public about anything even peripherally related to the issue that the first thing lawyers tell you is to shut up about the case or anything related in public.

And yeah, he’s not doing five rallies a day. I’d guess his entire effort is going to exposing the fraud and figuring out how to clean the system whether or not he stays in. Besides, we can rally without him. We’ve proven that. (And the Trump trains are magnificent.)

But the press is reporting on it as “Trump emerges from hiding at the White House to—” I swear I saw that line in a mainstream article. And also, they have no imagination. They never did. Remember when Palin was running and they said her real ambition was not to win, but to “get a talk show” or “become a reality star.” And then of course they ran her off governor with lawfare?

Yeah. They’ve always said what Trump wanted was a bigger reality show. Now they say he wants to start a network to rival Fox, not to win the presidency, and this is all publicity. Their aim is to make the people on the right feel betrayed and isolated, something we have long experience of and turn on Trump, so he gives up.

Don’t fall for it. Yeah, none of this is certain, but don’t you dare fall for it. For one because what lies on the other side of this if they win the butcher’s bill STARTS at 2 million and might be ten times higher if compounded with famine and other issues.

So, stay strong, stay prepared.

Lay in supplies for a month. Check on the more vulnerable and scared members of the right. A lot of us spiral into depression anyway, regularly. Do what you can to make your space secure and your people safe. And yeah, this does come from someone in a blue city. I’m no end happy over this.

Because one way or another—and I shudder to think what their plan H is—things are going to get very, very interesting. “Interesting.”

Your duty is to survive and help restore the republic. Our hope is that this the gang that can’t shoot straight and always hurts themselves more than us.

But nothing is certain, and the storm approaches. The storm is almost on us.

Remember Heinlein. Be prepared. And keep your clothes and weapons where you can find them in the dark.


Reprinted from According to Hoyt for November 13, 2020

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