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Reality Check
by Sean Gangol

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Usually I don’t write about celebrities, but I was compelled to write about the recent Twitter battle that actor, Jon Cryer had with Congressman, Matt Gaetz, along with the ongoing feud between rapper, Cardi B and black conservative activist, Candace Owens. The reason why I am even dedicating an article to this subject is because I am amused at how celebrities have the common misconception that they think that having greater fame and fortune than most people, also means that they are smarter than everyone else.

I especially find it amusing that in the case of Cardi B, she actually believes that she is on the same intellectual wavelength as Candace Owens. The thought makes me want to fill an entire paragraph with lol or ha, ha. Aside from the fact that one is an activist that debates for a living and other writes rap songs about her vagina while dancing around in outrageous outfits, I have never heard anything remotely intelligent come out of the mouth of Cardi B. Her best shot at political commentary is to yell Nazi or racist at anybody who disagrees with her. To be fair that is what the modern left considers legitimate discourse these days. She has also accused Candace Owens of being “pimped-out” by the Republican Party, which is ironic coming from an ex-prostitute (I’m not kidding). I almost had laughing fits when she said that she refused to debate with Candace Owens because of her despicable reputation. Yeah, that’s the reason, Cardi. It could have more to do with the fact that you wouldn’t last five minutes against the fast talking and quick-witted Owens. On top of that Owens is likely to have a boat load of facts and statistics to support her position, while Cardi’s only contribution to the debate would likely be “you’re a racist.” The one thing that I can say about Cardi B is that she is good for a laugh. I laughed even harder when Cardi B tried to use the talk she had with Joe Biden as an example of how she is capable of holding an intelligent conversation. I don’t know which part of that statement is funnier. That she chose Biden as an example of intelligence when the man can’t even put together a coherent sentence or that the rapper is unaware of the irony that she chose a guy who for a long time tried to avoid debates like the plague.

Then there is Joh Cryer who seems slightly more intelligent than Cardi B, but pretty much regards Trump and his supporters as racists and Nazis. Recently, he has gotten himself in a Twitter battle with Congressman, Matt Gaetz, who like every other Republican who supports Trump, Cryer has accused of being racist. Gaetz decided to hit back by reminding everybody that it was Charlie Sheen, not Jon Cryer who carried the tv show, Two & Half Men . Not surprisingly, this made Cryer so indignant that he had to remind Gaetz that the show lasted four more years without Charlie and that he won Emmy for that show. Gaetz in return acted unimpressed with Cryer’s reward, which he felt was something that Hollywood awarded itself.

In this particular case I don’t feel as good about waking this actor up to the cold reality that was Two & Half Men since I am actually a fan of this man’s work. Not only did I enjoy the long running series that he was a part of, but I actually enjoyed his autobiographical book, So, that Happened. I found his book quite funny and it made me think that Cryer may have a future in writing. It’s actually hard to believe that the same witty person who wrote that book, was the same idiot who continues to tweet such nonsense that isn’t much better than the drivel that comes out of the mouth of Cardi B. I’m sorry, but it’s hard for me to take anybody series who simply labels Trump or his supporters as racist. As I said before, I hate to be the one to break it to Cryer, but Two& Half Men was complete and utter crap when Charlie Sheen left the show. To be fair I thought the show was starting to get stale, even before the whole fiasco with Sheen. It seemed as if the show was always going to be at a dead end, since Charlie Harper was always going to be a womanizing booze hound, while his brother Alan was always going to sponge off of him. It didn’t leave much room for character growth. Though, once Sheen had his public meltdown, the show went from stale to downright rancid.

I don’t want to sound like I am justifying Charlie’s actions because what he did defies all rationality. If I were to go on a national radio show to bash my boss and publicly post his phone number to leave him wide open for harassment from angry fans, I would be shocked if I still had a job afterwards. Yet, the reality remains the same. Whatever spark the show still had left, pretty much disappeared after Sheen’s departure. While I have nothing against the Waldon Schmitt (Ashton Kutcher) character that replaced Charlie Harper, he would have been much better suited for an entirely different tv show. He just seemed out of place in Two & Half Men and it made little since why he let Alan Harper sponge off of him. Charlie allowed it because Alan was his brother who did bring a certain balance to Charlie’s otherwise shallow life. The very fact that the ratings took a nosedive into hell, is a testament to how bad the show got. I’m sorry to be the one to throw a pitcher of cold water on your delusion, Jon, but that is the truth. Here is another dose of cold truth. When you call anyone, you disagree with a Nazi or a racist, it doesn’t make you look that intelligent. It makes you look as if you don’t have any intelligent arguments to make, like a kindergartener who yells “stupid-head” at the person who made him angry. Also, just because you have some degree of notoriety it doesn’t mean that your opinion carries any more weight than the average person’s. I think it’s important for you to be reminded of that cold, hard reality.

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