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Don’t Que the Fat Lady Yet
by Sean Gangol

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

In the last election I predicted correctly that Donald Trump would win the presidency. I also predicted that he would win again in this current run. In a way, I was right, despite what the Democrats and their cronies in the media say. I can’t even begin to tell you how I distrust the current vote count in the critical swing states, except that there is nothing about it that smells right. I should have known that this Vote by Mail scheme was a recipe for disaster. Donald Trump and just about every conservative media outlet predicted it. There was even a series of books called The Fallen Empires written by James Rosone and Miranda Watson, which actually predicted a debacle similar to our current situation. Though in these books the outcome of the rigged election led to a civil war, an invasion from the UN and in all-out war with China. Let us hope that it never comes to any of that. Yet, I wanted to be more optimistic about the election, since everything else in 2020 has been one sour note after another. I suppose election integrity is just too much to ask for from the left.

Almost from the very beginning I knew that this election was far from Kosher. It is interesting how Trump who was leading in many of the vital swing states when it seemed as if the vote counting came to a standstill. Suddenly all the votes that were being counted favored Biden. In Michigan, they mysteriously found 200,000 ballots, all of which were cast in Biden’s favor. I also find it interesting that this so-called Blue Wave that elected Joe Biden, also allowed the Republicans to gain more seats in the Senate and the House of Representatives. Does that really make sense to anybody? Then you had the officials in Philadelphia that booted out poll watchers to prevent transparency. Yeah, there is nothing suspicious about that. It’s interesting that these same people who scoff at our right to privacy and tell us that if we have nothing to hide, then we shouldn’t worry about being under their microscope 24/7, don’t apply the same logic to themselves. Then of course there is the whistleblowers in the post office who claim that they have seen their fellow workers back-date ballots that came later than the November 3 deadline. There is even talk about the dead in Michigan rising from the grave to vote for Biden. It’s also interesting that Biden who seemed to have lukewarm support among his own voting base, somehow gained more votes than Barrack Obama.

Not surprisingly, the left and its cronies in the media, which sadly now includes Fox News, have denied that there is anything suspicious about this election. They basically tell us that Trump and his supporters should accept these results and just shut up. Interesting how they didn’t share the same sentiment towards Al Gore and his supporters during the 2000 elections, just like the anti-Trump feminists in vagina hats who were completely silent during the Clinton reign. Apparently, being a hypocrite is the right of every leftist.

The arrogance of the left is astounding. They actually expect us to take their word for it that this election was on the up and up, when they spent four years trying to undermine the legitimacy of Trump’s election with halfcocked conspiracy theories about Russian collusion. Then they tried to rewrite the rules of impeachment by ignoring that little sentence in the Constitution that says you need an actual crime to impeach the president on. Then there is the widespread rioting and looting by Marxist groups across the country, which the Democrats have yet to actively condemn. It’s amazing how Republicans are always forced to line up around the corner to denounce the KKK and various racist organizations that are no longer relevant in this day and age, yet the left refuses to condemn these Marxist Brownshirts that are actively reaping havoc around the nation. Despite all this the left actually has the nerve to demand our trust and accept the election’s results without question. Good luck with that Lefties.

Then we have the media who obviously doesn’t understand that it is the Electoral College who elects the president and not them. They called certain states for Biden even before they had finished counting the votes. It really doesn’t matter how many states they call for Biden. What really matters in the end is the number of votes in those states and whether the Electoral College chooses to accept them. So, they can break out all those five-hundred-dollar champion bottles all they want. Until every last legitimate vote is counted and the Electorate gives Biden the go-ahead to take over the presidency, their projections don’t mean Jack. That means you too, Fox News.

I know that there are some who are feeling disillusioned about this election and the entire voting process. I can’t say that I blame them at all. It almost makes me want to give up on the process all-together. Though, I don’t think we should count our chickens just yet. As I just said, the organization that really picks the president in the end is the Electoral College, which doesn’t meet until mid-December. Plus, Trump has a bunch of ongoing lawsuits, which will likely go all the way to the Supreme Court. The upside is that the Supreme Court seems to be on Trump’s side with its recent ruling that Pennsylvania needs to do recount and separate the mail-in ballots from the rest of the votes that were counted. In Georgia we have a current recount going on and have currently found thousands of ballots that were uncounted. I have feeling that is only going to be the tip of iceberg.

As optimistic as I would like to be about the recount effort, I think we need to prepare for the worst. If the Electorate does accept Biden’s fraudulent claim to the presidency, we need to makes sure that that the Republicans hold the Senate. That will be challenged in January during the run-off race in Georgia. The Democrats are targeting Georgia to get a majority in the Senate, so they can shove their agendas down the throats of the American people. The one hope that we do have if Trump loses, is that we could end up with a congress that will make it difficult if not impossible for the Democrats to get anything meaningful passed. That is why we have to hold Georgia. We need to make it hell for Biden and Harris to function in the Whitehouse. Personally, I think the Republicans should treat them with the same contempt and disrespect that the Democrats have shown Trump for the last four years. With the way that they have treated Trump and his supporters, it’s too late for civility.

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