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Socialism is a very fragile doctrine that can’t
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Operation Swamp Fox
by Sarah A. Hoyt

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel like 2020 has scoured me from the inside out. I swear this year is at least a thousand years as experienced. The person who started this year was tired, a little down. My rights being caught in the maw of a very bad contract and the company not deigning to respond to my requests for reversal were part of it. The rest was the toll of 10+ years of severe illness. You can fix it, and I’d been fixing it for the last three or four, but the scars remain. In my mid to late fifties I’m not as flexible and do not heal as fast. And I was tired.

Which of course is why looking back I smile at the earnest naivete of that summer child. Because since then I’ve seen my country put under house arrest, its citizens stripped of the rights that were the very reason of the founding. I’ve seen dubiously elected governors and mayors clamp down on the citizens who pay taxes, while freeing the criminals and letting the ferals run rampant. I’ve seen the deliberate destruction of the best nation on Earth, mankinds last and best hope.

And our internal traitors, knowing and unknowing (a lot of them are just being mean girls because it’s fun and it’s always worked before. The same with virtue signaling. And many are doing it because they’re afraid) have turned the right into painted devils, while unleashing destruction on us.

None of this is accidental. As an email sent to me this morning put it:

#1 Let’s see. China was losing the economic war with Trump and maybe facing Civil War. The Democrats lost the impeachment Then: In October China bought %75 of the questionable voting machine company. So this was just before the election and after the virus they unleashed on the world and the Antifa/BLM they funded through proxies in the USA. Even the purchase was sort of proxy. They own %75 of a UBS Asian arm that is still based in Switzerland. That’s the “proxy” that bought the voting machine company. The original CEO, a Canadian national fled his US court summons and was last seen, briefly, in Singapore before vanishing. The purchase just appeared in the published SEC filings. It was not available, even to Trump, before the election. Well played war by China. China as the source nation of Sun Tzu obviously follows his thoughts.

And my reaction to that email was “well, obviously, duh.” Let me add that the person who sent me this has reason to know about the CEO, etc.

Looking at it the pattern is masterful, and obvious. And worse for us, it worked.

Even if our courts—snort—and our judges—snort giggle—manage to find a shred of non-corruption, we are what is technically known as “fucked.” Because the media is busily convincing our dunderheads and assholes that Trump is a dictator, who will take power by force, which this win will “sort of kind of” give the appearance of, while in fact their steal is the real grab, combined with destroying our elections forever.

The enemy is within the walls, and worse, it is in a position of command.

So that’s where we are. China works this way, btw. Has throughout history. They work by corrupting and enslaving the “elites” of the countries opposing them, to objectively work for China. If you think Hunter’s laptop is an accident, I have some swamp land in FL I’d like to sell you. If you think that the news didn’t report it simply in kindloving service to the democrat party, you’re still wrong. I bet there’s laptops, tapes, evidence against every and each one of the news station heads, including Fox.

China is good at flowing the honey and then trapping the unwary insect in molasses. And to them this is highly moral, as national and racial supremacy are the highest morality to them.

But it puts us in a pickle, because our mentally deficient would-be elites will destroy us without even realizing they’re doing it, and will do anything to keep the fact they’re massively corrupt and hypocritical hidden.

That’s what they have on all the tech lords, and btw, I suspect it’s why they hate Trump so much. His peccadilloes are banal and almost endearing compared to the raw moral sewage of the Bidens, the Obamas, the Clintons, and let’s not even think of what Harris has in her closet, if what’s known is that she climbed up in the world by sucking cock. So he didn’t fall into the trap. Which means the entrapped ones hate him even more.

But even with the BEST intent in the world, and if they weren’t in China’s pay and employ (they are) these people would kill us all, because they have no idea how the western economy works, or how free people work.

I’m not actually making this up, please believe me, I’m as serious as I can be: They will start with an engineered famine, but they have no clue how any of this works, and before they are done, people will die for other reasons and of other things or what makes this country live and thrive. If they get full control, within two years, I suspect more than half of America will be dead. Mind you, they might not manage it. None of their plans work as planned, because they’re not good at people and specifically they’re not food at America. But the unintentional destruction—though in spots—will be at least as bad as the intentional.

So we need to fight back. More specifically, I need to fight back.

Look, guys, I know this makes no sense whatsoever, and is not objectively true, but I’m broken in very specific ways. One of those is that in this type of situation I feel guilty for it having happened at all, like I should have prevented it. And I feel responsible for protecting everyone in its path. Which is …. on its face insane.

I bet a lot of you, by nature or training sheep dogs are feeling the same. We know what we are. We’re not good people. Frankly, we’d rather eat the flock, and be muzzle-deep in blood.

But we or something in us knows better. Something in us chose to harness the predator to defend the flock. It’s our flock. And though the predator still howls for blood, it’s wolf blood.

And we’ve been tearing ourselves apart since the lockdown happened, because we sensed the wolves rounding in that move. We sensed the threat to the flock. But we had no idea how to fix it, how to protect “ours.”

In case some of you aren’t built in this model, (and I imagine there are few of you) what happens feels a lot like going insane. The paranoia and aggression comes out, and if you can’t do anything, you rip yourself to shreds.

Well…. I depress myself to stop me hurting others. I become incredibly non-productive and depressed, and stop sleeping.

But that does nothing.

This is not a sidestep, so bear with me: Like many of you, I heard of the planned trucker strike for this last Monday. When it didn’t happen, I thought it might be one of the many rumors swirling around, the sort of thing we live in right now.

Turns out—got to love you American-born people. You are so ENDEARINGLY naive and fearless—the organizer of the group (The Wheels Stop) started the group …. on Facebook. It exploded to 70k people in a week, and then …. he called the strike off. Now, the article I read about this said he didn’t expect it to grow that much and didn’t want to be in that kind of position of leadership. What I understand (and minimal poking around confirms my suspicions) is that he and his family got threatened into his calling it off.

Which is a pity, because the planned strike emphasized ONE very important thing: anyone who rules this country, rules by consent of the governed. Not just in America, though in America it was codified, but always.

When we think about it, we think in terms of the fourth box. Because we’re Americans, and we have the power.

But the fourth box is not the only box. And if used, it catapults us into a completely different world. More importantly, it’s not up to any of us to start. It will start—or not—at some point, at some flare instance. What I’m afraid of is that those are being “spiked” somehow.

And the sheepdogs are going crazy. The smell the wolf and they can do nothing.

I woke up this morning thinking of Poland. When they’d had enough, the communists were brought down with a general strike.

Um…. Sure. UNTOLD damage and pain. But guys, less than where we’re headed with or without the fourth box.

To work it would need to be like the tea party. I don’t know how to do that. But I know some people reached by this do. They were part of and instrumental in the tea party.

And as horrible as a general strike is, it’s better than slavery to China, or CWII and better than the utter destruction of our republic and its institutions. If done, it should be done for two things “A stop on the infringement on our constitutional liberties, no matter if in the name of a virus. And a new election, free and fair. One day, purple fingers, in person, with ID. AND the ballots counted in front of everyone who desires to attend. By hand. No shenanigans.”

IF it’s done. If any of you know how to even start doing that. Some crucial industries that would turn this bitch around, even without “general” participation are, of course, transportation and food production at all levels. Even 50% stoppage will stop the nonsense (and likely bring the government as is down.) Think about it. Do what you can.

But it’s not in MY purview to do or organize. And it would be better if we have several organizations going at once. Remember our older brothers in Hong Kong. They’ve been fighting China a long time: be like water.

And in that spirit, there’s things you each can do to turn this around. They’re smaller, they take a long time, and each of you will have very little impact. Some of you will recoil from them, because they imply fighting in our own circle, and some of you will scream “we become like them.” No. We do not. This is defensive. Shooting at those who are shooting at you is not “you become like them.” It’s defensive. This is the same. If we don’t do this, they WILL win, because they’re attacking and we’re not defending.

Will it tarnish your soul? Likely. All war does, whether lethal or not. But we didn’t choose this. We’re under attack from an enemy without who has activated an enemy within. And we have to win this. We have to win it for us, for the free men and women in the world. Or we all live under the boot of China, who make Nazi Germany seem cuddly and gentle (Note to the inevitable idiots: and yes, they were pretty horrible monsters.)

So, operation Swamp Fox (a) because an American Hero b) because we’re fighting the swamp).

I’m going to give you the basics. You’re my people. you’ll improvise, innovate and imagine new ways to make things work, ways I never even thought about. So the basic maneuvers (and you’ll need to dislocate your mind a little to do some of them.)

1- Tit for tat
Many of you work embedded in the liberal world. You know what these people think of us, and how they behave if they have a chance to get back at us, including a million little acts of sabotage and defiance.
Tit for tat. If there’s a way you can make the life of your liberal co-worker a living hell, sabotage their career, make them feel incompetent? Start now. IF you can do it without it coming back on you, do it. And do it as hard and as often as you can.
“But they’re a good person” you’ll say. Oh, are they? What would they do to YOU if they knew your politics and had the chance? That’s all we’re asking for. Tit for tat.
What this will do: make the organization shakier; make the leftists anywhere come across as putzes (they sabotage, belittle, etc. any out conservative which is how they’ve managed to project that “conservatives are not very smart or creative.” This is JUST pay back.); put them on edge so they make mistakes, and make themselves seem less competent. If we have to do this for four years it’s going to hurt like a mother, but we’ll make sure it hurts them more.

2- Be the Uber Karen
What is that I hear? Oh, yes. You see…. Karens don’t follow their own rules very well.
Have you considered walking up to the mask police and LOUDLY telling them they’re wearing their mask wrong? Same with ANY liberal you know to be so in public.
MAKE them live by their rules. While you’re at it, make them live by ALL their rules. They’re writing a letter? Well, using paper is Chinese appropriation! They’re doing/wearing something sourced to another continent? Come down on them like a ton of bricks on the flimsiest excuse.
They drive a car? Oh, dear. What about global warming? They have kids? But the OVERPOPULATION! Chase them around and preach their own gospel at them at the most inconvenient and bizarre times. Publicly. Loudly.
What this does: the stupider ones will crack. The brighter ones might end up red pilled.

3- Bangs arm on chest “He’s OUR leader.”
Go on and on about the wonderfulness of your local petty tyrant, and how they totally deserve to get the best. And how great was it—tee-he—that the election was rigged, uh? Those votes just pulled from under the table in Atlanta! (Eyes wide with admiration) There’s even video! How great is it that now our great leaders will have power forever? Notice Obama is in charge again? That’s what I mean. Isn’t it wonderful? Look at all the HEALING he managed in his time. Etc. Be as fullsome as you can.
What it does: those with a shred of humanity will revolt inside and eventually it will bring them around. This works best if you are under deep cover. Seriously. They won’t know what hit them.

4- Be the ditsy aunt
This also only works if you’re deep under cover, but find all the things they don’t want the rank and file to know, and say them, with the deepest and greatest possible approval.
Hunter Biden’s laptop? “Well, of course it’s true, but the media was so right in covering it up. The poor poor boy. Very difficult, all those addictions, and of course Joe took what payments he could from where he could. The poor boy needed help.”
“China is so wonderful. They control their population. Oh, sure they have camps, but really, if they need to reduce population, how else to do it?”

5- NOT ONE red cent
I confess my dad is responsible for this. When he turned eighty and retired he announced “My life is too short to read communists.”
This one is the one that will hurt most of us. We have gotten used to consuming entertainment from the assholes. Because for a while it was all you could get.
It’s time to cut back.
And I feel like a total hypocrite saying this, because I read from Amazon and sell on Amazon. But I’m not saying to do it in everything, only where you have a choice. If you have a choice of whom to do business with, do it with people you know to be conservatives. Grow our own. The reason we don’t have money on the right is that asymmetrical economic warfare has been waged on our people for decades. It’s time to return fire. If you have a chance, buy from your own, and give breaks to your own.
One easy thing you can do, on Amazon even, is read your own, and as much as you can avoid things from China.
Starve the beast.

6- Make connections
Find the other conservatives in your circles. Make connections. This might be needed in the future. In fact, it will probably be. I don’t need to explain how or why, right?

7- Make them live up to their claimed ideals
This can be used even if the liberal is your nearest and dearest. You might think it makes no difference but a comment like “How very Hitlerian of you!” when they talk about punishing political opponents or how some people are inherently bad from birth can fester and eventually bring about a crisis of conscience.
And hell, it’s worth a try.

Now go and make with it. And spread the idea to anyone you can trust. The effect of one of us doing it is minimal (though often satisfying, particularly tit for tat) but the effect of all of us doing it, much less anyone else, will be noticeable and leave a mark. And maybe weaken their position until those bigger than us take action.

So, make with Operation Swamp Fox.

Let’s win our country back


Reprinted from According to Hoyt for December 4, 2020

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