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They really want you dead, or enslaved, or both.

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The World Turned Upside-Down
by L. Neil Smith
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Sometimes—rarely—we are afforded a lightning flash of clarity before the murky clouds of history roll back over us again. If you want to know the most significant fact of the past two-hundred fifty years, it is this: on October 19th, 1781, following their humiliating defeat at the Battle of Yorktown at the hands of American Revolutionary forces, the surrendering British command ordered their military band to play a song called ”The World Turned Upside-Down”. (Ironically, given current events, the song was originally a popular protest against Parliament’s puritanical order not to celebrate Christmas in the traditional, boisterous, merry, and colorful English way.)

Everything that has happened since, politically, is wrapped up in that telling choice. When Thomas Jefferson and his cohorts wrote and distributed the Declaration of Independence, it was a different world. For thousands of years, since the very dawn of civilization, every human culture had been constructed on the assumption there are two kinds of people, the wise and noble elites, endowed by God or the gods with a divine right to rule over the rest of us lowly peasants, the irredeemable deplorables, whom they essentially owned, body and soul.

Thus—and it is absolutely essential that you understand this—any rebellion against the ordained authorities was considered not only an act of treason, but of blasphemy, as well. People on both sides have believed that, and acted on it, for at least ten thousand years. However, thanks to thinkers like Thomas Paine, our Founding Fathers slammed on the brakes, shifted the gears of civilization, and headed off in a new direction in which “all men are created equal”. The elites never forgave them for it nor forgot. They tried to correct what they saw as as a fluke in 1812, won a couple of battles, but got thrashed by those deplorables again—smugglers and pirates—in New Orleans. They have been struggling violently to regain their lost control of humanity ever since.

It becomes clearer now why certain American “capitalists”—who secretly considered themselves a kind of royalty—extended a generous hand to brutal collectivist dictators like Lenin and Stalin who had won their own place among the elites. Marxism didn’t represent any kind of meaningful or genuine departure, it was simply another way to control the peasants, keep them down, and steal the fruits of their labors. I have even had long conversations with observers who believe that Adolf Hitler was the monkey-puppet of the elites.

Examine America’s later wars. Abraham Lincoln, a cheesy lawyer for railroad millionaires, forcibly converted a handful of independent polities into a monolithic, centrally-planned dictatorship featuring conscription, income taxation, and election fraud. The so-called “civil war” had essentially nothing to do with slavery (famously, Lincoln did not oppose slavery in principle) which only served him and his clients as an excuse. We have still not recovered.

By the time America’s conflict with Spain arose—whatever its actual origins—we had fallen well under the control of elitism. Making life miserable for a sketchy European monarch might have been a good thing, but we should have kept our promise to the Philippines and let them go. Cuba might even have become a state, but the elites had far too many crooked operations going on down there they didn’t want investigators poking their noses into. So they got Castro, instead.

“World War One it came and it went/ The reason for fighting I never did get.”—Bob Dylan. America had no rational excuse for entering World War One. Woodrow Wilson, infamous racist and academic elitist, simply wanted to play with the big boys in Europe and seize control of the nation’s free press and productive facilities. More taxation, more conscription—and no complaints, or else. The Great War was an argument between kings and emperors and it didn’t matter to Americans, essentially, who won or lost. The principal consequence was that it unjustly pinned all the blame on Germany and gave rise to Hitler and the Nazis. It replaced monarchs with Marxists, and nobody was any better off. Bob Dylan was right.

It is by no means a coincidence that a nation ruled by a god-emperor attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941. Our republic, with its tens of millions of self-owning ronin individuals, was intolerable to such minds and had to be obliterated at any cost. The Japanese were quickly joined by an absurdly pompous, strutting idiot whose wet-dream was to recreate the Roman Empire, and by Hitler, whose rise to power was the direct product of the Allies’ incompetent bungling of World War One.

World War Two was simply the next chapter of a far greater world war—call it the “Fifty Years’ War”—that lasted continuously from 1939 through 1989. The object was to restore control of humanity to the elites. When the Nazis gave out, the Soviet communists took over, and although they have mostly lost worldwide, we are within mere weeks of learning whether their Chinese successors have finally conquered America.

The Chinese have been ruthlessly stamping out every manifestation of individualism among their people for at least four thousand years, until subservience to the state appears to be a part of their genetic heritage, whereas the Vietnamese, who have been fighting the Chinese for about the same amount of time, and who fought the United States to a standstill in the Twentieth century, seem bred to resist authority. The Democrat wing of the International Communist Party is attempting to steal the 2020 presidential election for a tongue-stumbling, senile old dotard and a hardened Stalinist operative with mass-murder clearly visible in her evil eyes.

The malefactors who believe they own us never forgot or ever forgave the “humiliating kick to the crotch” George Washington gave George III and his pampered, inbred ilk. They believe we are rightfully their serfs and they have been trying to get revenge for 240 years, almost from the last moment of the American Revolution. That’s what the Bilderbergers, Bohemian Grove, and the Council of Foreign Relations—just to name three mortal enemies of the Bill of Rights—are all about. If you think I exaggerate, consider the recent discovery, made by an amateur high school genealogist, that, except for Martin van Burin (and possibly Donald Trump), all U.S. Presidents are related to one another, through King John I of England, the loser who was forced to sign the Magna Carta, and the ultimate villain of all the tales about Robin Hood, one of history’s first deplorables. They are all of the same line, and they want their planet back.

Will we give up and hand it to them? Not if we want to see our species free, prosperous, and genuinely progressive. Not if we want to see our children and grandchildren go to the stars. We may not make it ourselves, but some of them will be the first immortals. Instead, we must follow the example of the Vietnamese and resist, for a thousand years, if necessary. We have our own philosophers of resistance, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, Robert Heinlein, and Eric Frank Russell, among others, to advise us. And Where We Go 1, We Go All.



L. Neil Smith

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