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Number 1,100, January 10, 2021

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Night Terrors
by Sarah A. Hoyt

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

So the crazy years are here.

The problem with having a completely unreliable media who were raised in an educational establishment which taught them objective reality doesn’t exist, and reality changes according to what you believe, is that they’re trying very hard to create a narrative: a story.

They’ve been doing this forever, of course, but they used to do it “in the service of the revolution”, knowing it was their duty to lie. Now they don’t see it as a lie, but as “making the world a better place” by inventing reality and replacing reality they don’t like or which might have made them feel better with their crazy stories.

There are three problems with that. The first is, because they don’t believe there is a reality outside the stories they tell themselves, they believe that once they have put the story in place it is true, and they believe in it themselves.

Second, of course their bullshit spinning doesn’t make it reality. It just makes it …. strange and bizarre and incredibly non-functional. Reality is reality. Just because you believe oil is bad and solar can provide all the energy you need, it won’t work like that. Or that the white race is the repository of all evil, and if you kill them you’ll have paradise, none of that is true.

Third they’re really really really bad novelists. They don’t know enough about the world to tell a lie that makes any sense or accounts for any factors. They don’t know how to integrate the narrative. (To be fair, as I told some fledglings last week, it is almost impossible to. Because the real world is very complex, and other people aren’t widgets. I mean, my characters have a mind of their own, but I’m only dealing with ten or so at a time. And only for at most a few years. I assume I’m not telling you all the complexity that is there.) Actually they don’t know a heck of a lot about real life. And they tend to expect people to act according to their “class” or “race” or whatever. As a friend said this morning, we’re living in a strange world where flying the American flag is simultaneously a government sanctioned display and a sign that you’re a white supremacist.

Their lies can hold. Or at least pretend to hold, for a little bit. It’s really hard to tell which, because humans are social animals and will mouth what they have to, to go along and survive. I don’t know how much their much more competent forbears sold the lie to Russians and Chinese, for instance, and how much of it was going along to go along.

I do know that after a while—I’d guess the COVID will kill us ALL lie is wearing thin, so they’re casting around for better lies—the lie wears thin. Moreover, the next lie doesn’t take as well.

And you have a population—I’m not alone, though I’m part of a minority. But they estimate that 1/3 of American citizens has at least one foreign-born parent, and I can guarantee to you, given the twentieth century that at least half of us came from commie-sosh-bullshit wonderland—that is already ahead of this, that are seeing the lies for what they are, that are smelling the fear in the air and going, frankly, a little insane.

The compelled confessions yesterday got me. Or compelled denunciations, or whatever. Sure, perhaps the video of the President saying to be good boys and girls and be loyal to China Joe and the Ho and that killing commies in batch lots should never even be thought of I mean, that a protest by mostly desperate people was evil and violence, wasn’t obtained with a gun to his head. MAYBE. But it was obtained with a different kind of gun to his head. He has a wife and a son. And I want to scream through the screen that Louis XVI put on a revolutionary cockade. It didn’t save him. Or his wife. Or his son.

And then Betsy de Vos, and I’m sure others, standing there and resigning—with 13 days to go—because you know she must denounce Trump for inciting violence…. in a parallel universe, or perhaps because he didn’t immediately surrender to the commie fraud revolution. She thinks she’ll be spared.

And then supposedly Giulliani was considered for Biden’s attorney general. Of course he wasn’t. It was always going to be Merrick Garland, communist party member, and Obama’s failed pick for the supreme court (and to the people saying it could be worse, stop it or I’ll beat you. Though of course the supreme court doesn’t actually matter, their being in “we’ll be good commie servants, if you eat us last” mode.)

And I’m now sure that Trump had no clue of the depths of evil he was facing. He’d only seen the evil in NYC pretending to be at least somewhat normal and civilized. I doubt he ever read the history of communist take overs. And his wife is too young to know or tell him.

All that Hopium that people latched onto, because he was arranging things to give the president mroe power? That was because he couldn’t imagine such a bizarre and fraudulent election standing.

But the worst part of all this is that as the pseudo reality breaks, as people realize these idiots will kill everyone, yes, even the traitors inside Trump’s circle, the ones who delivered this shit sandwich to the people, Trump had arranged for some things for his second administration that are giving China Jo and Commie LaWhorish more power than any president yet has had.

It’s going to get very very bad. And I expect rivers of blood.

I lay in bed, wishing I’d never existed. I lay in bed, unraveling my life to the beginning. Maybe I should never have made such an effort to come out of the continuous day dreams I was addicted to. If I’d stayed in them I’d have stayed in Portugal, where I’d be aging looking after my parents, and at this point, probably, having no idea there WAS a real world. Maybe I should never have worked to do well in school. At least I’d believe the lies and not know what was coming. Maybe I shouldn’t have worked so hard for the next breath, when I was three or four and lying in bed thinking I’d die before morning. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

I curled up in bed, scared of the illusions being spun around us, and of what people will do in the grip of them, but most of all, in horror and utter pain at the death of my country, the last hope of mankind.

Afraid that I too will break. That I’ll confess to crimes I’ve never committed, to prejudices I don’t hold. Most of all afraid I’ll lie, I’ll forget the truth. Just to live.

And then I found a raft in the dark sea.

I believe in G-d, the creator. I believe He desired and ordained that man have free will, so that we might come to Him willingly, and not compelled.

I believe for the furtherance of those intents, He willed, Helped, Pushed and Cajoled the United States into being, that we might serve as a beacon of individual freedom to the world. I believe H will not allow us to be extinguished, not forever.

I believe the constitution of the United States of America, though flawed as all human things, is the best instrument yet devised for the governance of mankind.

I believe I and every other human being, of any color and any sex and any orientation and anywhere in the world was born endowed with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I believe any curtailment of those rights by earthly governments are an artificial and evil infringement upon G-d’s will.

I will not forget. I will not forswear. On the other side there’s only debasement and ultimately a bad death.

If death must come I will die an American.

And until death comes, I will work for the restoration of the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America.

And there onto I pledge my life, my wealth, my sacred honor. So help me G-d.


Reprinted from According to Hoyt for January 8, 2021

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