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Number 1,100, January 10, 2021

We deplorables must be silenced at all costs

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Resisting Tyranny in 2021—Part 1
by Blank Reg

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

“Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the constitution.”
—TX GOP chair Allen West, after SCOTUS rejected TX suit.

As I write this, the Federal government of the USA is being stolen out from under us, right in plain sight, by a highly organized cabal. I’m not going to go into the details here, many other sites and even writers on this site, have gone into vicious detail about this, on multiple occasions.

The key question now, is what to do next, how to keep hope alive, and a light shining, when everything that surrounds us seems poised to fall into utter darkness.

There are many paths to take, individually and collectively. Today I will focus on one that should be obvious to anyone paying attention, but for some reason, no one is talking about. (Future essays will touch on others).

For now, we need to forget about DC, the Congress, Federal government bureaucracies and court systems of “justice”. For the near term, we must assume they are all wholly owned subsidiaries of the Deep State, and the CCP.

And forget Trump, as well, for the nonce. I am also presuming, for the sake of argument, that there will be no 11th-hour Deux-ex-machina that is going to magically appear to rescue the nation from unspeakable evil. As I’ve said often, of late, as Trump’s options began to shrink, that We Are On Our Own, at least for now. While I would love to see Trump go totally scorched earth before he leaves, like declassifying everything and exposing everyone, I expect he will merely shake his fist defiantly, for one final time, before slinking back to his bunker at Mar-a-Lago.

So for now, let us focus, instead, on the individual States, because therein lies a chance at, if not a remedy, then at least an effective tactic to forestall further encroachments on our rights and liberties by a potential Biden administration, until we can regroup.

The key is in the quote I led off with. Texas, and 17 other states, engaged in a lawsuit last month, challenging the election results, claiming that the “swing states” in question, including PA, AZ, WI and MI, essentially defrauded those 18 states of their rightful election victory. The SCOTUS, claimed, however, that the case had no “standing” and refused to hear it, allowing the fraud by the swing states to stand. A day later, Allen West’s response was made, as quoted above. He took a lot of heat for that, and later had to make clarifying remarks, to the effect that he definitely wasn’t suggesting “secession”, a trigger word for millions, and the entire left-wing digerati.

But there is still the germ of a tantalizing idea here. Indeed, “secession” could lead to horrible disruptions in supply chains, localized hostilities, and even outright civil war, potentially leading to the deaths of millions. But perhaps, as West hinted, we could achieve a form of “secession lite”, not actively breaking away from the Union, but rather, through Constitutional means, make it nearly impossible for a Biden administration to “govern”.

In short: We form a coalition of States to collectively erect a legal barrier against DC, using the 9th and 10th Amendments as the main bulwarks. The 18 states that joined the suit would be a very good start. See the map below:

The states in red are the original states that joined the SCOTUS suit. The 7 lighter-colored states are those that could potentially persuaded to join in, once the original 18 showed they were serious about it. The rest are mostly either in-the-bag blue states, or those swing states like PA that are so messed up with the fraud as to be ineffective. We won’t worry about them for now.

Individual states can mount an effective resistance to Federal tyrannical edicts, when they are forced to focus. Sometimes all it takes is one state—and one angry governor—to make a huge difference.

For example, in 1987, the US was under the bootheel of the infamous 55 mph national speed limit. One state, that year, Arizona, had a governor named Evan Meacham. He decided he’d had enough, told the feds to go stuff their highway funding, and raised the limits in his state to 65. Hilarity ensued. But by the mid-90’s the “double nickel” was gone for good. Today there are many states with posted limits of 80 mph.

38 states, so far, and counting, have, since the late 90’s, defied federal drug enforcement edicts and decriminalized the use of cannabis products for medicinal purposes. Eight of those states have gone so far as to legalize for recreational use. Fed enforcement, at this point, is a dead letter. For years, now, Congress has refused to fund cannabis enforcement by the DEA. One state, Oregon, has taken the next step in 2020, and decriminalized hard drugs such as cocaine, meth, and heroin.

These are just two examples of what states can do when they stick to their guns.

State legislatures in these states, most of which have GOP majorities, don’t have to wait for federal “reforms” to election laws, immigration, drugs, Big Tech spying, or any other issue. Just assume those federal reforms aren’t coming, do it on your own, and defy the feds to do anything about it, again invoking the 9th and 10th Amendments as the legal justification. And it works both ways. Federal mask and vax mandates? Forced resettlement of immigrants to your states? Fuhgedaboudit. Just Say No. As blue states have created “sanctuary cities” with federal assist in democratic administrations, why can’t red states have “no place to hide” laws? (I know many libertarians still are enamored with open borders, but as long as we continue to be drained by a crushing welfare state, that is not a practical policy, in my view).

A true coalition of states could engage in mutual aid, and share information and resources, to keep all their inhabitants safe in the predictable event of Federal pushback. But as the cannabis example shows, states can push back against federal edicts, and local police departments and county sheriffs have also refused assistance to federal agents.

There will never be enough federal agents to enforce Joe Biden’s edicts on their own, or enough budget to pay them. Politically, Biden can’t very well send in the national guard to those states, especially when many Guardsmen may refuse to obey orders.

For this to succeed, there will have to be pressure from both the top and bottom. A few state’s governors pushing the idea, combined with some pressure by grassroots patriots, could convince the state legislatures to embrace this.

Imagine what 18-25 states could achieve by simply banding together to resist the heinous laws and regulations coming from a radical leftist, fraudulent federal administration. And a hard “secession” is not needed. It’s simply a refusal to comply, on a scale large enough to make it stick. In fact, if you’re reading this, there’s at least a 50-50 chance you live in one of those potential secession-lite states already.

I intend to run this thing up the flagpole everywhere I can reach, beginning with Allen West himself, since he was the inspiration for it. Let’s get the conversation going, and see where it leads.


Reginald Blankfield (“Blank Reg”) is a known quantity in a major industry, who chooses to write under a pseudonym for professional reasons, until such time as the world regains its senses. You can email him at He can be found irregularly on Facebook (at least at present). He is on Parler and Gab as “@WAristocrotus”. (His second Twitter account in less than a year was suspended just the other day, in the wake of events surrounding Jan 6th)

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