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Technique of the Coup D’Etat
by Sarah A. Hoyt

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

There is a technique to the coup d’etat, particularly one that is known not to be wanted by the people of the country upon which you performed it. As in the French revolution it always involves terror.

I’m very afraid the enemy—what do you call people who encourage you to chant “Death to America” but think the American flag is a symbol of “white supremacy”?—is set to unleash terror this weekend.

This ties up to my post yesterday which, on its face I consider one of the most innocuous and bland things I ever wrote, but which seems to have unleashed upon me the mad fury of the leftist brain washed army of trained zombies.

As in, I went to FB after I’d shared it—I honestly do not remember why, though it might have been to check on messenger if I was waiting for a pm from one of my friends—and I found about 10 pms from people who weren’t friends and who, to the best of my knowledge, I never interacted with. This started with “Please tell me you’re not the Sarah Hoyt peddling conspiracy theories” and went all the way to sending me stupid gifs which would shock me terribly if I were about 80 years old in 1950 and which proved only that a) they’ve never read my books. b) they have never read Heinlein and don’t realize that the fact I’m his fan means I’m rather innured to the idea of different marital arrangements. b) would die of shock if they knew my big treat to myself is some Boris Valejo art for my office walls.

It then translated to my page where they went all over every post. Most of them suffered from serious and extreme intellectual deficiencies, and most of their posts/rebuttals were “But you’re a stupid poopy head” or memes of the quality described above, or involving figures that they imagine are influential on the right, but which I never heard of and who are at best marginal. Yes, there was the usual accusations that I’m a Qanon follower. I’m not absolutely sure WHY the left is this insanely fascinated with Qanon. I LITERALLY had never heard of him/her/it/what? until after the lockdown, when someone accused me of following him/her/it/whatever because I opposed lockdowns and the mask of servitude. So, I asked my kids what it was. They said “It’s a personality that came out of 4chan. It’s not…. reliable.”

I went poking and, dear Lord, that’s an understatement. The funny thing actually is that Qanon did NOT oppose lockdowns or masks. They thought bought were being used to fight against “pedophiles’ or some crap, and you didn’t have to go very far back to see that yeah, the story kept changing. On that and everything else.

I’m not stupid, and I know a con artist when I see one (part of the reason I’m nt a leftist) so I backed away at speed.

So, why did the left choose this to say it’s what the right follows? I mean, most of us have never heard of it. And then it hit me: It’s not even to defeat a straw man. It’s to keep their own troops in order. They tell them that Qanon is what the right follows. And the braver ones among them will go and read it, and see it’s insane, and it will harden their adherence to the cult.

Not that most of those on my page needed that kind of treatment. They didn’t even read the post that supposedly meant I was an nonredeemable conspiracy theorist. And one of them was convinced the Doctor’s Plot (faked by Stalin) which I had a post about on my page, saying that if you don’t see parallels to it you’re an idiot, meant that “it must be the right doing it, because the winning side has no reason to.”

Some granted were a little more thoughtful, and if they ever strayed beyond ‘only the allowed’ news sources would see the stupidity of what they’re saying. They would also realize they’re not brilliant and certainly not natural geniuses that are brighter than everyone else who believes differently. They are, in general, just more gullible. They came up with things like “Sixty judges some of them appointed by Trump said there was no fraud.”

Well, maybe that’s what CNN reported. But you know, it simply isn’t the truth. The fact is cases were dismissed for “technicalities” and in the case of the Supreme Court illegally, since they have to take a case between states.

It’s possible—barely—the SOCUS thought that they were avoiding disorder and strife by doing what they did, and that they thought eventually the fraud would disappear and we’d have real elections again. Maybe. Or maybe there’s lots of pictures of all of them in unnatural positions with Chinese farm animals. Who knows? Who cares? What I care about is that all the courts dismissed the cases in such a way that evidence was never presented or analyzed.

And I don’t care who and from what party appointed the judges. I know the universities that graduated them have been griping about how the constitution is too heavy a burden for sometime now, and upholding as valid cases decided according to international law.

Bsides if Moses and Aaron and all the patriarchs came down and told me that there was no fraud, I’d still not change my mind—though I might wonder what game himself was playing and pointing out that US is not “Job”—because I saw the fraud happen in real time during the actual election. Those numbers are impossible. And while the unlikely might happen, the impossible doesn’t. Also, I know people. And if the Dems were unjustly accused of fraud, they would do what Trump did when unjustly accused of fraud: create a commission to investigate it, and make sure that the people investigating had all the resources.

What they wouldn’t do was gaslight, scream and act injured.

But I think, judging from the invasion of my page, that most of them are fundamentally followers, whether by nature or because our school system taught them there are wrong thoughts that if you have it means you’re “stupid.” (I saw that in action with my kids in school and fought as hard as I could.) If you believe that right thoughts come from above, you ave to believe the right has a great leader. Which, btw, is part of their monkey-with-stick obsession with discrediting and taking down Trump. They think that will silence us. Which, of course, is not how any of this works. Keep in mind that having come to the US and married to a liberal (he got better) I found the news sources I currently read (but don’t fully trust, because I don’t trust anything) on my own, by testing them as news sources and ignoring the shaming.

Anyway, I’m not 100% sure of the thought behind the invasion, except again maybe they think if they come over and call me “crazy” I’ll change my “mind” because it would work for them.

They should absolutely consider that after a year of their playing these games in the US, a higher than ever number of us hunched our shoulders and voted for Trump in numbers large enough that they had to commit fraud in plain sight, beyond their already massive planned fraud. Because it means that most of the US is not like them.

Which gives me hope that at this point they’re just pissing us off.

Why? Well, because their crazy story keeps changing. For instance, and for real, this is the new narrative:

Are they for real? No seriously. It started with the idea they wanted to “kill black people” (which would be a really weird objective since some of them were black.) When that didn’t take, they said the “inssurectionists” were there to kill Nancy Pelosi. As much as all of us at times felt like bitch slapping Nanzi, if they really wanted to kill her, they would have gone about it differently. I’m thinking snipers. At a distance. Not dressing as a buffalo and sitting on the speaker’s chair. Unless, you know, the generation raised on Harry Potter thinks magic is real. It’s like, wow, Buffalo Dude is going to make Nancy turn into a buffalo, or something! (That would be the coolest thing that ever happened to that insane hag.)

Now the FBI is just making up shit.* Which surprises those of us who have been observing their actions since Obama re-staffed them (and before) not at all. Because guys, yes, sure. If my intent were to assassinate elected officials, I would absolutely dress as a buffallo and go tromping into the capitol. More importantly, I would ABSOLUTELY be invited in by police (we all saw the video) and walk around like a total gomer, taking selfies and staying between the ropes.

THAT totally makes sense to me. Doesn’t it to you?

The truth is that they’ve taken charge, but it’s not playing the way they expect.

They’re playing it by the book 20th century “take over and revolution.” This includes taking control of the media. In Portugal, all the fricking revolutions and counter-revolutions I lived through were announced with this music. You see, I lived in the outskirts of Porto. Which means in seventies tech that we were on a “repeater station.” I was usually on the morning shift for school (8 to 2 pm. Second shift went in in the afternoon. You had classes Saturday to compensate. Or “how socialist states get around not building schools.”) because mom would bribe or cajole anyone at all to get them to put me in it. Mostly because being nocturnal, I’d otherwise work all night and sleep all morning, which annoyed her. Anyway, this meant I’d get home for lunch and the Porto station would have been cut off sometime during the morning. This meant that the TV was playing the only thing that Porto kept in its studios: an endless re-run of green acres.

I’d come in the door, hear the music, and know that some (usually communist, though there were a few socialist counter-coups) cabal had taken over the TV and radio stations (the radio would at least be playing endless classical music. It could be worse. Imagine what they might have had on hand—actually this led to a joke, as my father got older and started inexplicably liking salsa music. I’d hear the radio turn to the salsa station and go “Be straight with me, dad. Have we been invaded by Spaniards?”—and shudder.

This meant we’d sit by the TV for the rest of the day, doing other things and waiting till the new owners of the country came on TV to tell us their ‘righteous’ cause and why they had taken over. (Yeah, I have a great bullshit detector. It was used. Often.)

The left is playing it by the book, which means kicking Trump and anyone else who might give us his side of the story out of Facebook and Twitter and completely deplatforming Parler for giving him a platform. This is to put it mildly …. not good optics. And it’s not playing internationally as they expected.

Part of the problem with these late-hit remnants of the long march is that they don’t realize in most of the rest of the world—even those like Germany still following the suicide script set by the USSR’s operatives—communism has been discredited. People were too close to it, saw it too clearly. And are sort of crawling backwards away from it, and all its techniques.

The left is also so deep in its own echo chamber that they think the entire world hates Orangemanbad as much as they do. In fact, lots of places int he world are waking up to the fact the whole of civilization is now at the mercy of China, and that the US has gone functionally insane. It’s great fun to be anti-American when America is the solid giant who will protect you forever. It’s not so much fun when America has been taken over by people like you, and will now be unpredictable and as likely to hit you as your enemies.

So, it’s not playing well. And their attempted Kristal Nacht is also not playing well. Particularly with the brighter bulbs on the left—not—like Occasional Cortex saying they need to control the press. And Jack Dorsey being captured on camera saying they’re going to censor everyone. And Facebook banning anyone who talks about the election being fraud. And—

According to polls, President Trump’s popularity has only gone up. I believe this will only extend for however long this tragic farce lasts to his entire family.

Because again, the left is not getting it: THIS IS NOT THE 20th CENTURY. Sure, you can hurt us. You can hurt us badly. My MeWe is still not in parity with my Facebook in hits, which is why I’ve stayed on facebook, even if most of it is preaching to the fish, and will stay until finally banned (it won’t be very long.) But it doesn’t mean things aren’t getting out. Even through the lockdowns, and the masks and everything designed to prevent peer to peer communication, what used to be called “Water cooler talk.”

And even people who aren’t getting the true story are seeing through the cracks in the increasingly ridiculous lies.

As one of my regular commenters, whom I can’t name because I can never spell his name right (sorry. Too Dyslexic. Schoenfield?) keeps saying, the left has been in retreat since their pyrrihc victory of getting Nixon elected. You never see it fully, because they’d captured the media long ago by virtue of doing what they had to to get hired, and then hiring only people who thought like them. (Same as the arts, publishing, and now bizarrely STEM companies. Or not bizarrely. Like most US companies, the STEM ones believe in the economic reports from China, and think there’s this vast wealth waiting for them. I’m not sure exactly how to classify that form of insanity.)

But the fight has been going against them since then. And now their masks have fallen, with the covidiocy immiserating most of America so they could “plausibly” steal an election. And their snarling disdain for everything they claimed to defend, from the common man to free speech has become visible for all but the most brainless indoctrinated to see.

(Seriously, the display of brainlessness on my page was…. astonishing. As was their insistence on doing this thing. One of you says the call to unfriend and block me had gone out. Whatevs. Of note, most of these people were not my friends. Most of them were disposable profiles—one of whom was so smart that he had in the past trying to blackmail a friend by threatening to reveal his kink… When his kink is a major part of his online persona—created by…. insane people.
The invasion did disturb me very deeply, but not the way they expected. I’m always shocked and disturbed by zombie-like behavior, and the shouting and repeating of slogans with no reasoning behind it. It’s like seeing people voluntarily turn into pigs, and both startling and revolting.)

But if we’ve seen anything from the left these last four years (and for those who’ve been awake the last 20) it’s that they always double down on a failing gambit.

They know at some level they’re not making contact, but never mind. They’re going to do it louder and harder and try to force us to listen.

In my mental map, this weekend is throbbing like a migraine. There have been pamphlets circulating (Reziac, would you post again?) that amount to “My fellow Drumph supporters, it is time to reinstall beloved leader. Bring all your weapons to DC or the state capitol, and let’s shoot the bastards, yah?”

This is not how ANYONE plans a coup. Ever. Or even a serious protest to show displeasure. Why the “bring weapons?” All the CCV holders I know carry pretty much everywhere (most of them are women and got them for self defense, because they know they can’t beat men who weigh more than they do and have better muscles.) And those who aren’t CCV holders don’t usually carry. Unless it’s a specific 2nd Amendment rally.

Then there’s this poster, which I’d guess is the masterwork of some FBI mastermind (guys, it’s not so much that you’re corrupted. You are. I don’t know how far the rot goes, but at this point, I’d disband the agency—and the CIA—root and branch, and start again, with the reminder that yeah it is absolutely necessary to adhere to the constitution. It’s more that there are some rocks who are brighter than you boys. Seriously? You think people will fall for this? Seriously. George Washington wept, people.):

“My fellow patriots, we have some pentagrams on the statue of Liberty and we made the entire poster Maoist red and yellow, which is how you know we’re true patriots! And we tell you to come armed, because we absolutely believe you’ll do that, because we think you’re that dumb. And, oh, yeah, note the “liberties of this nation.”” (Well, no. Did you get the template from China, boys? because in the US it’s the natural liberties of the individual, or man, or humanity.) Also, of course, there’s no group on the poster.

This is because, you know, these complete asshats think what worked under Clinton will work here. Ruby Ridge was … well, the murder of a small and innocent (however deluded) family. BUT it was blown up in the media to effectively shame and silence any opposition to Clinton.

So, stay away from the center of your town this weekend. There will be mayhem and insurrection. Probably antifa, of course, but they will tell you it is “Trump supporters.”

On the basis of this they hope to ram through gun control (they can’t do what they want to do to us if we can shoot them) and a terrorism bill that penalizes things like believing there was fraud. (Thoughts lead to violence, you know? Oh, not communist or Islamic thoughts. No. YOUR thoughts. Because you don’t believe the left.)

And my guess is this next week they’ll arrest everyone they think are leaders “of the right.” (Mr. Cruz, I’d be in Texas this weekend, if you’re not.) I don’t know how far they’ll go, honest, and after that invasion, I wonder if I’m on the list. Well, if I don’t post by on, 2 pm any given day you’ll know.

Of course the right doesn’t work by leaders. Most of us don’t fully trust Trump. Or Cruz. Or any of them.

We work by the fact we know when they’re pissing down our backs and saying it’s raining.

So, will the bullshit this weekend work?

Who knows? It might. At least superficially. It might work well enough to do for me and a lot of other people. After all the army has told its enlisted it absolutely accepts the election and anyone who doesn’t will be drummed out.

It might work. For a little while.

But I already know of several projects in the works to replace Facebook, twitter, Amazon. The most advanced are to replace Youtube, since most people are, after all, visual.

But we’re the creative part of the economy. And we’re creating. We need to. We also need replacements for etsy and not beholden to google (like Square) or apple. I know there’s an explicitly Christian alternative to paypal, and please, guys, post it in links. We need to gather lists of “alternatives’ when they come on line.

My project to list non-leftist writers on a page on my blog has become a project to create an alternate site that will promote/make visible non leftist writers, and is not being hosted by wordpress. (More on this as it develops, though I’ll put the page up slowly as I go, anyway. It should take a month to have something like a site up, as it’s being done by one person, part time.

Someone more rural/with more of a tech grasp than I should start a “subscription to your local farmers” site. They’d need to be rural and have a link to other rural people, mind. Yes, there’s some, but they’re …. odd and not very reliable.

In the end we win they lose because their crazy governance always results in misery, poverty and famine, in this case probably hastened by sending what food we have to China. And we have no America to feed the populace and keep it quiet enough for the idiots in power to continue their exploitation of an unwilling country.

Which means in the end we need Americans to rescue us, as they have all other countries that fall to tyranny. And we will. Through every means at our disposal, including creativity, stubbornness, and fighting by every means available (which includes warning people in advance of what they’re going to try to do. A lie predicted is a lie diffused.)

They have taken over the structures of power in our country. My prediction is that as with the dog who finally catches the car, it wont’ go well for them.

They know it, too, which is why the capitol is packed with troops with orders to shoot to kill—something never needed in America for any inauguration.

It’s afraid. But the frightened beast of totalitarianism is full of evil and hate, and trying to take as many of us as it can along with it. It will only get worse as its grip holds less and less.

If you’re in the national guard or any of the services, I know this is going to make you profoundly unhappy, but I want you to—right now—think about whether you’re willing to shoot Americans who are peacefully demonstrating (and there will be more of that in the future.) Do you remember your oath was to your constitution, not your commander? Or are you starting to understand those who answered “Befehl ist Befhel” and think they had a point? In that case, I’ll remind you how they ended.

Go forth and work for liberty.

*Oh, and because the trolls who invaded my page accused me of bullying when I hit back (duh) I’m banned for 24 hours, because of course I am. If you are on Facebork, please share my post. We really need to make it clear how stupid and evil they are, and how they’re trying to set it up to kill a lot of us as a result of both this weekend (like the antifa members who showed up ahead of a pro-Trump demonstration and started beating up locals) and the lies they plan to tell about this weekend. IF they were slightly more sentient, I’d say the purpose of the page-invasion that convinced no one (oh, yeah, and I’m scared of losing readers who don’t bother to read a two-paragraph post before responding) was to take me out for twenty four hours. I’ve gone on a preemptive banning spree (which you weirdly can do while banned) just to prevent that happening again.
Anyway, I won’t be free till 8 pm tonight, so make with the sharing. (Not to my page, because I have to approve those to make them visible, and that they won’t let me do while banned. (Rolls eyes.))
Stay safe this weekend. Keep your sanity. Don’t believe their bullshit. And tell your friends the obvious plan in advance. A lie predicted is a lie diffused.

While you’re at it point out all the free speech and thought crime bills these people are coming up with, and ask your friends and family if these are the actions of an administration that won the minds and hearts of the people.

If I’m still around next week, we’ll continue exploring this crazy time.


* [They do that, make up shit. I have a relative who was charged by the FBI of many things he did not do, and then a few he actually did. They are a bunch of liars.—Editor]


Reprinted from According to Hoyt for January 15, 2021

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