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Number 1,106, February 21, 2021

My favorite conspiracy theory
is everything is gonna be okay.

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The Editor’s Notes
by Ken Holder
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So, do you think they’re laughing at Preppers now?

Anyway, seeing as how I’m getting ready for my move to Texas (it should be thawed-out by the time I get there), this here Little Magazine is going to have to take a couple weeks off while everything gets packed-up and hauled to the new home. Or at least a storage outfit nearby.


Meanwhile, the danged furnace has quit working, on a Saturday of course. Always something it seems like. Gotta get the expert out from up the mountain Monday.

My son is trying to find enough .22LR for his cub-scout troop to take the marksmanship course. Y’all prbably know how that search is going. Sheesh. (His 2 sons are in the troup, so it’s personal!) I’m giving him all I’ve got.

Here is an overview from NRA Shooting Illustrated:

The Truth Behind The Great Ammo Crisis, by Caleb Giddings


I’m a clinical lab scientist, Covid-19 is fake, by Joe Rizoli [short version: every sample of covid examined was just influenza]

Too much coffee bad for the heart, lattes and cappuccinos worse than other brews, by Chris Melore. [short version: filter your coffee though paper, and drink no more than 6 cups a day]

Economists and Psychologists Are Weaponizing Psychology and the Idea of "Rationality" by Grace Ann Converse (short version: shut up and sit down and do what we tell you!)

And finally:



And that says it all.


Stay deplorable until we return!

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