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Number 1,107, April 4, 2021

Good must surely triumph over evil

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The Editor’s Notes
by Ken Holder
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Here I am in Texas. Or, as I call it, “home”, seeing as how it is where I was born and grew up and lived until 1979 when for some idiotic reason I up and moved somewhere else. “So it goes….”

For yet another idiotic reason, my old Microsoft Natural Keyboard didn't make it into the wagon for the trip home, so I had to go out and buy myself a new logitech Un-natural keyboard, or whatever it is called. It is not quite laid out like I am used to which will make things go slower and likely shorter than they could be, but I intend to persevere until I am no longer able to type comfortably on any other keyboard, just like before. Unless of course I go crazy in the attempt. But instead of trying to find a used one, or a similar one, an almost-one, I just decided to get a new design, and I will learn it, I will, I will. Probably.

In other news, dang, after getting used to 2% humidity in Arizona for 23 years, this outrageous 20% is taking some getting used to. But I will, etc.

I am also trying to get used to hearing stuff, seeing as how I've got myself a pair of hearing aids. Sometimes it is disconcerting, and other times just unusual. Digital Signal Processing (or DSP) can do some interesting things. They say (“Them” again!) it takes a month or so to get used to it, for yer brain to start working right with the new inputs. Assuming yer brain works to start with I suppose. The jury is still out.

This here issue before you is a short one, and I have more articles which will be in the next few issues, along with whatever new comes in.

So here we are again, my friends. Remain deplorable!


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