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Number 1,111, May 2, 2021

Happy Birthday to Biba!

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The Editor’s Notes
by Ken Holder
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Rumors are that the Drudge Report has been taken over by lefties. Or maybe just sold? Everything is eventually taken over by lefties. It’s because lefties are your basic parasite.


The Feds Are Coming for Libertarians by Jim Bovard gives something else to fret about. Perhaps it indicates that The Idea of Liberty is not forgotten, that We the People still long to breath free. Can’t have that, can we? Gotta stamp it out. If the Normal People catch on to The Big Charade of the Ruling Class, why, who knows what might happen!

The best we can expect is to be sent to An Academy for the Bewildered; the worst.…


The police seem to hate being filmed or recorded. (Because they know they are doing wrong.) And they don’t seem to see that doing more wrong will keep them from being found out:

The tactics police are using to prevent bystander video by Abby Ohlheiser, In the MIT Technology Review


This article helps clear the air about some common misconceptions about certain fundamental things:

The foundations of mathematics are unproven by Jonny Thomson


I usually have the guy change my wiper blades. I find that when I do something only once a year, it is hard to remember just how to do it. Of course, I’m kinda old and stuff.



He was probably following the directions from his map app.


Dang machines.





And on that note, I will remind you to REMAIN DEPLORABLE!

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