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1,111, May 2, 2021

Happy Birthday to Biba!

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Craypocalypse Wow!
by Jeff Fullerton

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A blast from the past.

Went on a little adventure this evening that makes for a nice follow up to the article I published several years ago in this journal. Remember Craypocalypse Now?

One of the ER nurses who’s into fish keeping told me she got an dwarf Mexican “orange lobster” at a local Petland. I called on the way out of work to find out if they were in stock and rushed over to the far side of Greensburg to buy a half dozen to populate the tub in the Fl Room!

Freaking Awesome!

They got a shit ton of them and keep them in stock regularly. My disappointment for the day: they are actually legal according to the salesperson who let it drop when I remarked that I haven’t been able to find crayfish for a long time. Because they’re Neotropical and can’t survive here so they are not banned like the Electric Blues and others are. The bucket heads may have some capacity for common sense after all. Darn! I’m kind of getting in the mood for civil disobedience in the hobby lately and this was going to be a warmup for getting back into spotted turtles someday. LOL!

A confession. I was planning on breaking the law under the assumption that the store was ignorant of the ban on importing and transporting live crawfish in the state. Pet shops often go astray in that fashion. Elmer’s used to make the news from time to time getting busted for having Southern Leopard Frogs imported from Florida where they are common as dirt and legal as fish bait or whatever. And they even used to sell Eastern Box Turtles!

This turned out to be a really nice store.

Great selection of reptile supplies.

And reptiles.

Someone here obviously knows how to take proper care of them too.

In a half dozen tanks they had a more decent selection of aquarium plants than the entire plant section at Elmer’s last weekend. I’m probably going to start going there more often and save on those $6 turnpike fares.

Was in the mood for Chinese but the restaurant around the corner didn’t have a buffet and I was a bit far from the New City which closes at 9:30 so I’ll just head for home and whip up something quick there.

And enjoy a nice day off on a split weekend as I hope to continue enjoying the pursuit of happiness and get a lot of stuff done.

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