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Number 1,116, June 6, 2021

If a politician won’t trust you,
why should you trust him?

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The Editor’s Notes
by Ken Holder
Patronize Me!

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More news where I live: everybody but me has the COVID. Well, my son’s test came back negative, but he has all the symptoms; maybe those tests are about as reliable as the jabs? Anyway, daughter-in-law and grandsons got it for sure. Me, I’m just my usual old cranky self. Probably all got it around the time of my daughter-in-law’s mom’s funeral; had people from all over then. Daughter-in-law’s brother has it, don’t know about the 2-year-old, he probably managed to out-run it. But whatever, eh? So long as ya got yer health! Um ….

But, for some good news, a judge in California has declared the state’s anti-“assault-weapon” law illegal. “Liberals” are fit to be tied … which actually sound like a good plan. Of course I consider myself a liberal, but using the original meaning of the word, not a euphemism for psycho-nazi-commie-dictator-jackass.


Speaking of insane-psycho-jackass stuff, Princeton Removes Greek, Latin Requirement for Classics Majors to Combat ‘Systemic Racism’, by Brittany Bernstein. Okay, now if you were going to major in French literature, you have to learn French. Spanish literature, Spanish. And so on. But to major in Greek or Latin literature … well, let’s not be racissss, is the plan? Greek or Latin is racissss? Or is it the people who run Princeton have shit-for-brains? I think that’s it.

And then there is this:

Yeah, I know it’s probably staged, which doesn’t make it less funny.


Next time somebody tells me to go take a Flying EFF, I’ll have to remember to ask them “take it where?”


Some of the best news in a long time: Texas Lawmakers Responded to the Pandemic by Limiting What the Government Can Do In Response to a Pandemic. Finally, some common sense! Of course, the author of that article seems to be outraged that they don’t want to “Do Something!”. Nevermind that “We’re from the Government and We’re hear to help you” is almost always a lie.

And Scientific American takes some time off from promoting wokeness to ask the musical question: Are We Doing Enough to Protect Earth from Asteroids?, by Sarah Scoles.

But enough of that “news” stuff. Some funny pictures:


How do you do that?





Remember “Sick Jokes” from back in the … 60s? Sheesh. Anyway, here’s one:











Today we are going to play fill-in-the-blank:


Oh boy, I can hardly wait:


So, stay Deplorable my friends!

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