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A Cabal Of Our Enemies
by Sarah A. Hoyt

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Prove to me that we’re not being run by a cabal of our enemies. Prove it.

They seized power by force, and they’re rapidly degrading our infrastructure and our communications, and out military capabilities.

And I don’t mean they’re just crazy Marxists. I mean, sure, that’s part of the issue. Marxism is inherently a destructive philosophy, so they will destroy as a matter of fact. But this particular set goes well beyond that.

Look, dad was an aficionado of war memoirs, commander biographies, and a student of strategy. From my earliest years, when we were walking, he’d talk about things he’d been reading.

The first thing invaders do is destroy the roads of the occupied country, so the defenders can’t counterattack. So these asshats are doing this in advance.

And the thought process behind it is a miracle of leftist bizarreness: $20 Billion to Rip Up Highways, To Reduce Climate Change and Division Caused by Road Traffic

Look, I’m sure this was suggested by China, and the dunderheads are totally buying it under their Compleate Illusions system.

Sure climate change. Climate change can justify anything. If we told them they needed to burn people alive to prevent climate change, they’d already been building the pyres.

But that’s just sort of a reflexive thing, like a Moslem saying “Insh Allah.” It’s not actually involved in their thinking as such. Or their thinking is not involved in it. whichever.

The truth is that they realized that the Covidiocy has destroyed the cities.

You see they had everything planned. They were going to force more and more of us into the city, because they were going to make running an internal combustion engine so hard. So if you had a job, you’d live in the city. Where you’re more easily controlled. And where they could make you believe bullshit like overpopulation and that—look at all the homeless—we needed more and more welfare. Their idea of their perfect world is the 1930s version of the future. Just megalopolisis, isolated, with people completely controlled. It has the bonus of leaving pristine wilderness outside that, for the elites to build their dachas.

And part of the problem is that they never understand other people have agency and respond to circumstances.

I don’t know what they expected when they went full fashboots and—in the case of Polis, and I bet not the only one—gave homeless the right to camp in every public land, and defecate in public as well as freeing a bunch of felons.

Did they expect this would just scare people more, and they’d lock themselves in, in fear and trembling, allowing the idiots to design society.

Instead, people left. Americans are on the move. I swear half of my friends are moving from more locked to less locked, from bluer to redder. Some demographers have caught on, seeing through the smoke and mirrors, and are confused—most of them being leftist—because Americans are in the middle of a full migration. As full and as all pervading as the movement west. Or after the civil war the movement of black people North.

Some of this must have penetrated the granite-like heads of the ruling left. Or at least the planning left.

They somehow didn’t expect—possibly because they don’t really get technology. I mean, I have my moments, but I swear most democrats were disappointed when laptops started being made with no “cup holders”. They’re at that level of stupid—that a tech that hasn’t been fully implemented, giving us the ability to work from home, would be kicked into high gear from the covidiocy.

I guess they expected people who work mostly from their computers to sit at home watching panic porn on TV and not work?

More importantly, I don’t think they expected people who have to work in person to follow that migration because, well…. if you owned a restaurant that the covidiocy killed, you might, for instance, pay heed to the fact people are driving everywhere because, duh, masks on planes, and therefore build a road side diner. or perhaps find a small town that’s underserved and start anew there.

Oh…. a lot of people are changing jobs too, and the jobs are no longer binding them to big cities.

Honestly, the only way for big cities to save themselves is to become touristic centers. NYC was halfway there when the covidiocy hit. Only not fully there because lefty governance sucks at making a city safe.

If I were a lefty governor or mayor right now, I’d aim the fashboots at crime and disorder, get rid of the homeless, spruce up the place, and go all out in courting tourism. Then people would move in to cater to the tourists, and eventually other businesses would move in, because that’s where people are.

But leftists don’t think that way. Carrot and incentive is beneath them (of course.) Their idea is rather that they will force those unwashed peasants to do what they want.

So, you know, “infrastructure” leads them to rip up roads, so that people who work in the city will have to live near their jobs.

It will surprise no one Buttigieg’s is involved in this. Possibly because that man’s head is optimized for oral sex, leaving no space for a brain. And of course, because he’s a child of privilege, who doesn’t in the most fundamental way understand where his food comes from or how it gets where he can buy it.

It never occurs to them that the lack of roads means employers will stay far away from it, and that people won’t move to hells on Earth because they’ll otherwise have to end up in traffic jams. Instead people will move elsewhere, do other things. Industries will spring up in the heartland and form small clusters around them.

We’ll go more distributed, more sparsely populated, more out of their control. And the cities they completely control will become hell holes inhabited by derelicts only.

And they’ll have no clue why.

They’ll keep trying increasingly crazier ways to herd us to the 30s. But they—and their Chinese Masters—don’t get Americans at all.
To quote BGE in a different context, they’re just pushing on a string.

They can’t win. And we ain’t gonna lose.
Yeah, times are going to get rough, and we live in the stupidest timeline, somewhere between tragedy and comedy.

Some of us are going to die laughing. But not many.

Be not afraid. We got this. All we have to do to defeat them is be human bein


Reprinted from for May 31, 2021

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