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The “United States of Nullification”
(Resistance to Tyranny, Part Two)
by Blank Reg

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In my previous essay on this topic, I took inspiration from TX state GOP Chair Allen West, when, back in December, he casually mentioned that perhaps we should form a “coalition of states” that agree to adhere to strict Constitutional principles. He was instantly accused by the raging leftwing media of fomenting secessionism, so he walked things back a bit. 

BUT… the idea persisted.  In my original article, I explored a compromise solution, recommending a “secession lite”, where GOP-dominant states would band together to resist and nullify “His Fraudulency’s” unconstitutional edicts using largely 9th and 10th Amendment arguments, thus refusing to enforce, or even recognize as legitimate, such edicts.  But political secession, as in 1861, I did not consider to be on the table—at least not for now. We would just simply exert our right to push back against a central government that is, in our view, both fraudulent, and going off the rails.

In the ensuing four+ months, a great deal has happened to make this concept more palatable in the minds of many people.  We just need to push it to the next logical step, which is the main thrust of today’s essay.

Many States, since January 20th, when #HisFraudulency was installed behind the walls at Fort Pelosi, have indeed been banding together to resist many of the absurd and nation-shattering Executive Orders spewing from the illegitimate “administration” in Washington DC.

Thirteen states have filed suit over the coronavirus “relief” bill

Twenty-one states have filed suit over the ‘residents’ (the P is silent) Keystone XL pipeline cancellation

Twelve states are suing the administration over climate-related Executive Orders

In addition, four states are fighting against assaults on our 1st Amendment rights in the form of antitrust suits against firms such as Google.

Seven states, to date, are also fighting the culture war directly, by banning transgender athletes from competing in women’s and girls’ sports, including, most recently, my home state of Florida.

Over 20 states have passed Constitution Carry. Approximately half of US counties have declared themselves 2nd Amendment sanctuaries.

And even—get this—a handful of states are looking to initiate hand recounts to recertify the 2020 election results in their states. A full audit of Maricopa County, AZ, is in progress as you read this, and is already about 2/3 complete. Movements are ongoing in GA, MI, WI, and PA for something similar.

22 States oppose His Fraudulency’s nominee for ATF Director, one of the murderers at Waco. 

15 States have vowed to pull their assets from big banks that oppose the oil and gas industry.  

The hits to Bidenistas just keep on coming.

All this interstate activity, led up to the essay linked here, calling for more of what is already happening.


But… there is still something missing.

Allow me, as in the original piece, to graphically demonstrate what I’m talking about:

The states in red are the original 18 in the TX SCOTUS suit:

Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee Texas, Utah, West Virginia

States in pink didn’t join the original SCOTUS suit, but participated in the Keystone and climate change actions, along with most of the SCOTUS states

The final three states (mauve?) are those states who sued to block the Covid tax provisions only.

I hope that all makes sense, because I didn’t want to make everyone’s eyes glaze over with a comparison table.

But combined, we have potentially 26 states willing to go against a fraudulent administration, in some way. More than half of US states.

The problem is, this is turning into a giant game of Whack-a-Mole.  Several groups of states—often overlapping—are picking specific battles, on a case-by-case basis, instead of considering the larger picture.

And that is what is missing from this equation.  We need to see what is glaringly in front of us, and take the next step.

We need to initiate a formal, unified commitment between these states.

The 26 US states highlighted above need to band together, and formalize, in front of God, Biden, and everybody, a binding coalition for mutual support and defense, against every unconstitutional edict coming out of DC. For the immediate moment, this would include collective 9th and 10th Amendment nullifications, at the level of State Legislatures and Governor’s offices (Florida is offering a superb working example of this).  It could go further than that, depending on pushback from DC. But it is possible, and even legal, one could argue, for all 26 states to declare “we will not enforce this”, and defy His Fraudulency to do anything about it. There are simply not enough federal agents or national guard troops to march into 26 states and enforce anything. It always requires the assist of local law enforcement and county sheriff’s departments, which simply won’t be forthcoming.  SCOTUS could make all the rulings they want, against the Coalition, and those states would simply refuse to enforce them. (Andrew Jackson certainly understood this).

An attack on one is an attack on all.

A little freedom could go a long way in those 26 states, and over time, more states may chafe at the impositions from DC, and choose to join us. 

What a delightful mess we would have.  And what, say the naysayers, of our commitments abroad, and maintenance of military bases in those coalition states?  Not my problem, I say.  My freedom is more important than your policy decisions or any “good ideas” from the likes of AOC. The goal is quite simple:  Non-cooperation with a completely fraudulent “government” in Washington DC. We owe it nothing, not our taxes, our fealty, and certainly not our blind obedience.

Can you imagine the Coalition states declaring their intention to complete and activate the Keystone XL pipeline, (OH, wait!) funding the completion themselves? Liberal heads will (are?) explode(ing) everywhere.

So what about Congress itself??

We have 26 states, potentially. That is 52 senators.  That is potentially over 200 House members—but not really, of course, as many states are divided by party affiliation, so not every one of these people will be willing to vote as a bloc.  However, many of these elected representatives/senators might be convinced to join our Caucus, at least on occasion.

The existence of such a formal Coalition of states would render outliers like Romney and McConnell VERY uncomfortable.

But their own constituents could also convince them to fall in line—by either threatening to primary them out in the next election, or forming a “spoiler voter bloc” in that district that will do the job just as well.

What is that, you ask?  In many Congressional districts, despite all attempts to gerrymander, no clear majority exists for one party or the other for an incumbent to take things for granted.  A well-organized “America First” coalition, in such a district, capable of swinging the election either way, has a big stick they could wield to keep the incumbent—and future replacements—in line, thus curbing their tyrannical ambitions.   

Push comes to shove—what about taxes?

Technically, most federal taxes and fees are collected directly by the federal government, most notoriously IRS “withholding”.  But what if states decided to temporarily intervene? Hypothetically, could they—again using 9th and 10th Amendment arguments—ask employers in their states, who are forced to withhold, to temporarily place those revenues in a dedicated escrow account, “withholding the withholdings “, as it were, until certain reforms—like election reforms—are passed and implemented? We could find out.  

Final thoughts

According to the Abbeville Institute’s Ryan Walters, there are 99 state legislatures in the union (NE is unicameral). As of today, Republicans own 61 of those chambers, Democrats 37, and one is split. 23 states, however enjoy a “trifecta”, where the GOP rules both houses and the governor’s office. That alone should be a good start to a peaceful separation/non-separation. SHOULD be, if they can all get properly motivated.

Originally, back in the bad-old-days of the Cold War, a coalition of nations banded together to resist Soviet expansionism—the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).  It was also based on the premise of “an attack on one is an attack on all”.  For a couple of decades, at least, one could argue that deterrent was modestly effective. Clearly, since the USSR’s collapse, such a coalition has outgrown its original boundaries, and, by extension, its usefulness. But the original idea was sound, and could be reapplied to our own situation, as we are also supposed to be a union of “free and independent states”.

A common, united front is what must come next, if we are to have any chance of success in, firstly, mounting an effective resistance to the illegitimate usurpers in DC, and secondly, taking our nation back and returning its culture to the principles enshrined in our founding documents .

(In Part 3 of this series, I will cover establishing an independent economy between the Coalition States, independent of the “woke” big corporations.)


Reginald Blankenship (“Blank Reg”) is a known quantity in a major industry, who chooses to write under a pseudonym for professional reasons, until such time as the world regains its senses. You can email him at He is on Parler as  “@WAristocrotus”, and Gab as “BlankReg5466”.

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