“Gun control is the idea that it‘s better to see a woman dead in an alley, strangled
with her own pantyhose, than to see her with a gun in her hand.”—T.D. Melrose
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Government healthcare is the
first step to cyanide showers.
— Neil Smith (no relation)



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Back In The Saddle Again!
(The Feature Article)

Ban ...
Ban ...

Happy Birthday America

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The Editor’s Notes
No energy for notes

Letters to the Editor
from Dennis Wilson and A.X. Perez

Back In The Saddle Again!
by L. Neil Smith
Well, I was wrong—never say I won’t admit it on the rare occasions that it happens. COVID-19 is a real disease that put me in the hospital for about a month, and that I’m still struggling to get over. It is not quite, however, the Black Plague as it’s been advertised. Like the Flu, it kills those vulnerable to it. It was worse than any cold I ever had, but it was not as bad as the worst flu. It was sure as hell an insufficient reason to destroy the healthiest economy world history has ever seen, to crumple up and throw away the Bill of Rights and to impose the most corrupt, incompetent and illegitimate regime on us we’ve ever experienced. I miss Donald Trump every day.

Sounding the Tocsin
by Sarah A. Hoyt
Sound the tocsin. Mayday. Mayday. Sauve-qui-peut. If you heard those cries in the night, what would you do? Would you turn over and go to sleep again? If someone rode to your door, their horse all a-foam or their car boiling over and screamed “the English enemy is coming” would you fluff your pillow and think “I’ll just give them a warning and call them back from the ledge. They’re stupid and misguided. Once they are informed, they’ll be fine” and go back to blissful sleep?

The Thoughts Keep Coming: Left-Wing Hypocrisy
by Sean Gangol
For years I have tried to come up with a tagline that best describes the left. “When you’re a leftist, feelings are more important than facts” or “When you’re a leftist reality is what they say it is.” Though I think the best tagline would be “When you’re a leftist, there is no shame in being a hypocrite.” What amazed me the most about the left, is that they can openly show hypocrisy so blatant that they either seem unaware of it or they just don’t care who sees it. It was like those women with the vagina hats who showed up to Trump’s inauguration because of the infamous crouch grabbing tape that surfaced during his campaign, while these same feminists turned a blind eye towards Bill Clinton’s long list of sexual misdeeds. An even better example is the leftist who at the most showed a cold indifference to the George Floyd riots, but had the nerve to act outraged when a group of idiot protestors stormed the Senate. Though the most amusing form of hypocrisy came from my favorite pseudointellectual news show from the left, “The Young Turks.” Like every other leftist they not only spewed fake outrage at the riots in DC, but this time they decided to decry the so-called inaction of the police. The reason why I find this amusing is because they are the same group of idiots who have spent many episodes spitting venom at the police for the so-called “systemic racism” that seems to infect everybody with a badge.

The Ultimate Covid Conspiracy?
by Sean Gabb
We have, for the past eighteen months, lived through a fantasy pandemic. If unpleasant, the Virus is not particularly deadly. The number of cases is a product of testing, the number of deaths a statistical fraud. We have had much worse infections in living memory. We never responded to those by locking down whole populations and making hysterical fear an object of state policy. What is happening?

Don’t Defund the Police, Defund the —
by L. Reichard White
Did you know that Coca-Cola, first sold in 1885 in Atlanta Georgia as a stimulant and mood elevator, was named after it’s two main ingredients, Cola nuts containing caffeine, and an extract of coca leaves called "cocaine?" And did you know that Coca-Cola continued to contain cocaine for the next 44 years until the last third of the Rules Mentality ’s anti-vice mania, and that many other common products also contained cocaine? Did you know that coffee was outlawed in at least five venues throughout history because it contained caffeine?


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